Maintenance, Repair, and Extended Warranties
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With a full stock of service and maintenance parts, we can offer a fast turnaround on all manufacturers’ recommended services. We understand the importance of regular maintenance and stock a full complement of OEM parts and accessories to complete the job. There is very little we haven’t encountered and we take pride in our expertise to satisfy every customer.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act clearly states that you may obtain maintenance at a qualified shop of your choice without invalidating the motorcycle’s original factory warranty. If you have purchased an extended warranty, we can perform the repairs to satisfy the conditions of that contract. We have a great deal of experience working with all extended warranty companies and maintain a strong relationship with their claim representatives and appraisers.

Engine and Chassis Performance
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We have experienced in-house engine builders and offer a full range of services including head porting and crankshaft balancing, and complete engine over-haul. Ride position customization such as clip-ons, handlebar kits, and rear set assemblies are available to further enhance your machine.

Suspension Service and Performance
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Desmoto-Sport is an authorized Ohlins service centre. We offer full suspension servicing, rebuilding and performance upgrades to most suspension systems. We can perform a variety of suspension work from setting sags to rebuilding shocks and replacing fork internals. Setting suspension to your specific weight and riding style generally yields great benefit and we can advise on the modifications that will be most effective.

Parts and Accessories
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We carry a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket performance parts for Ducati and Triumph motorcycles. With decades of combined motorcycle experience, our parts department will locate parts and arrange installation to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in the professional connections that we’ve established with our suppliers, painters, and fabricators.

Have you lost your Ducati keys?

Instead of purchasing a new ECU, lockset, and dash which could cost over $3000, we provide replacement red keys and the necessary ECU and dash panel reprogramming to ensure that the on-board Ducati security system functions properly. All we require is your dash, ECU, and lockset. 702-479-3405 today for an estimate.

Tires, Brakes, and Chains
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We are a Pirelli tire dealer carrying a large selection of tires. We can install, mount, and balance tires on most bikes. We are an EBC brake pad dealer with a good selection of pads for most European bikes. We carry DID and Regina chains, and AFAM sprockets to fit many bikes with orders made regularly. If we are currently out of stock or special order requirements are needed, most parts are received within 1-2 business days.

Dyno Testing
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Our Superflow Dyno is the perfect machine for testing for running issues and ensuring your motorcycle is performing to its full potential. We have tuning tools at our command that are well-respected in the industry and we have amassed a great deal of experience working with them.

Motorcycle Storage
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We offer short and long term motorcycle storage with limited access. All motorcycles are kept in a secure indoor location. The machine will be prepped for storage with fluid level and tire pressure checks including periodic battery charging and fuel stabilizer.

Insurance Estimates and Repair
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Although we specialize in European bikes, we do insurance estimates and claims on most motorcycles. We have worked with various insurance companies and their representatives for many years. This ensures strong lines of communication and effectiveness to expedite the completion of repair. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used as much as possible to guarantee a quality fit and finish.

About us

Desmoto-Sport was opened in 2000 with the goal of providing a personalized, high-quality performance and service motorcycle center. Our basic philosophy is to offer direct and knowledgeable information and comprehensive service solutions for European sport bike enthusiasts and racers.

We all ride...every day.

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With early training at the Jaguar factory, 22 plus years as a motorcycle service specialist, and many years as a crew chief for pro and semi-pro race teams, owner Scott Jenkins has decades of mechanical knowledge and experience that provides the driving force behind the technical team at Desmoto-Sport.


Service Manager

Since wrenching & riding from an early age, Brien decided to make a career within the motorcycle industry.

19 years later….


Parts Manager

Darren has been working in the industry since the mid 80s (with 8 years at Desmoto-Sport) & has been riding even longer than that.



Jared has worked on bikes professionally since 1998. After working with Scott at a different shop, Jared was hired as a technician at Desmoto-Sport just months after we opened. He and Scott have worked together for over 17 years.



Mel started riding & working on bikes in his early 20s & has been at Desmoto-Sport for 12 years now. His attention to detail means he gets most of the engine rebuilds. He’s also known for his ability to work in a white shirt that magically never gets dirty.



Ryan is a vintage motorcycle enthusiast & owns over 20 two-stroke motorcycles. When not on a motorcycle he can be found riding a moped and is always interested in acquiring more.


Shop Assistant

Justin is the only member of our team that has never ridden a motorcycle. However, due to his experience working with computers since childhood he is responsible for the majority of the IT and administrative tasks at Desmoto-Sport.



Augusto has had a passion and curiosity for mechanisms from a young age. He has ridden and worked on motorcycles since he acquired his license at age 16. After a few engineering jobs, he decided to formally pursue work as a motorcycle technician and joined our team in March of 2016. In his free time, he is always looking for something to disassemble.



Address: 220 9th Street, San Francisco California 94103

Tel: 415-552-7729


Business Hours: Monday—Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; and Saturdays
for drop off or pick up, by appointment only.