What colour is this cat?

I haven't got it yet.

We have a lot more beer in the refrigerator.

Calvin grabbed a fire extinguisher and started spraying.

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Are you watching it?


I almost never eat game meat.

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What's your wish?

They always mock others.

I'm glad you're coming.

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Russia guarantied the sovereignty of Ukraine, and her borders, following the treaty of nineteen ninety-four, whereby Ukraine, in exchange, renounced her nuclear arsenal.


She went into the bathroom.

Marilyn has just finished dinner.

Jarmo might go home early today.


It's now ready to use.

What do you call llamas in flames? Llamas in flames call llamas in flames "llamas in flames."

I'm going to get there first.

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The competition is stiff.

There's room for eight people in this elevator.

He was quick on the draw and shot him before he even got his hand on his holster.

I need a shirt with a stiff collar.

On Sunday, I will play tennis with Emi.

Samir's family isn't very large.

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

We'll never know who he is.

Sergei said he couldn't find a decent place to live.


Hazel doesn't need me.


The lecture was beyond me.

Irving bought a new set of headphones.

Hey, Ernest, are you here?

Diane had a nice place to live.

Mongo will not be here until half past two.

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Studying how to communicate effectively is time well spent.

Apparently, all Sanford's other problems are solved.

Reading books is important.


These students are suspected of cheating.

I have one too.

I am so tired that I can hardly walk.

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Have you ever eaten turkey?

I tried to open the door with all my force.

Gail was sitting alone in the dark waiting for Seymour.

We're going to get that.

That's our biggest concern.

That's a coincidence.

They didn't even know what they were looking at.

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She pierced her own nose.


I hope I've done the right thing.

I was watching him.

I don't want to listen to your wail anymore.

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Can I get half a kilo of chicken legs, please?

Where is the toilet?

It's unnatural.

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I haven't worn this tie in almost three years.

Adana is famous for its kebab and Hatay for its kanafeh.

You're totally useless.


You shouldn't always follow the crowd.

He organized a boycott of the bus service.

I can't help myself anymore.


I've got a sweet tooth.

I hate being a boss.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Cindy appreciated Klaus's help.

Are you two busy?


Serbia is called "Srbija" in Serbian.

He answered not a word to me.

I don't doubt that you're afraid.

He has no moral values.

Heat turns ice into water.

He can't stop me.

A great catastrophe is expected.

What's your speciality?

Philip couldn't remember whether or not he'd paid the gas bill.

You only get one.

I'm sure Darrell will think of something.


Even chocolate has vitamins.


She thinks the fact that he admits his problem is very positive, and demonstrates that deep down, he wants to change for you.

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She's the heiress to a great fortune.

Could you please autograph this book?

It is five years since my father died.

All objects in the Galaxy revolve around the Galaxy's center.

He can no longer wait.

Are those yours?

When they had reached the common where the geese fed, she sat down and unloosed her hair, which was of pure gold.

Do you know the value of fear?

Micheal made me a birdcage.


Cathrin is still stalling for time.


I don't think you want to take that chance.

I've got a magazine article I want to show you.

Shamim was caught off guard by the question.

Accidents happen.

I looked at Emily's face.

Subra is an old footballer.

Gene came into the house, carrying his skateboard.

I had a hard time getting in.

We were eating eggs.

Many accidents happen every year.

I told her I wasn't interested.

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I think the meal was wonderful, wasn't it?


We live in a remote area.

I'm not sure that I like it.

His Majesty is waiting.

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She acted as if she knew nothing.

It's not going to take long.

It's dangerous to swim in this river.

I only want her to feel well.

Bush thinks that God talks to him.

What country are you in these days?

He was prone to anger.

She asked him questions that he couldn't answer.

If I were you I would call the doctor.

Why wouldn't Ramadoss call me?

Is Germany dangerous?


Could you please tell me the truth?

You will find this lesson easy.

Someone unlocked the door.

She gave him a handle against her.

The principal goal of NASA's Juno mission is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter.


Joseph doesn't think Janet would do what you said she did.


We used to work for Niall.

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Once things start going this way, in the end they'll all be much of a muchness.

We're in serious trouble.

The dog knew its master.


Do you actually think that's true?

What's the restaurant's speciality?

I will do it on condition that I am paid.

I need some good advice.

After the earthquake, Victoria's world turned upside down.

She harbored the deserter.

Because one put on a gold necklace, the other put on a string.

Every android is a robot.

Hitoshi used to be thin.

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There's a fine line between what's acceptable and what's not.

Srinivas isn't going to shoot me.

You were so right.

What are you doing with the water there?

Tell her about it.

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Luke is one of my heroes.


Clay and Brodie decided not to get married.

You can stay with me.

Don't I know you from somewhere?

I can't afford to retire.

Why does everyone hate him?


Stacey spent a lot of time with Cristina.

I haven't heard from Liber in three weeks.

I'll stay home.


He says that he has no memory of the evening.

An old man came along.

Thanks. Maybe we'll come back.

It doesn't seem like what we should be doing right now.

Don't go out with Spike.


Ritalynne got into the car and slammed the door.

Chinatown is in Yamashitacho of Naka-ku.

Lorenzo has his arm in a cast.

He's not sure he wants to do this.

Do you want to come?

Albert should be prosecuted.

I don't deserve sympathy.

His new owner took him to a high cliff overlooking the sea, put a stone around his neck, tied a rope to one of his hind feet, gave him a push, and threw him into the water.

I like baseball. What sport do you like?

I do not know what you want from me.

I killed the mosquito.

Dan didn't even come in.

I'm more famous.