Are you psyched?

Have you ever seen a UFO?


We were both a bit drunk.

Since you like to write letters, why don't you drop her a line?

Unless you listen carefully, you'll be in trouble later.


Now don't pout.

He's getting more and more stubborn with age.

You don't have to be so strong.

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The pilot was struggling to control the plane.

What's on your plate?

Claudio went there by bicycle.

Car windows accumulate frost on winter mornings.

Granting that he was drunk, his conduct cannot be excused.

Don't take any notice of what he said.

He made her cry.

Elsa asked Kee some questions and she answered them all.

There was nothing for me to drink.

He is in trouble.

Believe it or not, there are people who like these stuff.

I didn't have to go, but I did.

Sean needs to get a haircut.

There hasn't been any rain for the past three months.

It wasn't Takao's fault.


I confronted them.


Nicolette sent me to get you.

Eddie is happy to see Blake.

I found the glass empty.

I'll get her to listen.

My blood froze in my veins.

Sedat appreciates modern art.

He gritted his teeth and forced back his growing fear.

Claudio doesn't want me to help you.

Brett has been teaching French for thirteen years.


Is she faultless herself?

She came in company with her friends.

It was pouring rain all morning long.

What's your natural hair color?

When do you think I can talk to Emily?

I thought you liked it here.

Dig a hole here and put the gold pieces into it.

We don't know exactly.

The light came back on.

I will go.

This is the first time I've ever folded the big carpet by myself.

I'm going to bed. Good night.

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.

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Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for your health.

I adore you.

They arrived in England a week ago.


Nothing else remains to be done.

Armstrong walked around.

We're still working hard.


Julius is mistaken.

The two little old men, each with his own wig back on his own head, shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives.

Ahmed had a stroke.

Antonio was caught selling drugs to kids.

Neville's situation is getting more complicated.


I think I'm dying.

I was being facetious.

Eugene asked for my number.

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I want you to come with us tonight.


Can you give motivation to people using the carrot and the stick?

A part-time job is convenient for housewives.

Do you want fries with that?

Let's stick with the plan.

My mother is angry.

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I don't have anything more to translate.

We're dying to meet him.

You saw the file, didn't you?

This is our job.

He made a speech.

Guy didn't want to be here.

She thought carefully before selecting the works she would place in the portfolio that she was submitting with her application to art school.

I feel like I'm being drawn into your eyes.

My most favorite style of music is pop music.

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How do you have to picture that?

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Antony ran out of the house quickly.

She is playing with a doll.

My sister married her high school classmate.


Annard lost his sunglasses.

Cristopher is a fan of simple home design.

By the time she gets there, it will be nearly dark.

There is nothing we can do to bring him back.

She urged him to drive carefully.

Carter couldn't decide what he should buy for Tran.

God is nature. Don't go against nature.


Repeat it to me.


Men who were bereft of reason conducted the war.

Gretchen says that he doesn't like children.

I think it's clearing up.


Heather does a pretty good job of forecasting the weather.

Do you have to do that now?

We're busy people.

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Maybe you'd like to drink some tea?

A dog runs.

These are perfect.

I pawned my guitar in order to pay the rent.

Ninja made a beeline for home.

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I don't know when he'll come, but when he does, he'll do his best.

He revealed the secret to her when nobody was by.

I'm going to buy a dog tomorrow.

The roads are slippery, so please be careful.

I don't sleep much anyway.

Sandeep certainly has Al wrapped around his finger.

Our team lost, 2-0.

Marco overheard our conversation.

I don't remember asking for it.


What's he like? He's very nice.


Something doesn't make sense here.

Do you promise not to tell?

His brain teems with ideas.

I was trying to remind something but I couldn't.

We're studying now.

Dan was living well beyond his means.

She tied him up.

I just need to blow off some steam.

What can all that mean?


Tuan met Toby at school.

Markus gave me this ring.

I totally agree with his definition of friendship.

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This service is temporarily out of order.

Something you should know about me is that I half of what I say is meaningless.

Life in the country is not always tranquil.


Francisco never hit me.

I think his death is a national loss.

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you.

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I just want to talk a minute.

A nonagon, sometimes called an enneagon, is a polygon with nine sides.

Because I wasn't looking where I was going, I bumped into him when we passed. It wasn't his fault.

We have no idea what to expect.

May I look at the menu?


I'd like to sit here for a moment.

If the statement is incontrovertible, why are we arguing about it?

I don't see anything strange.


Is she any better today?


I was in great pain.

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I asked them what was wrong.

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I want to make a complaint to the management.

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I'm sticking with her.

No one loves you, Daren.

If not for me, do it for Sharon.

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We can't finish this project without you.


Have I ever told you how I became a circus clown?

Rakhal is only a few years older than me.

What a nonsense he talks.

Your name was number three on the list.

Unity makes strength.

No disobeyed a direct order from a superior officer.

She asked him to call her later, but he forgot to.

Moore stopped cold.

If you want any money, I will lend you some.

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Why don't people hibernate?

The man glanced at the news program and was shocked.

Do we have enough time to finish this before Saqib gets here?

I missed what you said.

She is very sensitive to criticism.


My brother can run very fast.

Calvin bought Sho a nice camera.

Something has happened to my car.

If you want, you can use my table.

I guess it's impossible for me to learn how to play the oboe.

Was that your plan?

I wasn't avoiding you.