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Use our Online Mapping system to check where they are, any time. Track any smart phone or any GPS device in the market. 623-428-8515, Speed Limit and Relational (Max distance between devices) notifications.

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Use our WiFi enabled devices to gather daily vitals, and have them available for review anytime, anywhere. Also use it to detect abnormal behavior and trigger SOS notifications.


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Detect events like doors, windows or drawers being open or closed, or perhaps number of people passing by or stepping on a matt. Log the time and date and keep your environment secure.

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Location Tracking. Follow those you love most.

Our Online tool empowers you to manage all your resources seamlessly. Set a Speed limit alarm on your teen's device or perhaps you want to be notified when any of your "children" devices goes away further than a set distance of any of your "parent" devices. It allows you to track in a graphic friendly environment where your love ones are and the path they followed.

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Vitals Tracking. Care for those that need you most.

For many patients, periodic monitoring of daily vitals is one of the most effcient tools to prevent complications. Our solution helps you gather the data and have it always available for your health providers to review. It also empowers users to trigger SOS notification or auto-trigger alarms in case of abnormal behaviors.

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Event Tracking. Secure what you want the most.

Wouldn't be nice to know when "events" happen and get them logged for historic review and analysis? Perhaps you want to keep track of specific events and further take actions based on periodicity or frequency. Or perhaps just want to have records of when the draw in which you hold your valuables was open. Our system helps you do this and more - the limit is your imagination.

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