Your Sessions, Perfected.

Manage Yourself Better than the Pros

with simple to use Stop Loss, Bankroll, and Session management tools.


Stop Your Worst Habits


Auto Break

Use a variety of automated Stop Loss tools to create critical stopping points for your sessions.



Identifies where you tilt and fatigue by calculating your true winrate after you reach specific thresholds.

Bankroll Manager

Bankroll Manager

Set rules for your stakes, games, cashier access, # of tables, and when you play.

Smart Lock

Several security measures put in place to prevent you from bypassing your Tilt Breaker rules and settings.

App Blocker

App Blocker

Draws a screen over your entire desktop and only allows apps of your choosing to stay visible during a session.

Rage Quit Button

Tilt Button

Designed to capitalize on that brief moment in time when you know you are off your A game and need to quit your session.

Featured Articles

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach to Tilt 8016371220 If you sought professional counseling with the expressed intent to better control poker tilt, and your therapist's focus happened to be Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you would have been exposed to much of the following. CBT argues that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors; not extern

Latest News

Build 798

Improved performance for windows enumeration. Lag fix for FTP.

Build 790

This release has a new approach to parsing hand history files, which should eliminate lag experienced by high volume Zoom players.

Build 790

Cashier Block Feature: Added cashier balance blocking on cash buy-in window (Pokerstars only). Added fixes for Bwin, replayer window being blocked on PokerStars, and a table closing issue.

Lag Fixes

This version addresses various lag issues for Auto Break.

Fix for PS7 and script errors

We just pushed build 782 with further integration fixes for PS 7, fixes for script errors, and additional logging to identify lag issues.