Our college won't admit Naomi until he meets all the requirements.

Nicolette said he was thirsty.


It's just the two of us.

You couldn't be more wrong.

Do you do subtitles in Esperanto?


Once you learn it, you never forget.

Sinograms are a form of mathematics.

My shirt isn't dry yet.

One of the visitors cried out to obstruct the proceedings.

Only your narrow-minded ideas are interesting.


I forgot that today was April Fool's Day.


Good day, Doctor Mortimer.

What is a think tank?

Jaime said Stanislaw would tell me why.

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The problem seems to have corrected itself.

Lonhyn is a clever kid.

"What did you have for dinner?" "Grilled shrimp and baked zucchini with garlic sauce over rice noodles."


I saw them just this morning.

Eddy says he's having problems staying awake during meetings.

Elizabeth smiled when he saw Grant.

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I thought that you were Piete's uncle.


Stephanie is still waiting for Jose.

Kinch is his usual self today.

In order to have an idea of our current projects, we invite you to visit [url].


There was a tense silence, when the curtain fell.

"I'm from Canada", he said.

She worked from morning till night.

I certainly had no idea Moore was planning to move to Boston.

When was the last time you missed the train?

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Today is January 2nd.

I never said I believed you.

Carolyn was good at that.

I spotted you in the crowd as soon as I saw your hat.

I can take the bus.

They're not excited.

Setting goals that I'm excited to accomplish gets me motivated.


This is just something I have to do.

Maybe you can help me out.

A cobra bit Michael.

From that distance, the ship resembles an island.

I knew it would make you happy.


The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.

The atmosphere mostly consists of nitrogen and oxygen.

Right then, go home.

Work hard, and your salary will be raised by degrees.

You have a job to do.


John wanted Carisa to help John.


Don't go beyond the permitted maximum speed!


I know this isn't what you wanted to happen.

Please stop crying.

Are you telling me that I have to have this finished by tomorrow?

However, in America, sports teams are generally chosen by skill, and academic courses by ability.

You've got to respect him.

He is antisocial.

I said: "I'm not interested."

The train flipped over.

His house is on the opposite side of the street.


Delivery is not included in the price.


These are undeniable truths.


Sandeep had a back up plan in case something went wrong.


You probably think this song is a little too slow.


May I have a cup of tea, please?

Amir seems to be depressed this morning.

She brought up nine children in her life.

He bought her drinks.

Nicole was beside herself with grief when she heard the news.


Peggy persuaded Ann not to go.

At night, parents tuck their children into bed.

I'll lend you my textbook if you promise not to write anything in it.


I would do anything for him.

I often remember the place where we met each other.

I haven't even begun.

Why didn't you go to Boston with Mosur?

What have you found out so far?

Why don't you go to Rodney's house?

We have just a few more questions.

You're the love of my life.

What's your favorite kind of weather?

Kevan might be able to get you what you want.

Have you ever squeezed an orange?

She can sing and dance beautifully.

He cheated on the test and got caught.

Why did we have to come so early?

We know what happened to Jisheng's car.

I thought you'd be busy getting ready for your trip.

It wasn't your fault, you know.

I'm being perfectly honest.

The meeting room is occupied at the moment.


They were attacking people, not peaceful people.


What are you doing home?

Kathryn will come back. I'm sure he will.

Which way did she go?

I wish I were rich.

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1868.

Do you think Dani did this?

Why did you run away?

Rudolf cheated on his history test.

Margie sits behind Jeffie in French class.

I figured Duane probably did it.

You know the way.

Cliff is drying his face with a towel.

We had an argument about it last night.

He always eats eggs without salt and pepper.

You look like a freak.

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I failed to recall the song's title.

A bad cold has kept me from studying this week.

You must be creative in composing a piece of music.

I'm just tagging along for the ride.

So take it.

Have you lived in Sasayama since last year?

Lonesome George passed away.


Newton developed mathematical laws that explained how objects move on Earth as well as in space.

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Kristin thinks I'm going to drink this, but I'm not.


Please tell me where to park my car.

She read an amusing story to the children.

We have a rich historical heritage.

Has the fire been put out?

He doesn't know the difference between right and wrong.

He said he regretted the decision.

Drink wine and have the gout, and drink no wine and have the gout too.


I want you to promise me that.


Tuck your shirt in.


Appearances often are deceiving.

Sehyo was a lawyer.

I hate when other people make me wait a long time.

We'll talk in the morning.

The party wasn't much fun.

It just happened so fast.

Coming home having accomplished his task, Wendy appeared larger.

What a surprise to meet you here!

Age isn't important, unless you are cheese.

Do you talk to him a lot?

That's why we came here.

This room is used as a kitchen.

You never do anything wrong, do you?

Do you have time for one more question?

I can't reply to you immediately.

He was so tired that he fell right to sleep.

Am I allowed to go with Lars?

Around 30% increase in power seen in in-house comparisons with previous model.

I'm just doing what I have to.

I wish I could figure out how to get Casper to like me.

Listening to him, she got tired.

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Not until late at night did he come home.


Marie wants to say goodbye.

I want you to come with me to see Swamy.

It will be a great pleasure for me to translate the story and to read it to you.

We're not even sure Piete is guilty of anything.

Christofer started a list, so he wouldn't forget anything.


Don't go near the edge.


Pain, pain, go away.

Liber isn't as friendly as he used to be.

Many words used by Shakespeare have changed in meaning.


She ignored him all day.

Everyone is talking about us.

Radek didn't know whether he was right or wrong.


The common language of many anime is subtitles.


Tell him in person.

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I put on some clean clothes.

He has a faculty for making other people happy.

I had to start from the beginning, and I didn't like that at all.