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Cigarette Odor Eliminator

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Your product worked VERY VERY well…

Your product worked VERY VERY well in my car!! Other than the medicinal smell of the product, it was GREAT! I have NOT smelled any smoke in my car since I used your product. The medicainal smell went away after a while and you can't even tell that I used to smoke.

~ Donna

Product is great and works well…

Great service and fast shipping. Product is great and works well to remove cigarette odours from my car.

~ Amazon Customer

All I can say is, WOW!

I just got through treating a 95 f150 that I had bought. It had a putrid heavy smell of smoke. After treatment, I swear I cannot detect a single whiff of smoke. All I can say is, "WOW." It makes me go want to by another smokey truck so I can do this again. THANK YOU VAMOOSE!!!!

~ S. Rentz

I wanted to take the time to thank you

I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for your product even though we have spoken of it. Our hotel only has a few smoking rooms. Since we only have a few they get used repeatedly. It is vital that we be able to clean these rooms to the best possible status. There are times when we have no non-smoking rooms available -therefore the guest is given the option of choosing a smoking room. In most cases the guest will take the smoking room if it has been treated with your product.

~ Linda

Everyone should have this on hand…

Everyone should have this on hand - took out every odor - great for fish smells after cooking and car smell wonderful!

~ Amazon Customer

It’s absolutely awesome!!

I work for an RV Center and I use it in my campers and motor homes of customers that have smoked on the trade-ins it's absolutely awesome.

~ Judy Martindale

I was blown away by how well it worked

I ordered it, used it and was blown away by how well it worked. My wife and I purchased a used bedroom set which smelled horribly of cigarette smoke, it was disgusting! Originally I had tried, vinegar and water, bleach and water and even spry foam bathroom cleaner; nothing worked! I ordered your product on a whim and was totally amazed how the cigarette odor disappeared. I would recommend your Vamoose to anyone. It is terrific!

~ George Bowers

Thanks for offering this product…

Thanks for offering this product. I highly suggest if you are selling a house or have decided to smoke outside and wish to make your house smell more like a house -- the home kit is a perfect gift for yourself.

~ Lisa

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