Gamified Crowdvoting:

Every challenge is a race to the moon.
Vote for the winning rocket
and get some Regoloot.

Use private voting events with clans, groups
and factions to coordinate winning strategy.
Challenges can also be sponsored to run polls,
surveys or just to ask others anything.

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Which rocket will get to the moon first? Select the winning rocket and get some Regoloot.

Crowdvoting, polls and surveys

Which option is better to conduct a crowdvoting campaign, and why (enter comment)?

Moonchaser: using Stellar Lumens to deter spam/fake votes

Do you think that using a cryptocurrency like lumens is a good way to deter spam and/or fake votes?

Is Moonchaser a good idea?

Do we need a crowdvoting platform like Moonchaser? What do you think?

Limiting Challenges to a Maximum of 3 Options

Should challenges be limited to a maximum of 3 options or you more options be allowed?

Start your own challenge

It is easy to start your challenge