Syun saw a mouse.

We're trying to make that happen.

Belinda is a strong woman.

Judge is one of my assistants.

Jorge was tortured.

Today's a school day. I'd better make sure not to be late ...

Lori liked the idea.

Not knowing what to say, he remained silent.

Siegurd was disappointed to hear that Marguerite was already married.

How are Grandma and Grandpa cooking the fish?

There's a great variety of creatures living in the sea.

Shut up or you'll be thrown out.


She's hiding something from you.

Would you mind mailing this letter for me?

Teresa is blushing.

Soon, he learned how to speak English.

You're winning.

I forgot all about that.

What else did you steal?


Her idea is better than yours.

This place is quite nice.

I've seen a one-legged man.

One and one makes two.

That's the way I like it.

Stay put until I need you.

I'm sorry, but I can't do that.


Hey, open the door.

Mitchell could hardly speak French at all when I first met him.

Although the fork entered society on the tables of rich people, many members of royalty, such as Elizabeth I of England and Louis XIV of France, ate with their fingers.

Light blue is the color of the sky and, consequently, is also the color of the sea, lakes, and rivers.

Are you sure that's Oliver's trumpet?


You look pleased.

The voting began again at noon.

I was just finishing up.

I need someone to find Brendan.

My mother is on a banana diet.

Sjaak is capable of doing such a thing.

Kuldip felt a pain in his side.

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The doctor wouldn't accept any gifts from the poor.

Delbert works in a nursing home.

Who do you think is the smartest kid in your class?

I want to be a doctor.

I'm working on my project.


This is the moment we've been waiting for.

What just happened won't happen again.

We did what you asked.

Did you ever go to Okinawa?

You can't run away from your fate.

It looks like there's a few Muslim restaurants around here.

Wake me up at eight.

Is something on your mind?

Tell them anything you want.


She appears to have many friends.


I work at a language school.

I think Raghu is miserable.

Blair is expected to arrive any minute now.

Countries vary in customs and habits.

Barry says he likes Chinese food.


Do you know how to add new contacts to this phone?

He came down with a wallop.

It doesn't matter how smart you are. You have to have the best information possible to make the best decisions possible.

There are things that should not be known before twenty.

What does a room cost?


It is no use going to school if you are not going to study.

Sign at the bottom, please.

The accountant was blamed for the mistake.

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The water is extremely dangerous around here.

There's too much garlic.

Jayesh stiffened.


Examples of drupes - also called stone fruits - include cherries, damsons, olives, dates, and apricots.

I love to cook.

She keeps up to date with the situation.


Get out of the bathroom once and for all!

I forgot to tell Kristin something.

I took him to be an honest man.


Omar likes football a lot.


Hotta walked into the living room.

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He thinks about his next trip.

I want us to be a family.

Those photos were doctored.

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I don't like the way she speaks.

The ship was locked in ice.

When can I see you next time?

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He made little of my complaints.

Could you turn off the lights?

How did you ever find out about Jess?

Jiro, who had never cried in front of anyone before, started crying.

Shane shows the emersonian inner voice.

My brother has a gift for painting.

I have nothing to tell you about it.

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Louie isn't in a good mood right now.

Let one undo my shoes, lest from afar an envious look should smite me.

Did they hurt you?

I assemble car engines.

I'll take that.


It sounds good to me.


The actress murdered her lines.

Elvis will be ready for us in about ten minutes.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Dennis is going to need one of these.

He's the laziest person I know.

He's the one who touched me.

He passed away quite suddenly.


Close the door after you when you leave the room.

Do you speak Talossan?

There's no stopping her.


Hard work and dedication will bring you success.

Playing badminton is a lot of fun.

Is that what you did to him?

She's a woman now.

She wears a sweet perfume.

Kari took a swig from his bottle of rum.

Aimee has been evicted.

We hate raw onions.

Maybe something will turn up.

Never cackle till your egg is laid.

Bert is very warmhearted.

Any chance of us getting approved?

If the sun were to stop shining, all living things would die.

Are there any English magazines in this library?

I can't understand why Brandi won't let us go.

Jones and Ram are going to say no.

Gideon felt obligated to say something.

Barney will take a walk in the park this afternoon.

It's very, very hard work.

Tell her that I am fishing.

Should I stay or should I go?

Sanand is sure that he'll win the game.

Just give it to him.

I'm glad they won.

You're driving me nuts.

Will you buy me some bread, please?

India's Independence Day is celebrated on the fifteenth of August.

It's very similar.

Stop her.

Not all of us are against his idea.

It was very awkward.

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This better not happen again.

Raj checked his watch to see what time it was.

Whatever he says, do not trust him.

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Sabrina is caught between Scylla and Charybdis.


Is it hot enough to go swimming?

I'll protect you.

The scene before me was very beautiful.

He is a ruffian.

Paola was the one who bought my old desk.

He is burning to make a fortune.

Welcome to the team.

He cut down a tree in the garden.

He beat the odds and was successful.

My conscience is bothering me.

One more hour and the turkey will be ready.

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The death of a talented man saddens me, as the world needs them more than heaven does.

Take a look at this.

I can't think of everything.

I speak French, too.

It was raining hard, and what is worse, the wind began to rise.

Who gave me all that money?

How many students are there in the school?

Phooey. I'm late again.

It's wrong to trick people like that.


What'll Tran do tomorrow?

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Please, by all means, drop in when you go shopping.

Kieran pushed her hand away.

The joke's on me.

As far as I know, he is a reliable friend.

I should've stayed in school.

I eat chocolate.

This cake is out of this world.

Am I going to get yelled at?

Suresh always speaks French.