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Pantelis made it back in time for dinner.

Only one of them remained.

That's not going to be enough.

I have two sisters and both are married.

I've already hidden the diamonds.

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Did the doctor say it was OK for you to go swimming?

His borgesian short stories reflected the frustration of the younger generation.

A real friend will tell you when you're running rough.

The train went through a tunnel.

You're under my protection.

The sweep of the times is changing rapidly.

I think that's a mistake.

I didn't see any children.

We would like to live in this village and study the Kadazan language.

We should let you get some rest.

Takao can't afford this place by himself. That's why he has a roommate.


I'm intrigued by what you say.

Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?

All that was left was the opening.

An idea is an immaterial model of a real or a supposed element of reality. An idea is a fragment of our thoughts. When we think something, that single thought is an idea. Ideas are the atoms of the thoughts, and thoughts are a combination of ideas.

Half of what we write is harmful; the other half is useless.

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He's away on a trip.

I believe that he knows it.

He can't have told a lie.

I have a nice present to give you.

When are you going to pay me back the money I lent you?

I hope you'll recover quickly.

Pontus doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do.

What is your mission?

Rome is worthy of a visit.

Why is Evelyn still doing that?

Marsh is a giver.

I am drooling like a dog.

If it's urgent I can page her ...?


Just 3.5 percent of Earth's water is fresh.

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I don't have a single enemy.

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I just didn't do my job.

Are you doing that on purpose?

Are you able of swimming?

Generally, the Japanese are polite.

We'll do what we always do.

I'll stay at my sister's place.

That new company could flatten the competition.

He was the leader of the movement.

It's very convenient.


I'll meet you where we always meet.


There are a lot of sights in Kyoto.

That was your plan.

Vicki got Maarten a pint of beer.

This story broke my heart.

He cast reflections on me.

Tait picked up the walkie-talkie and started talking.

Tell Niall no.

The audience was immersed in an aftertaste of the concert.

I'll have rice, miso soup and natto.

Jiro has not come back from New York yet.

I need to know more about you.

Bryan had a good time in Boston.

You don't understand me, Darryl.

I can't tell you how to do that. You have to figure it out on your own.

Do you have internet access at home?

Brad took the concert ticket Jim offered him.

Louis has been studying.


I want my desk back.

I'm looking for a place to sit.

I saw Andreas less than an hour ago.

The fear in your eyes betrays the lie on your tongue.

Michael Phelps is the winningest Olympian ever.


The coffee enabled me to stay awake during the dull concert.

She grabbed his hand.

How many times have you gone there?

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How do you make decisions?

I tried to follow your instructions.

God made the country and man made the town.


It was when I was eight years old that I climbed Mt. Fuji with my father.


Jared hid his worries from his wife.


You tricked me!

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Give me the number.

Don't let the dog sleep in our bed.

That's my problem with them.


Everybody was listening intently.

Kyle put the lid back on the box.

His trip will keep him away from the office for a week.

Starting to save is the first step towards a secure retirement.

The rooster crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" in the morning.

My uncle gave me a present.

They have a good store of food in the house.

It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.

My explanation may sound strange.


I'm actually paid to do this.

Why is Mick back?

Do you think you'll need Merril's help?

You won't be needing that.

They want me to organize the party.

See you all soon.

Some enjoy particular challenges.

Just as Tovah was about to speak, the lights went out.

He was wearing a threadbare suit.


Micah isn't paying attention.

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He himself refused to talk to her.

You should have told him.

I thought he was incredibly handsome.

He gave me a hard time.

I was angry because he got late.

If I were in your position, I probably wouldn't know what to do.

Where did you book them?

He is too dumb to fear danger.

Thanks, I understand now.

Let's go and see her.

He bolted out of the room.

We get it for free.

Go on, Cory, I'm listening.


I'm reliable.

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Someone began to follow Lukas.

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Do you have your stuff with you?


Walter passed the test he took last Monday.


I'm going to have fun.

Is this real silver?

They all entered.

Three workers died.

I don't want to antagonize them.


I'm going to visit Natraj today.


I've just returned from the post office.

I wrote to inform him of my decision.

You stole my bike, and now I'm going to break your face.

'Seminar', in universities, refers to debates and the presentation of research results by a few students.

As we dive deeper, the water becomes colder.


Hurry up! The concert is starting.

This is the first time I've ever put pepper on my eggs.

Pitawas was holding a small box in his hands.

I'm reasonable.

If you don't like it, then don't eat it.

Work harder if you are to succeed.

Selling motorcars is my business.

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Judy tried that.

Liza will give you what you need.

I'm going to do my best.

Do you have new shoes?

There's nothing wrong with this law.

I was right in front of Blaine.

The library is in the middle of the city.

How long are you staying in our country for?

We like our apartment.

Are you still angry with them?

Arlene wasn't expecting this.

High tax and poor sales bankrupted the company.

When was the last time you took the children to the beach?


I understand the rule.

I wonder who gave Alf that information.

My wife doesn't cook.

Don't speak nonsense!

How exactly did you do it?


Did you ask Sanand why he was leaving?

You won't believe what I just saw.

I told Sharada to leave.


You'd better do what I suggest.

Mann understands Frances.

She did her job.

It captures his personality.

I mainly participated in the working group "environmental protection and sustainable agriculture".

A car hit her.

I'm giving you a chance.

Do you have to go to market, too?

She's with a government bureau, isn't she?

They took a vote on the motion.

I haven't my dictionary at hand.


Everyone is watching Anton.