They're paying rent.

Not everyone in town likes Marcos.

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Do you lend me your radio?

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Cathryn looked furious.

This wax sculpture is very realistic.

One can't cry when one is a man.

Ramanan has a contagious disease.

I think I need a little air.

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The Narita Express will take you directly to Tokyo Station in approximately 90 minutes.

I can't ask Nichael now.

I have a visual.


I hate these things.

Serdar, you have really taught me many things.

I need more time.

What kind of cap do you want to buy?

Oliver didn't like our decision.

I had an appointment at 2:30, but I got caught in traffic and couldn't get there in time.

Nothing's wrong with Spencer.


It won't take me long.

But, from head to foot she was scrupulously clean, and maintained a kind of dislocated tidiness.

Loren tried to do too much.


Do you have plans for Monday night?

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Have you looked everywhere?

What makes you think I'm bored?

I'm afraid it's going to rain.


Salesmen are usually fast talkers.

I received a letter from my friend.

We'll watch that movie another day.

My pen must be looked for.

Let's get this over with.

The character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which it is done.

What kind of crapola is this?

I think that's Bart's goal.

He will come.

The earth is similar to an orange in shape.

This is a story about love and friendship.

I've never seen that before.

This restaurant serves Adana and Urfa kebabs.

Thanks for agreeing to come.

I'll take care of the dog till tomorrow.

I'm not saying that your answers are always wrong.

Whatever you do, don't tell Lynne.

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Hans tried to tell Sandeep that he didn't like her.

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She asked how to cook fish.

We have ordered one.

Amigo rarely wears a hat.

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We cannot go any farther without a rest.

Kate has had plenty already.

I found this when I was cleaning out my closet today.

I suggest you stay away from Dustin.

His accident incapacitated him for work.

The woman smells the coffee.

They tried to hide their xenophobia.

Are you bored? If so, you can watch TV if you like.

These are my son's cookies.

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I had to respect Spy's wishes, so I left.

The party ended at midnight.

Syun looks uncertain.

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I am buying a ladder in the hardware store.

I don't know how long it's going to take.

Some people like cats, and others prefer dogs.

I didn't want to work late, but the boss told me that I had to.

You're older than me.

I tripped on a stone, and if he hadn't caught me, I would have fallen into the gorge.

Do you really want me to give your computer to Lonhyn?

He denies that he did that.

He must be lacking in common sense.

Speech is silver, but silence is golden.

They spent the whole day at the beach.


Choose a song and transcribe the lyrics.

Did you get in a fight with Matthieu?

We're in this together.


Maureen saw Elliot working.

I can't find my bag.

He deprived my little sister of all her toys.

You don't exert yourself much.

We need evidence.

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They had seen better days.

Let's have some coffee during recess.

We shouldn't stand in Coleen's way.


Johnny made fun of Timothy's shirt.


There was little sugar left in the pot.

They're talking to her.

Maria tried to say something, but Pierette interrupted him.


Food costs money.

Scot was excited about the trip to Boston.

She's quite a looker.

Amigo gladly agreed.

You should let Rogue help you.

Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.

Hy is very studious.

It is twenty years since they got married.

You should have attended today's meeting.

How many people have you had sex with in the last year?

I have clearly asked for this list in writing.

Did you work in Germany?

That's no way to treat a guest.

Salmon is my favorite fish to eat.

I found it necessary to get up early every morning.

Takayuki didn't notice Darryl hiding in the bushes.

Dori is a married woman.

Do you have a problem with them?

He has three elder sisters.


With the arrival of winter, the leaves on the trees fall down.

For many women, breast cancer is a matter of life and death.

Her striped dress accentuates her slimness.

We hear the tree falling but not the forest growing.

We hoped we'd be able to win the game.


They painted the fence green.

His next production was a very ambitious musical.

Nir has a discount coupon for the museum's exhibition.

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The guy was so childish that he couldn't resist temptation.

How are you going to stop me?

What is the good of having a car if you don't drive?

No one will be any the wiser.

Gerda was glad to be on dry land again, although she was a little afraid of the strange old lady.

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Kinch is prepared to help us.

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Do you think all officials are corrupt?

I'm right behind you.

We slept sitting up.

France is a republic.

Keep hold of him while your wife calls the police.

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Cover the macaroni fully with water.


There were many technological advances at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the seven days of the week.

I've heard from them.


"I am a broccoli and I look like a tree!" "I am a walnut and I look like a brain!" "I am mushroom and I hate this game!"

Moe brought back Trey to the police station.

Neither the sun nor death can be looked in the face.

I've got important business.

They made him sign the contract against his will.

Where are my leg warmers?

As Jeannette and Space spent time together, they began to get to know each other better.


Stop listening to propaganda.

Vivek's palms were sweaty and his mouth was dry.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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The heat is intense.

Ask Mrs. Iguana how her back is, and she says it's softer than silk.

Eddy gave everything he had.

Take a high-speed train for a long trip.

I suppose you'll be needing this.

The new house didn't live up to expectations.

Why do you take by force what you can't take by love?

Our team is ready.

I walk twenty miles a day.

You were supposed to read Chapter 14. That was your homework over the weekend.

You should work more.

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A language is considered dead when the number of native speakers falls to less than 10.


Prospective buyers couldn't make heads or tails out of the contract.

Geometry is based on points, lines and planes.

The singer fought his way through the crowd of fans.

Everyone has their own opinion.

I would never eat anything that Marguerite makes.

Bob has already done enough.

He stayed absolutely silent throughout the conference.

Holly has trouble keeping up with the rest of the class.

The ship will be ready to sail, if the weather permits.

It's time to let Rebecca go.

I forgot to pick Isidore up after school.

Iron is used in shipbuilding.

I remember now.

It'a about fate, a calling, the longing for a better world.

Wolfgang sleeps in the nude.

In case I miss the train, don't wait to start.

I can't compete.

There's something odd about him.

I hope the weather will clear up on Sunday.

She's no saint.

I'm open for suggestions.