We met at a party.


It's pretty warm out for a jacket.


You guys were fucking awesome last night!

Lana claimed to be Franklin's son.

Mario said he wanted to kill himself.

Did it really happen like Trey said it did?

I want you to answer me.

He is good at singing.

I have a friend whose father is a magician.

Luckily nobody died.

It was the teacher's narrative that bored me to death.

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Since then he had put his whole soul into his work.

It all started with a boy named Luis.

When I was little, my grandmother would put out a small bowl of milk specifically for hedgehogs.


We arrived there before them.

Nice ass!

I want a pair of gloves.


He didn't want to take today's test, so he made believe that he was sick, and didn't go to school.


The mountains look nicer from a distance.

I lost count.

We were surprised at the big lion.

It comes from within the love that I feel for you.

Why did Syun spend time in prison?

The lorry had to stop because its load had fallen off.

Would you please show me that skirt?


Can you go to the movie now?

Virtuosity requires years of daily practice from childhood.

I don't care what you thought.


All the villagers know him.

Give me a kiss!

As far as politics is concerned, he's still as innocent as a child.

This is the same car that was left at the scene of the crime.

You must attach this label to your suitcase.

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Have you read it?

The bus burst into flames.

Wolfgang will call me.


I find you intriguing.

Alfred couldn't work as a doctor in Australia because his qualifications were not recognised.

Listen to your heart, because it never lies.

It is not until you go abroad that you realize how small Japan is.

He will be back by Monday at the latest.


Is there anything else I need to know?


Japan produces a lot of good cameras.

She won't come to class tomorrow.

Rapidity of rise may be inversely proportional to duration at altitude.

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Hilda is very narrow-minded, isn't he?

There are Russians who believe Russia is not taken seriously by the rest of the world.

Which wine would you recommend?

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

I want to go abroad someday.

How will we pay our debts?

Don't look into the abyss. Otherwise, the abyss will gaze into you.

The cage is open.

The U.S. housing market collapsed in 2008.


What percentage of the people speak three languages?

The forest was dark.

If you'd grow a beard, you'd look a lot like Timothy.

Mitchell and his friends played cowboys and Indians.

The entire city is in danger.


I saw them in the parking lot.

How many years are there in a decade?

He was born in a small village in the south of Turkey.

He's gambling everything on the success of his son.

That was a pretty stupid thing to do.


Never give up on love.


They were walking three abreast.

Would you like me to go with you?

If possible, I'd like to read more about this subject.

Lisa visits Tanya every time that she's in the United States.

The foreigner soon got used to Japanese food.


Paris is one of the biggest cities in the world.

Call me when it's done.

I'm very good at problem solving.


Leigh ducked his head.

She was promoted over the heads of her seniors.

They are crying to the government to find employment for them.

We tried to come to a compromise with them.

Please go to the Surgery Department.

A word once spoken can never be recalled.

I had never thought about it.


Please provide names.

Everything was going as he had planned.

Nobody dies.


Can you really blame me?

Paul stood with his hand shading his eyes.

Nothing else makes sense.


Another war, and we all will be killed.

I'm attracted to him.

"We are in the middle of a war", said the President.


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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Ole retired in 2013.

I think I can keep Real from bothering you anymore.

Dana and I were kids together.

He is a very smart boy.

You're welcome to any book in my library.

The earth is blue. Like an orange.

We were late for school because it rained heavily.

The fruit must be finely fragmented, before it can go into the press.

Who killed him?

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Some of the money was stolen.

Ralph was nervous.

Small print looks dim.

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This is not my specialty.

That's what you told Norma, I think.

Graeme knows he can always count on Sri.

Early man migrated to all parts of the world.

She has just turned twenty.


Dan studied psychological warfare techniques at infantry academy.


I went down to the sports office to sign up for the last position on the basketball team, but somebody else beat me to it.

In three seconds midnight will strike.

Please call before you come.

Can I stay at your house? I don't have a place to go.

Jamie is completely out of control.

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I think Laurel looks really good.

She wants to attend the party.

Who are you avoiding?

You're a jerk.

I can't forget her kindness.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

Dan is a brave man. He's not afraid of neighborhood bullies like you.


I'll try to change their minds.

You can use my help.

He laid himself flat on the floor.

He is reading a book of literary criticism.

Laura wished he had something to do.

I'm even older.

You'll never be alone.


Margie isn't old.

Gail had no experience dating.

You're uninteresting.


It isn't moralism.

Nicolo gave us permission to use his beach house.

I have hives.

Holy mackerel! Is that a shark?

How do you feel about her?

This was my fault.

All things die in time.

Haters gonna hate.

The game was postponed until next week.

What are they like?

Can you please leave me alone?


I am smiling at that little girl.


She has a dark secret.

Kayvan put his keys on the table.

Toil to toil brings toil.

What has he done?

Why don't we try one?

I think you'd look distinguished with a beard.

Zipang The Power Polack, a ferocious Polish berserker, flailed around wildly, charging into enemy ranks crazily without armor.

I might just do that.

Well, are you going to give me a hug and a kiss?

The cheers swelled to a roar.

Uniforms differ from school to school.

I want to make a complaint to the management.

I don't want to take my medicines.


He lives across the street.

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You're really very good.


I solved one.

I feel homesick when I remember my family.

Who is at the bottom of these rumors?

I am the first musician in my family.

He's got more books than all the others put together.