I'm planning to stay at a hotel.

He has an incurable disease.

I need an interpreter.

Kari started dreaming.

We'll furnish you with everything you need.

All the floors in her house are made of wood.

Have you ever worked with her?

He died a few days before his hundredth birthday.

Doesn't that smell great?


I like sweet cakes very much.


I hate this place.

"All humans are mortal" is an empirical observation based on millennia of experience.

It rained for three days in a row.

We can't do this.

There are many reasons why it is sometimes advisable not to make one's investments directly.

Jiri tried to solve the puzzle.

I thought I would find you there.


His opinion was completely beside the point.

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I think Kris is a bit eccentric.


You can try this experiment at home.

The program's memory management was so inefficient that it actually damaged the RAM somehow!

Manavendra sat in front of Russell.

I appreciate foreign languages!

Do we really have to go there?

He lives there alone.

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

He passed away yesterday.

Please lend me your knife.

When did you start talking like Nathan?

I've made a lot of stupid mistakes.

They're having a going-out-of-business sale.

The captain was so angry he refused to give the crew shore leave.

I had a single parent upbringing.

What bothers me is his attitude.

I think you'll succeed.

My father's head has turned gray.

She constantly showed her affection to him.

She asked him to read it for her.

The question is how much.

I'll do what must be done.

Dion knew that Sundaresan didn't like him much.

They don't know what went wrong.

I want you to call him.

I've always hoped to sail across the Pacific in a yacht.

All the stones have been moved.

Clark didn't write it.

On the speaker's saying so, the audience burst out into laughter.

She lives near the beach.

I'm going to wait here for Donald.

Computers can save us a lot of time and trouble.

The architecture in this part of the city is ugly.

Everyone got up to leave.

It doesn't matter how much you keep saying this is your house, please stop walking around naked.

Jagath's store sells golf clubs, balls, shoes and other accessories.

How to explain it?

That's a very enlightened attitude.

He has decided to become a teacher.

Kevin kissed No on the neck.

Eugene refused to talk to me.

You seem to be happy.


I want to live forever.

You've got a lot of nerve.

Do Martians speak English?

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The lady really flipped out when she learned she had won a million dollars.


My father's death from cancer challenged me to take up research on it.

They are what we call hot rodders.

Alastair said he didn't have enough money to buy a motorcycle.

I didn't hit Adrian.

We need exercise.

Marek was a bad person.

You're not fit to be seen.


We have really everything in common with the United States nowadays except, of course, language.

It's a complete disaster!

Kory didn't seem angry.

We were all on the same bus.

Do you know this girl?

Don't let him see you.

Is this sentence in the present perfect or simple past?

Earnie tried to catch Part.

Two of the school jazz band's superstars, both white, bickered over whose chops were the "blackest."

Venkata is actually a very good cook.

Ask me again and I'll tell you the same thing.

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It's new and very different.

I only wish to help you.

Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?

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This doesn't work.

I thought she'd be useful, but as it is, we'd be better off without her.

Why did you buy this?

Don't ever give up.

Can that person see our horse?

Can I take a selfie with you?

Don't discuss this with anyone.

How about taking up jogging?

I have already done all my tasks.

I see he's still asleep.

I just hate to see Susan lose.

I was disillusioned at her private life.

You never tell me anything.

Man shall not live by bread alone.

Some high-end stores employ personal shoppers.

Joe makes fun of Kristi all the time.

Did you know that all Niuean citizens are also citizens of New Zealand?

Their lips interlocked in a long kiss.

Don't you think I deserve an apology?

I haven't got five bucks.

She'd do anything for you.

Dan shot and killed himself in this room.

We're about to go out for something to eat.

Please don't go. Don't leave me alone here.

I was right behind you.

Please write your name here.

The lion roars.


It's difficult but not impossible.

Thank you for adding me to your contacts.

Do you know where Hubert went?

I didn't know who I should give it to.

You're a terrible driver.


This word is derived from Greek.

I'm going to a conference next week.

I'm very slow at making up my mind.

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Hard work never hurt anybody.

A star shines on the hour of our meeting.

A solution must be found.

The enemy was entrenched all around the capital.

I've never seen such a giant watermelon!


Let's run to the bus stop.


The princess was thrown into the castle's deepest dungeon.

I know what today is. It's your thirtieth birthday, isn't it?

Now I'm sure.

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Donne doesn't want to go to school today.

Can I order from the breakfast menu?

I was having dinner with my parents.

I'll only talk to them.

Are you sure you don't want some juice?

She is honest and above bribery.

Who carried the luggage?

I'll probably come back here again tomorrow.

Raja looked like he was somewhere in his late thirties.

Carsten smoked a cigarette out of boredom.

How on earth can we restore our youth?


I read the poem for my child.

She ardently loves him.

You heard what your father said.

The rumors spread quickly.

You ain't gonna cut it.

Why are you wasting time with this?

Mongo is celebrating his thirtieth birthday.


Well, that went smoothly.

I didn't see anyone in the park except Rex.

Wolf looks mad.


That's our priority.

Kayvan and Jill just wanted to dance with each other all evening.

Son is out fishing with Raman.


I don't doubt it.

The party was hosted by Dan.

Bjorne smiled to himself.

She finds it a little distasteful.

I majored in history.

He loves to ride on his high horse.

The baby's awake.

Jenine's parents vetoed her summer plans.

Do you want us to take you back to your house?

It seems he spent many a night unable to sleep.

I increasingly need your help.


Marika has always wanted to learn Japanese.


Vishal isn't easy to say no to.


Bela Lugosi acted in several films.

I really need to go home and catch some zees.

I wagered him a dollar that I'd sell more magazines than he would.

You've bought more stamps than needed.

What do they have in mind?

Rabbits love carrots.

She is not home, but at school.

If I had been a bird, I could have flown to you.

That's a good thing.