Mikhail Amod

Mikhail Amod

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Third year Computer Science student at the University of Cape Town


About Me

I am a South African Computer Science student at the University of Cape Town. I am in my third year of studying and plan on graduating this year. Next year I plan on pursuing a post-graduate Honours in Computer Science.



I am passionate about software development and technology. My particular interests include Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, Mobile Development and Game Development. Apart from technology I'm an avid Manchester United supporter, I surround myself with music, and I watch too many films. I don't mind a dank meme now and then as well.


My Tech Stack

I work with Java on a regular basis and am very confident with it. I have a decent amount of experience with C++. I have also worked with SqlServer, Python and C# in Unity. I have light experience with MySql, Firebase, Javascript, HTML and CSS (using the materializeCSS framework).

Work Experience

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  • Electrum Payments

    June 2018 to July 2018

    I worked with Java and SqlServer to build an app that provides Value Added Services to users via USSD.

  • Absa - Aliens Dev House

    December 2017

    I was part of a group of 6 interns who were allowed to work on our own project. We built a locker management system whereby a user can remotely unlock or locker their locker via a web-app. I worked on the front-end side. Technologies used include; Firebase, Javascript, Angular.js, CSS (using the MaterializeCSS framework) and HTML.

My Projects

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What I've done

Pi Lockerexpand_more
Pi Lockerclose

A web-app that allows you to remotely unlock or lock a locker. Web-app connects to Firebase which connects to Raspberry Pi. Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular.js, Firebase, Python

Crypto Priceexpand_more
Crypto Priceclose

An android app that allows you to see the price of cryptocurrencies. Still under development.

This websiteexpand_more
This websiteclose

This thing you're viewing right now. So meta. Made with: HTML, CSS (materialize) and Javascript. Hosted on a DigitalOcean server.