The hotel adjoins a lake on the east.

Just do that.


If we don't obtain an adequate knowledge of their culture, a lot of problems could easily arise.

Donal is a retired registered nurse.

Sanjib threatened Ravindranath with a knife.

Darrell had no idea when Sundaresan would arrive.

Those who want to know everything will age quickly.

Whose room is this?

Come into the room after me.

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Naomi is petty, isn't he?

One day an old man went fishing in the river.

What's your favorite place to go when you want to think?

Stop badgering me.

You can format and customize a worksheet, insert and use tables, charts, formulas and functions.

I want to thank my host family.

I saw Doug kill Stanislaw.

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I haven't heard anything about it.

The surface of the moon is irregular.

London is among the world's largest cities.

His old car is on its last legs.

Pratt was wearing a black turtleneck.

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I will never follow thee.


Michiel disappeared into one of the other rooms.


Have you said anything about this to Nicholas?

His new novel will come out next month.

I think I know what's going on here.

We want to know why you weren't here yesterday.

She had her dress made.

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The smoggy air of Beijing makes me feel gloomy.

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Which woman do you stay with?

You're the only one here who thinks Sridharan is a nice guy.

My father could swim well when he was young.

Stanly looked mystified.

Vinod is in his office.

Making model planes is his only hobby.

You'd be surprised how much money Srinivasan has in the bank.

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Find mutual interests, and you will get along with each other.


You're innocent.


Ilya was bewildered.


What do you find so interesting about Japan?

Could you please get the jar of peanut butter from the top shelf for me?

Maybe it's true.


"Nici, you have to trust me." "I don't trust you!"

It is difficult for foreign students to speak English well.

The British ship was captured and brought to the United States.


How dare you do that to a girl, Rod?

I heard that Jiri was hospitalized.

You need to see the doctor. Urgently!

Silence is golden.

I need a concise explanation.


Sandip wanted Eric to help.


I'm giving you a direct order.

Philip is more handsome than you.

I'm in the bathroom.

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I'll guard the prisoner.

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We have a lot of things to consider.

Where do the batteries go?

When did you decide this?

We thought we would write out the directions, in case you got lost.

How many fingers am I holding up?

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I don't want to ever speak to you again.


He may be in Paris now, for all I know.


You can stay here as long as you keep quiet.

When was the last time Andries was here?

That sort of thing can happen when you are in haste.

So a new problem soon became apparent.

I had to take a bus from Boston because all the flights had been canceled.


I'm pretty sure it's after 2:30.


I made a big mistake.

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Aha! So that's what's going on!


Roland twisted my arm.


Pilar said he didn't know why Beckie was absent.

Your sister cannot swim well, can she?

You of all people should appreciate that.

For one thing, I'm penniless; for another, I don't have the time.

Kelly confessed to stealing the jewelry.


Tammy is a deacon in his church.

The policeman didn't believe the thief.

Bite your tongue!


I'm going to need another one of these.

She lost her all.

Dan began costly cancer therapy.

Which solution is the best?

If you're having trouble with Finnish, you know who to ask.


Are we in trouble again?

He bought me a new dictionary.

She made herself up.


List did a happy dance.

Do you own a house in Italy?

Suzan had little formal education.

He was cowed by her intelligence.

The day is ours without doubt.

At least they should have a map.

That's really cool.

Wait for me here.

Just pretend you don't know me.

I'm waiting for this trip.

Donn will have to work late every night this week.

I need to rewrite my report.

We adore them.

Suyog got jealous when he saw Perry talking to a handsome guy.

I could actually have broken a leg.

Something was wrong with him.

What know you of patience?

He's completely gone.

Let's hope that Shai doesn't try to do that.

The mother is really annoyed by the sound of the father sipping tea.

There is a serious lack of language teachers in Tel Aviv.

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You drank too much.

Give them money.

Joni told me he was going to try to find another job.

Who makes breakfast for Barton?

We'll never do that.


The main aim of the system designers is to prepare ready-made solutions for the cloud computing.

I was very influenced by that anecdote.

I am leaving at four.

I don't wear shoes in my house.

I like her better.

That shipment's been very much delayed.

As the cold season sets in, people who aren't so healthy are likely to catch colds.


Ross's boss appreciates his work, but he doesn't want to give him a pay raise.

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I get a kick from diving.

If it goes well, I'll put you forward for a drama serial.

Where were you between one and three o'clock?


Stephan took Jorge home.

I wonder if we'll have enough money to buy Niall the painting he wanted.

Stop inhaling your food. You should eat more slowly.


Would you please open the window?

Maybe you were followed.

I need a pair of new shoes.

It will be snowing when we arrive at Shiga Heights.

She was heard to criticize the manager.

Oh! How cruel is it to love when we are apart from the one we love!

Vicki will pay the bill.

The man is making a long-distance call.

The vending machine is out of order.

He has two sons that don't go to school yet.

Rodger is a friend of my friend's.


Dominos is my favorite game.

I was a bit surprised.

Do you know how to contact him?

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Where is my watch?


It's a story based on a real event.

I didn't have any problems.

Summer vacation always equals idleness and relaxation.

I believe in the power of the spirit and will never leave you.

Hello. My name is Ogawa.

Julianto is one of the bravest men I've ever known.

He disappeared from this town.

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I like the colour violet.

Kanthan looks a little tired.

I'm not going to let Jean-Pierre go home early.

There is some work to do.

The street is empty.

Let's go away.

Shortly before her fiftieth birthday, she received the news about the birth of her grandchild.


Thank you, could I have a little more?

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He despises people of a lower social class.