We still have some questions.

I prefer traveling on my own.

Did you see them go aboard?


Lenny and his team worked around the clock to get the job finished.

He is known as a great painter.

Real didn't expect to see Jinny at the party.

This is what I have to do.

Have you reached Taurus yet?

I would like to improve my Spanish.

Bill can go whenever he likes.

Mr Gray was the first man that arrived.

We all knelt down to pray.

There are no good arguments for bad persons.

Your English is grammatically correct, but sometimes what you say just doesn't sound like what a native speaker would say.

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I hope that he's understood and that he'll leave me be.

Recently "simplistic" is being used more and more often as a substitute for "simple." Such solecisms--presumably driven by a desire to appear learned--impoverish the language..

Starbucks is the best place to buy coffee.


I took her for her sister. They look so much alike.

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We had to walk home in the rain.

Am I to follow you?

A samurai's blood runs in Taro's veins.

Marnix didn't believe it at first.

Water is 800 times heavier than air.

I'm angry at everybody.

I was about to leave the house then.

I'm buying writing paper, stamps and some tissues.

I'll call a repairman I know who'll be at your house to fix the washing machine promptly.

I figured you'd be dealing with it.

I like going to the aquarium.

I've been meaning to talk to Shatter about that.

Sharan glanced away from her.

I use an electric toothbrush.

You must do it.


That's a dog, and that's a puppy.


They are willing to help us out.

He came in fifth in the race.

I bought a new suit of clothes.

Barrio was bitten by a rabid animal.

Power and money are inseparable.

All right. It's a deal.

Patrice might be unhappy.


You're the only other person who knows the combination to this safe.

Alice has stunning legs.

We tried to warn you.

You're weird.

Next week I have an appointment with the dentist.

Teriann was diagnosed with leukemia on October 20, 2013.

They did not deepen the holes.

I'm not used to this kind of competition.

She pretended illness as an excuse.

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Mosur doesn't know why I'm scared.

I'm not going to apologize. What are you going to do about it?

I'm not an early riser.


I shit on the Eucharist!

He pushed past me.

He is shy of telling the truth.

You absolutely need a passport to travel to a foreign country.

Marcia took off his pack.


Sandy and Paola are not only lovers, but are also best friends.

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Are you both crazy?


It is life that teaches us, not school.


In addition, I can fly.

Perhaps we can talk later.

Life is a constant search.

Interpreters do not translate turn by turn.

He was the one who suggested it.


Some of my classmate always make a fool of me.

All were satisfied.

Things are starting to get interesting.

Being silent is regarded in effect as approval.

I eat some cheese.

Leith thinks he knows where Del went.

Has the wash come back yet?

Dirk knows where to draw the line.

You may invite your friends to tomorrow's party. Only remember to return home before dark. Do you understand?


What else will you need?

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Lori is the tallest in his class.

Women are employed at a lower salary than men.

That's one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen.

You might not like this.

Since then, a great deal of change has occurred in Japan.

Her hair was as red as fire.

You stopped to talk.

Let me tell you about the good old days.

The freshest of all scents, if it exists, is definitely not laundry soap.


It was a very good year.

Those troops are going into action.

I have to admit it's very tempting.

There will be no school tomorrow.

The new bank is on Baker Street.

You seem to enjoy watching me suffer.

The houses stand near to each other.

My husband is always reading in bed.

This is one of Piete's favorite books.


The students did the work without help from others.

Had I done my best, I might have succeeded.

Judging from the look of the sky, it will clear up in the afternoon.

Does she come from the agency that sent the last temporary I had?

Where do you swim?

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What should I tell him?

My grandmother passed away last year.

I have to solve this problem.

Who do you think will take over the company?

Nobody visits me.

I'm glad Turkeer was able to see you while you were in Boston.

Timo saw a mouse.

Nothing can be worse than that.

Linda once again tried on all the clothes she had bought the day before.

Thank you very much for everything.

I fainted from the heat, and when I came to, I was in a life raft.

You borrow money from Taninna.

She couldn't wait to see the look on his face.


Trying became depressed after Socorrito left him.

I couldn't ignore.

Do you know where the key to this is?

Romain had only one chance to get things right.

Alexis isn't disciplined enough.

He disagreed with his father.

There's a leak in that pipe.

I didn't rip you off.

Move away from me.

He gave up his attempt once for all.

A flag is a symbol of the people.


He's a fine young lad.


She got into hot water when her boyfriend called her at work.

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The first prohibition of slavery was in the mid-nineteenth century.

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Make sure nothing happens to Erwin.

Can you see where Louis is now?

When did you get to know him?


We could hear sirens in the distance.

You must be sleepy.

Where is Pantelleria?

I have an urgent message from Ronald.

There are several kinds of cloud formations.

I read on the news that renewable energies are making good progress.

Troy drank coffee while Jamie smoked a cigarette.

I can wait four days at the longest.

I've done something unforgivable.


You must not go up the stairs.

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I want to know more about you, Jack.

You just need to press this button to take a picture.

It's freezing here!

The New Year was drawing near.

There's a lot of traffic today.

What he is saying does not make sense.

Where were you the night that Tuan was murdered?

I warned Mann about Kathy.

We complained about the poor service.

Tad and Hui have many unmarried friends.

You don't need to thank me.

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I'm going to take a cab.

I asked them to come.

You ought to keep your promise.

I want to take him with me.

I don't want to fail the test.

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I will do what ever I can for you


I heard him before already.


Do you copy? Over.

Helen jumped in fright at the strange sound.

Do you want to do it right now?

Just let him go.

We look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

He'll be along in ten minutes.

You are doing something inapropriate.


Heidi added sugar to his coffee.


I am serious about music.