The blossoms will be out in a few days.

May I hold your hand?

Have you read it?

People in trouble often have nowhere to turn.

He often eats fish for dinner.

I heard her singing a song.

What did you eat in the afternoon?


My only friends are love and courage.

I have what you need.

In the early stages of a new relationship, we can be completely blind to any faults or failings in the person we're in love with.


This is a great way to practice.

I'm looking for my keys. Have you seen them?

I recommend it highly.

We can go there with the help of a car.

Take any books that you want to read.


It's the end.

Phillip prayed for forgiveness.

What does it actually mean?

He is not alone in this opinion.

I will write to you.


I am not a doctor.

Full religious freedom is assured to all people.

I'm grateful to you.

Are you worried about the competition?

Pratap might not be able to come.


Let's predrink at home before going to the club, because I would like to save some money.

Do I need to go to the dentist's?

Uri has a lot of respect for you.

We'll meet up with her later.

I hope that won't happen again.


She radiates with charm.

Ever since I learned about the existence of the university, I wanted to attend it.

I thought Markus had left town.

The type of mastectomy a patient undergoes depends on numerous factors, including whether the patient intends undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Sjaak left Elijah a message.

She did her homework.

There's your proof.

He had nothing to say, so he went away.

He opened the envelope only to be disappointed.

She kissed me like anything.

What happened on that memorable day?

Her speech was excellent.

My heart stopped beating.

It cost me a fortune.

Ami publicly insulted me.


You remember vividly the arrogance of that waitress. It scares you.

We came here to buy a dress for our daughter.

How can you not remember?

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How stupid he is!

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The prisoners are escaping!


Has something happened between you and Nathaniel?


My thirst is quenched.

We stand for democracy.

As soon as Geoff closed the front door behind him, he realised that his house keys were on the bench inside his apartment.

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We knew Colin was there.

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I can't explain what I don't understand.

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The price of milk has soared in the last month.

Don't worry, I'm going to help you.

I don't live in Boston yet.

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You almost died.

The wall is thirty yards long.

Prices range from the low $30 to the high $50.

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It's all the same to me whether you go or stay.

Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy.

While he was talking, there was the sound of a shot being fired.

Ralf could only understand a little French then.

Laurie slept with Emily, her best friend.

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You don't understand.

Shirley is a little nervous, isn't he?

I'd like to float in a boat on the lake, just the two of us.

It is nothing to me.

Anton was homeless.

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Woody needs some help.

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If you bite me, then I'll bite you, too.


Come and catch me if you dare.

When Sonja described me the look of Sabrina, he "left out" the fact that she is very very fat!

Is there anyone who doesn't have one of these?

Urs has really hairy arms.

Did you know her?


They say that that man has a master key which opens all the doors of the city.


She's thinking of taking a couple of courses at a cooking school.


Ole must be homesick.


We cannot know too much about the language we speak every day of our lives.

I lived those days in a hut on the beach.

There'll be plenty of time to talk later.

We could do that.

To help one's neighbours is a good deed.

In autumn, leaves fall from trees.

I took a dislike to Alison from day one.


There are just two of us.

Cynthia wants you to call him ASAP.

He shut the door and went upstairs.

Please give my best regards to Judy.

She went there last summer.

Please don't speak French anymore.

Bradley knew that he couldn't speak French as well as Emmett could.

My ears burn.

Sounds vaguely familiar.


In winter night falls early.

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I've already spoken to Jean-Christophe about it.


Triantaphyllos did a good thing.

Do you recognize anything here?

Could you translate this document into French for me?

Takayuki arrived three hours before Huashi did.

I hope this will make it easier to get a grasp of the meaning and to memorize the newly learnt words.

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It was a strange chance that we met there again.


I had my thirtieth birthday last week.

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You should've called the cops.

The universe on the earth is constituted of atoms.

Declawing cats is forbidden in the European Union.

He'll wait for you.

May I see your invitation please?


They visited Disneyland, where they enjoyed seeing many kinds of shows.

We take all the company visitors to the meeting room.

I don't really mind.

The number is 932-8647, but I don't know the area code.

There is nothing to do, so I may as well go to bed.

I read one of his works.

I'm waiting for you here.

Have you seen my car keys?

Betty won't be back home till late.


The police eventually found Jerome in Boston.

Vassili dared not disobey. He said good-bye to his young wife, who cried bitterly at parting, hung a bag of biscuits over his shoulders, and set out.

Hope you'll get better soon.

I'm afraid to go alone.

I wouldn't blame you if you preferred to leave.

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With the fever that you have you cannot go out of the house.

Are you sure Heather can do it?

We saw a lake far below.


Spudboy's hiding something, and Ian knows it.


What's that for?

"Little pig, let me come in." "Come in." "You know I'm the wolf." "Yes, I do. I hope you won't eat me, will you?"

I had never seen him before.

Understanding this book is beyond my capacity.

My favourite game is football.

We're running out of space.

Cristopher is the one who broke the window yesterday.

She hugged him.

She is guilty of stealing.

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My answer will be all right.

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The truck made a sharp turn to the right.

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I'm not sure how much they are expecting me to donate.

He studies history at college.

Elric is now on some sort of secret mission.

That's all?

His speech contained very little matter.


It is plural.

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The storm did heavy damage to the crops.

He exaggerates the harm done.

The temperature went up to 30 degrees.

Did your girlfriend like the flowers?

The young King rejoiced from his heart when he saw her beauty and learned how good she was, and a great banquet was prepared, to which everyone was bidden.

He seems interested in her.

I wonder if that's true.

I called him, but a girl answered the phone.

I've been trying not to get angry.

Let me have a look at that book of Ning's.

What do you intend to do?