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Ruth is very good at playing songs by Eric Clapton.

The oldest haircare tool is the comb, invented more than 5000 years ago in Persia.

They're bothering me.

Do you know where that took place?

I just can't seem to make contact.

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Could I have a bus timetable?


Please don't start that again.

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I enjoy a challenge.

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Where are you hurt?


At present, nothing goes smoothly; the Females of the Family are united against me.


You look so pale.

We just don't know.

Keep them happy.

Because of my job, I will be in Tokyo next week.

Taurus beat me at chess.


Did you have a nice dinner with Shai?

The womb has no ears.

Human stupidity knows no limits.

I've disobeyed her.

Pilot was busy translating some documents for the boss.

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Be sure to be in time.

There were two careless mistakes on his paper.

However fast you run, you won't be in time.

My lungs were screaming for air.

Harry is related to me by marriage.

Very few passengers survived the accident.

I haven't slept well lately.

Donald was the only one without enough money for the trip.

Do I look like a plumber?


I have been to the barber's.


When it comes to good quality wine, no country can rival France.

I will make it clear that I won't come again.

Mr. Hobson closed the store and went home.

Dannie never knew Harris was there.

Say which of the following groups of phonemes contains one which is not an English phoneme.

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The teacher criticized his students' compositions.

Dan isn't in the mood anymore.

Why didn't you do it?

Tell Syd that I'm too tired to help him.

Harris is calling the shots now.

We need to persuade Jennifer to come.

You are in very serious trouble.

Hey, if that's what you want to do, I'm not going to say no.

Hand me my towel.

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We were too late.

His notions were what is called advanced.

We really need a man like you here.

I hope you are more successful next time.

She didn't clean the dishes.

Harry managed to swim across the river.

He learned it the hard way.

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Scott took a taxi to the hospital.


When was the last time you swept the yard?

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Why are you complaining?

You've got to be kidding.

Herbert is an above-average student.


I want you to give each other a hug.

Charlie was mugged on his way home from work.

I'm going to need details.

I'm ready to help you.

She owns a large property.

Raymond is always involved in scams.

I put off answering the letter for a week.

Opponents say genetically engineered crops can cross-pollinate and damage other crops.

If you are to succeed in the exam, you must study hard.

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Maybe it'll work.

Do you want me to open the window?

Could I sit on the aisle?

For some reason, her husband seemed to dislike that she spoke of me. In truth, she talked too much about me.

So what does it mean?

You're beautiful and intelligent, how is it possible that no man is chasing after you?

Nicolas never knew if he had accomplished it.

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The light went out and we were left in the dark.

It seems that this time I'm the man behind the eight ball.

It must also be assured that the punishment does not exceed the crime.

If you are not going to the concert, then neither am I.

Adana is famous for its kebab and Hatay for its kanafeh.

Arne doesn't think it's impossible.

Clifford isn't a suspect.

Oh, come off it.

The rooms in this hotel are not as clean as the rooms in that hotel.

I sometimes have pain in my stomach.

"I don't understand Christmas, " said Charlie Brown.

In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

They all look alike.

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I will never part from you. You must come with me and be my wife. We have gone through many troubles together, and now we will share our joys.


He didn't attend class.

Arthur pretended he didn't see Trevor.

Sooner or later, we'll have to tackle the problem in earnest.

Tatoeba: Where quotes go to die.

Why did you lie to him?

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I find it difficult to understand French when it's spoken quickly.

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It is not clear whether Lander intended to alter Emmet's style from the beginning.


You know you can talk to me.


Don't play dumb with us.

I was not a little annoyed.

The show was interesting.

Christofer and Helge want to buy a house with at least three bedrooms.

I take it you're not married.


The EC countries have a huge stake in the talks.

We can't afford to wait any longer.

I used to love to play jazz.


Johnathan is very wise.


He is strong as blood.


Do you by any chance have some aspirin?


Hans isn't breaking the rules.

The mandatory minimum sentence is 10 years.

There were many others.

A large truck came around the corner.

I was unmarried at that time.

I threw the rope and she caught hold of it.

The subject of the lecture is already determined.


We are losing languages at a rate of one every fortnight.

Why don't you go and have a look?

I went over to Hwa's house the next morning and told him what had happened.


Let's concentrate on the job at hand.

I always wear an overcoat when its cold.

Ti is being ridiculous.

Sylvan is always acting like he's better than everyone else.

Let's make use of our time wisely.

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I am ready to do anything to make up for the loss.

Most students are doing preparation for the term examination.

He combed back his hair.


I have no idea where we are or where we're going.

Do you want a bite?

She was loved by everybody in the village.

I'll try not to spill anything.

I feel ready for the challenge.

You're looking extraordinarily handsome.

Many Hindus consider Sanskrit to be the language of the gods.

There must have been a large audience at the concert.

She called her a slut.

You have a nasty concussion.

I don't feel very British any more, yet more and more Scottish.

How much does your daughter weigh?

My pants fall down without a belt.


Good evening. How many are in your party?

How come you're still working?

Mickey isn't quite ready to go.

I'm pretty sure Glynn doesn't know I'm here.

Dampen the edges of the pastry in the dish with a little cold water, cover with the lid, press the edges firmly together, and crimp to decorate.

Your father will lose face if you don't keep your promise.

What time do you finish work?

Come into the room after me.

He was killed in the war.

I'm sure Amy appreciates your concern.

She had lost all hope after the death of her husband.

We must make the best of what we are.

Young people like popular music.

Is he a magician?

Elliott took something that didn't belong to him.

In connection with this I can only reply, "it is just as you say."

The noise kept me from sleeping last night.


The village lies 20 miles north of this town.

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Tony is a very tall boy.

I didn't go to school last Monday.

That's a horse of another colour.

It's too late to shut the barn door when the horse is already out.

I told the policeman what I knew.

We had a traditional church wedding.

He is still angry.

This class will be over in ten minutes.

I need to wash my clothes.