Cloudnuage I.T. and service for Montreal - systèmes informatiques à Montréal Québec |

Coming soon: Pre-configured Servers, workstations, appliances with firewall, anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-spyware, encryption, backup and more. Cloud, Hybrid or Offline.

Product details, specifications and ordering information to be available soon

Cloudnuage secure, affordable and reliable network information technology services - where all things are possible.

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Computers, Mobile Devices and Servers

Customize your laptops, tablets, phones, Cloud, storage, security and communications - control everything - apps, email, data, phone, video and web.

Office, Accounting and Database Software

Integrate a wide range of applications. Office and accounting apps, programming, R & D, production, POS, logistics.

Backups 24/7, Recovery, Archiving

Online, onsite, or both. Backup, store, archive files, email, applications, computers, tablets and phones. Business continuity and disaster recovery.


Consultancy - 2nd options, independent assessments, network design from cable-to-power-to-fire prevention-to-access control. Manage projects ontime, on budget (really). Services on demand per-call basis with Service Level options.

Security and Privacy Protection

Visibility and control (who's doing what?) - block virus, spyware, malware with restrictions, access control, firewall, intrusion prevention and encrypted connections. Affordable tools and cost-free procedures for security and privacy.

Security and Surveillance

Protect building, office, retail, warehouse indoor/outdoor perimiters. High definition cameras monitor, reduce risk of inventory loss and boost productivity. Stream live or recorded video to any device.

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