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If you have prolonged periods of feeling low in spirits, perhaps depressed or stressed, you may begin to lack confidence and feel vulnerable to life’s daily challenges. Don't put up with it, help is available and just a phone call away. 

Help from someone who will not only be immediately ‘on your side’ but who also has the experience and skills to understand where you are coming from and how to help you get back on track, to where you want to be.  I am ready to hear and understand you but more importantly to provide practical help to find solutions that will alleviate the pain, anguish and confusion you may be feeling. I can usually provide an early appointment within one or two days of your call.

You can contact me on 01692 651620 during normal office hours.   If I am unavailable please leave your name and number and I’ll return the call as soon as I am free.  You can also try my mobile 07850 667090 and leave a message there too or email me on

Most of my clients say they start feeling better from our very first contact  and more than 95 % say that they have ‘turned the corner’ by our third session. We can speak over the telephone at any time or agree to meet anywhere you feel safe to talk openly. This could be your home, my consulting rooms in Norwich or at my home. 

Our sessions are completely confidential and focused around helping you achieve your goals your way. Part of your solution lies in showing you how some simple but practical changes in your life can help you stay more emotionally positive, in control and generally happier.

Mark Churchward