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Polly gave Piet the first piece of cake.


I've got plenty more.

Just follow Roland.

Nou is more intelligent than me.


Newcomers are the most ambitious.


I received his personal visit yesterday.

The proposal came up last week.

Antonio was the only survivor.

He was the first man to climb Mt. Fuji in the winter.

Remember your promise, Leon.

We're losing a lot of time.

I'm not a bartender.

I couldn't wait for him.

Rich takes yoga very seriously.

Sjaak is now in prison.

We found it difficult to walk in the deep snow.


Healthy food is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind, and as a result, promotes maximum efficiency.

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No, I'm not angry with you.

I'll be gone for three days.

I'm sure Boyce had good reasons for doing that.

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He is helping this lady enter her car.

That car salesman isn't honest.

He has a weak will.


I came for her.


What does Dominic really think?

He is in poor health.

Ginny asked Lynn to mind her own business.

It's useless to keep on thinking any more.

I underestimated Miek.

Why did you have the lights turned off?

I heard he had a new girlfriend.


Give it a rest, Huey.

I think we've got problems.

I am in this restaurant.

However tired I may be, I must work.

Is this your first visit here?


I'm glad you dropped by.


It's a Labrador retriever.

I guess I have no choice.

Thanks for showing me around last week.

I have a connecting flight on UA 111.

When I was 17 or 18 years old, I started buying candy with my own money and I always bought marshmallows.

He is as cross as a bear today.

It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

He closed his mouth for a moment.

Stop making a fool of yourself. Everyone is laughing at you.


What's for dessert?


I should get him home.

May I use a pencil and some paper?

Mario is surrounded by people.

The committee bestowed a medal on him.

Giovanni will be back any minute.

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He'll have to do this task again.

That's exactly the kind of thing I don't want to do.

Charleen is a very smart boy.

He leaves a widow and a daughter.

I'd like to see Pierce, please.


Miek stifled a laugh.

I'm ready to respond.

I saw the house struck by lightning.

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Thanks. You've been a big help.

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Are you Choctaw?

It goes in the direction of a disaster.

It was in the basement.


Eli doesn't like working here.


The snowstorm left more than 30 inches of snow on the ground.

She needs glasses but doesn't want them.

I have no idea how that happened.

Nobody could catch those last few hens.

I need to talk to you about an urgent matter.

Colin was really drunk.

She didn't feel comfortable with my friend.

She has to go if she doesn't want to stay.

Each person has different views with regard to changing jobs.

Roy would leave.

The ancient Gnostics believed that this material world was innately malevolent.


Why won't you play with me?


We are longing for world peace.


I cannot afford to leave you idle. You must take up a regular occupation.

She worked hard, only to fail the examination.

All the early flowers were bitten by the frost.


I don't like you very much.

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They share their same beliefs.

Catch you guys later.

Do you have a motorcycle?

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I can't keep up with him.

Where can I see you?

I think we need more food.

Why are you doing this to me now?

The boy likes walking around the soap shop.

She can speak French and she speaks it fluently.

An extension is currently under construction.

I've never been more serious in my life.

This book only goes down to World War II.


Most of them were university students.

She looks down on me for not having a sense of humor.

Winnie doesn't think he's smart enough to get into Harvard.

I was pretty happy.

The party's back on.

He is not honest at all.

He has been sick since last night.

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All we need now is action, not discussion.

Sanche stole your bike.

It was a fair game.

What exactly does it mean?

The skeleton of Richard III was discovered under a parking lot.

Do you want to have more children?

Van hid in the mountains because he didn't want to get caught by the police.


The story came home to her.

Dalton asked me if I would be free next Monday afternoon.

He washes his t-shirt.

Even if you're hungry, you must eat slowly.

I will make a new suit for you.

Erick is a better French speaker than Nicolette.

I'm not the kind to kiss and tell.

She gets around him.

It's a plausible diagnosis.


We're more than ready.

We let him keep the dog.

I'm following the plans made by congress.

He is used to speaking in public.

He isn't hungry.

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You are the tallest one.

She was sitting.

He knocked at the door.

The army has lost control over the international airport.

All we do is study.


I was at a loss for an answer.

My cat scratched me.

We'd like to have a word with Vicky.

I'm going to Germany to visit my boyfriend.

Honesty is a capital virtue.

Can you will yourself to fall asleep?

These articles are exempt from "Droits de douane".

Just answer one question.

He got out of the habit of smoking.


World war has become less likely because of global economic interdependence. It's not like the 1940's.

What have you been doing for the past hour?

He always shows great determination in everything he undertakes.


The blue roses are very beautiful.

That sounds like a reason to celebrate.

Do you want a bite?

You better avoid Jun today. He got up on the wrong side of bed this morning.

You saw the whole thing, right?

It began to rain as we came near the pass.

Shouldn't you be at school today?

"Are you making fun of me?" "No, I'm not."

Children are innocent.

How does he bring up his children?

I felt utterly out of place among those sophisticated people.

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I'm trying to fill the gaps in my education by taking online courses and reading widely.

I don't meet very many women.

Don't play dumb with us.

This is what I know about him.

My friend invited me to dinner at the restaurant.

I don't see him doing that.

You ought to read books instead.


I have another sister.

The police are checking up on the bomb threats.

They divided the bread into two pieces.

He is just my age.

Hirofumi, I have something to say to you.

I just want you to tell me why you lied.

It was a really creepy story.