We're all waiting for that to happen.

He is not honest at all.

I think we should send Murray to a private school.

We eat lunch together every day at school.

She has two cats. One is white and one is black.

A spy may be about.

The American economy is in solid shape.

At first, she thought it was a joke.


I'm still worried about him.


I'll come when I have done my homework.


He tried again and again, but didn't succeed.

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Maybe it's destiny.


The gallows were already standing on the square.

She's kind of pretty.

He was brave.

I didn't say I persuaded him.

He related his experiences.


The town hall was built between 1895 and 1897.

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Is Alison more intelligent than you are?

First, swallow one dose of barium.

We missed the deadline.


It usually happens very quickly.

My wife was there.

Dimitry speaks French pretty well, doesn't he?


His blood is boiling.


What are you going to be doing with that?

She hates her life.

The Giants got clobbered yesterday.

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It was getting dark, and, what made matters worse, it began to rain.


It's your favorite song.

I'm sure it wasn't me who broke this.

Fashions change quickly.


You're new, aren't you?


I want to take him with me.

You must be flexible in your thinking.

I'm beginning to lose my patience.

Is it a compliment?

This is Danny's handwriting.

Your father must have been very disappointed.

I thought Niall had talked Patricia out of buying that.

I didn't know you were from Boston, too.

I'm in Rome.

He lives a floor up from me.

The problem continues to exist.

I found the very thing you had been looking for.

I'm a councillor, too.


Why did you turn that job offer down?

The truth is I've always liked Boston.

I didn't expect to meet you.

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Joyce can't speak any French at all.

Orville was a drug dealer.

Francis said that he regretted his decision.

I'm giving my husband a massage.

Please excuse us a moment.


One school in the U.K. has abandoned textbooks in favour of iPads in the classroom.

The bread arrived; the basket can be thrown away.

Playing cards is a popular pastime.

Roderick is very practical.

The law should be clear.


I haven't found my keys yet.

I thought we all had plans tonight.

Cuba is the nearest outpost of Soviet communism.

The car won't start because the battery has run down.

I went to the creationists' museum.

The novel and the relative film have been controversial.

Matthieu must've escaped.

We're in a dangerous area right now.

Mike asked that he not be disturbed.


I can't remember the melody of that song.

You can come and get it today.

Although the arguments were rational, he was not convinced.


Beware of jellyfish.

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She laid the magazine on the table.

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He was from a different country where dogs were not allowed in the cities because they were deemed "land sharks."


I think Fletcher is pulling your leg.

If you have written the letter, I'll post it.

He doesn't seem to want to get ahead.

I miss his kisses.

Although Alexander knew that Shahid was married, she tried to seduce him.

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I'll get Charley to call you.


It took me five hours to make this kennel.

I thought that he was angry.

There's a sign that says "Enter at your own risk", on the door.


She glanced shyly at him.

The man stood up.

The lawyer believed in his client's innocence.

Excuse me, but may I open the window?

I think I've found a solution to your problem.

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Connie is barely conscious.


Being a wiry person, he is thin but still looks strong

She has gone to Italy.

As he pulled laundry from the dryer, Harvey saw that because of static electricity a grey sock clung tenaciously to a facecloth.

I'd like someone to ask Novorolsky that.

He was extremely mad at him.


If you don't study hard, you'll continue to get poor scores.

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Hilda decided it was time to try calling Tollefsen again.

Well, it seems like Phil Anselmo will have to step aside.

Novo didn't let me finish what I was saying.

I feel terrible about it.

Carol looks just like his father.

Dan had that sinister feeling that something was wrong.

One gesture may have multiple meanings, while a single meaning can be expressed by a number of gestures.

Our top priority is to settle this dispute once and for all, so we are ready to meet them halfway.

Roland will forgive Hirofumi.


We mustn't waste our energy resources.


Panos's dog bit Leila's hand.


Adlai is a very clever boy.


I'm disgusted and disappointed.


I often dream about you.

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He was not feeling well.

Merril hasn't yet moved out of his apartment.

We've been married for five years.

It had an effect very different from the one intended.

This day is Friday.

What a brilliant idea!

I met my teacher by chance at the restaurant last night.

Squid ink is edible whereas ballpen ink is not.

Tatoeba tells me to go screw myself.


Dan took Linda to his room.

Father is well as usual.

What was the last really difficult thing you had to do?


Were you born in Boston?


I hope I can do this.

I'm only going to be here for three weeks.

This might all be a sham.

Johann lost his parents in a traffic accident.

She is adorable!

What year was it that the Berlin Wall fell?

I need help in here.

He mastered all he was taught.

Both you and your brother are wrong.

I wouldn't be too sure if I were you.

You have real potential.

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We don't listen to each other enough.


How do you stay so calm?

The doctor advised him to keep away from drinking.

We had a narrow escape from the explosion.

Lucius certainly wasn't fazed by what Raja said.

Why don't you invite some friends over?

I named my daughter Nairu wishing her long life.

Do you want in or not?


Kenn scrambled to his feet.

What's so important?

My father has a restaurant.


The delicate, graceful flowers are in bloom.

There were several hundred people in the plaza.

By the end of the year, the number of people who have spent the night in hotels in our city will pass the one million mark.

Are you injured?

I didn't understand you.

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Randy says he can't find his hat.

If your boss "sacks" you, it means you're fired.

I'm very happy that I can take care of the baby.

What do you want to buy for Laurianne?

You don't have to do anything you don't want to.

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I didn't realize till I visited Australia how small Japan really is.