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I heard that Ray doesn't swim very often.

He collected various information.

I'm not sure what else I should do.


Dylan never returned home.

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You're thirty minutes late.

Laurianne wanted to drop out of school.

From the old ox, the young one learns to plow.

You could've invited me.

In the film about the world coming to an end, death was certain within twelve hours.

Connie works every day but Sunday.

I can't give this dictionary to anyone.

I almost left my umbrella on the train.

She gave him her name and telephone number.

This single reflection will show that the doctrine of redemption is founded on a mere pecuniary idea corresponding to that of a debt which another person might pay.

What made you come here so early?

Nobody liked my country.

I really liked what you said earlier.

This is an anachronistic moment.

How do you know this isn't a fake?


She was absent without leave.


Did you know you are stronger than you think you are?

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Isn't the weather lovely?


We didn't want to hurt you.

The sun is just a star amongst zillions of others.

There were no computers in the office.


Bradford placed most of the blame on himself.

Hey, would you do me a favor?

We hear the plop of a frog jumping into the canal.

After working all week, we took it easy on Sunday.

The King and Queen were overjoyed when they saw their children, and they all lived happily together in the beautiful palace.

My father's brother's wife is my aunt.

As is usual, Bob came to school late this morning.


Water is as precious as air to man.


Is there anything you want me to tell Vladislav?

Do what's right.

She was a bundle of nerves last night.

When you get to Boston, please contact me.

I won't leave without you.


There's another possibility.

It doesn't belong to me.

We have an obligation to do it.

Tell me how to spell the word.

It cannot plausibly be argued that behaviour of such complexity derives entirely from instinct.

To drive a car, you have to get a driver license.

I don't think Adam will want to go drinking with us.

You have to stay in bed until next Monday.

I'm part owner of this restaurant.


I always have to wear a tie because of my job.

What were you hoping to buy?

She is fond of cake.


The rocks on this beach remind me of those summer days when Laura and I played in the sand until nightfall.


We have an important matter to discuss.

Because so many people want a European passport, sham marriages are on the rise.

I readily grasped at his proposal.

I consider that a good thing.

Kenny Gorelick murdered the soprano saxophone.


Is there any English native speaker here?

I don't actually have them.

I am studying Korean.

I know where Jane keeps his important papers.

Stop trying to make me feel guilty!

Without your assistance I would have failed.

Dory is being proactive.

It was her little sister that broke her toy.

Let's go eat. I'm starving.

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I mean students in general, but not in particular.


Huey isn't interested in politics at all.

This is not my key.

The reasons against this are as follows.


Could you get me a cold drink, please?

Cat is puzzled.

Life expectancy, gender discrimination and the social system are the main criteria the representatives have taken into account in drawing up the rankings.

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Few people get knocked down and run over in the pedestrian precincts which have been created in most city centres.


In Wales, we have a saying.

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We can make it work.

Do you expect me to help you?

Why would I want to go with you?

What kinds of meat dishes do you serve?

I brush my teeth after eating.

You washed the dishes.

I am on holiday this week.

I met her by chance on a train.

Milk nourishes a baby.

I want to hear your voice.

Don't worry. Everything will be fine now.

He made a special effort to solve the problem.

I keep dreaming about him.

He was a true dinosaur!

The question is which to choose.

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School's not fun.

I don't know why that should surprise me.

I love that museum.

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There's a spider on my ceiling and it isn't contributing to the rent.

I can't finish painting this house in one day.

You shouldn't have come back.

Let's take a vote.

Why would you tell her that?

We have a lot of fun.

Tensions were increasing.

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God wills it thus.

Skip the pleasantries and get down to business.

I had my pen stolen.

There's no other explanation.

It was smaller than I had imagined.

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Niall is expecting you.

It'll be funny.

When we are asleep, bodily functions slow down and body temperature falls.

Leith's hard work has paid off.

Mike, do planes usually rock like this?

Lately the discount airline ticket system has gotten so complicated that there's a lot about it I can't figure out.

Everyone has a right to live.


I collect snippets of information from a variety of sources.

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We love Vilhelm dearly.


Sal needs to know about this.

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Recently T Mall has had a sales promotion on cell phones.

This is unknown country to me.

Darin likes Vincent's long black hair.

You didn't let me answer.

They said there was not enough time for a full investigation.

What were you going to say?

I suggest you let them go.

I informed Sanand that I wouldn't be attending the meeting.

You're a compulsive scribbler.

Please take a rest for a few days.

My wife gets on well with my mother.

We didn't want to worry you.

I suppose you know everything Herve did.

I've made this trip a thousand times.

I do not know for certain what she is going to do.

Speak of the Devil and he doth appear.

They're all scared of you.

I can help Dawson.

The truth is I told a lie.

He was born in Mexico.

Elephants are majestic animals.

Bruce couldn't talk.

I don't want to forget.

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You cannot outsmart destiny.

My parents worry about my health.

You're a racist.

Hsuan is still a beautiful woman.

Despite their own scandals, the police continue to make arrests as though nothing had happened at all.


To survive in a hostile environment, one must be able to improvize and be tenacious.

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I don't have a lot of time.

Jane has a lot of clothes to wash.

We must hand in a history paper by next Saturday.

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Tuan has never had to worry too much about anything.

Here's a list of words I have difficulty remembering that I have compiled so far.

Dan went on trial for the murder of his wife, Linda.


Pierre, please restrain yourself.

Clarissa has lots of money.

You don't know what it's like to lose all your family in a war.

I won't cook for her.

Although he is young, he is very careful.

It's going to collapse.

Don't disappoint Rolf.

I know you're still mad.

The cat jumped in surprise.

He looked as if he had lost his way.

She spoke as though nothing had happened.

The abolition of slavery in Europe eventually reached the American continent.

We go to school to learn.

Sandeep was glad to hear the news.

I wouldn't want anyone to see us.


Did Andre say anything about going to Boston next week?