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"One of the biggest challenges for college professors is insuring that real-world demands of work and of professions are represented. Most professors have career experience working as teachers and researchers and don’t necessarily have detailed understanding of the needs of other professions. At the same time, we are expected to help prepare the next generation to move into business and professions. Guest lectures can be one solution to this challenge. Industry experts can help insure that class content is relevant to the world of work.”


- Dr. Matthew W. Seeger, Professor and Dean, CFPCA, Wayne State University, Michigan, USA

"The divide between the industry and academia is widening at an alarming rate, leaving the next generation with academic knowledge and skills that are somewhat irrelevant by the time they graduate. While we wait on academia to catch up, professionals must collaborate with professors and co-lead classes with students creating a unique mix in classrooms where everyone benefits".


- Richie Etwaru, Blockchain Futurist, Adjunct Professor, TEDx Speaker, Chief

Digital Officer, NYC, USA

"One of the most benefiting approaches for college education would be to combine academics with real-life experience. Professors provide detailed information on the subject matter, while the visiting industry experts, who have been in the trenches, can cover real life issues and solutions. This way the students can have a 360 degree view of what they are studying, combining “book smart” with ’street smart”, which are both highly important for a successful career."


- Gaye Tomlinson, CEO, Vaha Sustainable Energy, CA

"The students seem to connect and be intrigued by real-world practical experience. I think they really enjoy hearing from various guest speakers representing several different communications practices--it really makes them think about careers via a broad spectrum of specialized expertise i.e. consumer marketing, crisis communications, healthcare, financial services, technology etc."


- George Drucker, CEO Drucker Marketing, CA, USA

“Love the guest speaker method! I find working with students energizing and inspiring. Their curiosity is contagious. I encourage all my industry friends to guest lecture - it is truly an enriching and feel-good experience”


- Dr. Komal Shah Kapoor, CEO, UGSI

"From my own personal experience of being a guest speaker, I definitely think it is extremely important for professionals to sign up to be one. Not only can we help in giving useful advice, it also helps students see how it is possible to turn their dreams into successful careers. I have been inspired by many guest speakers while I was a student and aim to do the same in classes I teach"


- Nimoli Shah, Marketing & PR Head, ASB Consultancy, Mumbai, India