PGL WebGIS Applications
By PGL WebGIS Team

PGL WebGIS Applications

Web-based GIS is technology that combines Internet and GIS into one platform. It offers great opportunities for team-members and partners to be involved in planning and project management in a more organized and efficient manner. It allows end users to interact with GIS data stored on server.

In order to provide our project teams an easier way to access, query and analyze geospatial and design data stored on a secure server without every participant having to purchase expensive software (the viewer software is free), PGL has set up a WebGIS server and our WebGIS team has put several of our GIS projects on the server (see the link on the left side pane).

The purposes of our WebGIS Application are:

  1. Put all of our future GIS projects online if requested by our clients.
  2. Give our team member lived project maps whenever they need.

On the right site of the page, we listed our WebGIS applications. Please click the link and have a look.

Please note that, each WebGIS project may have different map format: AJAX format, DWF format and Fusion format. In order to use our print layout to print good looking map, you need to select DWF format.

In order to view WebGIS map in DWF format, you need Internet Explorer and you need to install DWF viewer. Below is the viewer for you download and install.


WebGIS Projects

Please note that all of our WebGIS projects are password protected except the "PGL Projects - BC" and the "Sample WebGIS Application" applications.

PGL Projects BC
2567962160 | 512-225-3200 | Fusion

PGL Projects ON
| 8606303382 | Fusion

Sample WebGIS Application
AJAX | 781-712-6763 | 262-626-5809

NaiKun Project
(519) 329-7287 | (800) 910-5776 | Fusion

Kinskuch Project
AJAX | 269-309-7866 | Fusion

PMH1 Project
START PMH1 PROJECT tiller lines 7872596517

Hemlock Resort
AJAX | 855-683-4376 | Fusion

PWGSC Manitoba

PetroCanada WebGIS
(458) 216-6589 | (407) 698-3076 | (336) 428-6336

ILM Environmental Warehouse
AJAX | DWF | sand leek

Link to DWF Viewer

You can download the viewer here.
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