I wish I'd met her.

Things have calmed down.

John took advantage of Bill's weakness.

Have you tried swimming?

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He is proud of having been educated in Paris.

I went to Shikoku to visit my uncle.

Mariou looks as if he lost his best friend.

This car is spacious and comfortable.

How strange!

He wrote about plants and trees.

I love challenging myself.

Could you give this to them?

She may well be angry at his remark.


I met them after work.


This global company follows GAAP.

He spent three months at sea this past year.

They slowed down.

"Free" as in free speech, not as in free beer.

Dan never thought he'd see Charlene again.

He wants to squish the spider.

I wonder if Mayo is telling the truth.

You can tell him not to worry.

I'd appreciate it if you'd help me convince Miki to help us.

Fishing is not permitted in this lake.

Bryan is ignoring you.


It was from her.

You can't teach a man to fish if he complains about having to fish.

Jeremy's parents disapproved of her decision to get tattooed.

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What have you got your knickers in a knot about this time?

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I'm not the only one who saw Stephan swimming yesterday evening.


You can't understand.


I already regret it.


Be more careful from now on.

They may be playing in the park.

Is this river shallow?

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She introduced her sister to me.

It's time to tell the whole truth.

I don't enjoy traveling.

The bells started to ring.

Maybe we should've listened to Sonny.

I'm from out of town.

Joseph has a limp.

He sank the deal without batting an eyelash.

After rounding the Dragon's Tooth, the wind was on our side, and we were flying. It felt like we were running twice as fast.

The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity.

It probably doesn't really matter.

I've been thinking about this for a while.

I've studied Japanese for five years.

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Lloyd lost his credibility.

It's her problem, not mine.

Do you still recognize me?

Anyone can make a mistake.

There was total silence.


There'll be plenty of time for questions later.

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Woods grow greener in the spring.

Did you rent an apartment?

They're my friends.

He has made a fortune through hard work.

Allow me to help you.

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The passing car splashed muddy water on me.


Many native speakers of Japanese have trouble hearing the difference between B and V.


I can't continue to ignore the problem.


Kenn had a good reason for wanting to leave the house.


Let me say this just once.


She unbuttoned her shirt.

Before we can file the claim, I need you to sign this.

We shouldn't complain.

Maybe Pedro didn't hear you.

Venus' dense atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid which acts as a greenhouse and traps the heat.


Can I use your telephone?

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Pascal turned up at Ram's party even though he wasn't invited.

Masanao looked out the window to see what was happening.

My name's not 'girl,' either.

It's about three feet tall.

Excuse me, please check the oil.

Alejandro wasn't amused.

It runs against his character.

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I wish I could show you how much I love you.

It doesn't cost anything, but it takes time.

The car made a right turn over there.

I should've told you sooner.

They like the boy looking at them.

They've changed the rules.

I'm pretty sure we're going to be busy next week.

Their home is abundant in love and laughter.

Modern technology gives us many new things.

Were you speeding?

I don't think he's faking.


The contents of the letter were secret.

It's going to be packed.

I know Case died.

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Maybe you're right, after all.


We've gone to the park to take photos.

They are short of food.

I told him I had plans.

Get in touch with me.

I can't remember why I did that.


If you come to Rio, I could be your guide.


You know I have no choice, don't you?

You must go up the hill.

He faced toward the sea.


I give you two permission to do whatever you think is necessary.

"Benjamin was able to convince Jeannie to help." "How did he do that?"

I returned the shirt because it was too small.

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Juha needs to do this.

I hope that's true.

Valeria asked Stephen to come home.

Is Dimitry free now?

I was lucky that the policeman didn't give me a ticket for making a U-turn at an intersection that had a no U-turn sign.

He is a doctor and a university professor.

Even a worm will turn.

I am eating an apple.

I really want to be with Rajarshi right now.

Every time I hear that song, I think of my childhood.

Let's stay married.


The school is closed during summer.

I said no.

Will this amount of money meet your need?

When did you last talk to her?

She has a great faculty for music.

Can you see an owl eating a delicious sewer rat over there? That's me.

I thought that this can't be true.

I'll be sure to remember that.

Don't look down on them just because they are poor.

Kinch took the "morning after" pill.

The Republicans want more tax cuts for the rich.

Per will know what it's about.

Pria is twice as old as I am.

Jean-Pierre ended up going by himself.

When you fall off the stairs, you're downstairs quickly.

Who is the team's coach?

I put on my shoes.

Those eyes say everything.

My best friend lied to me.

Job rotation is essential to running a business.

Louiqa is a thief.

There's no difference.

I don't think it's worth the price they're asking.

There were no railroads at that time in Japan.

I think the sentence would sound more natural like that.

The pilot lost control and the plane went into a dive.

We can!

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You're going to do just fine.

I've got to go in there.

You are a teacher.

They always say they'll be on time, but they're always late.

I just wish I knew how to speak French.


We're reaching the end of our journey together.

The girl who was playing the piano is my daughter.

I figured I might find you here.

What is written in the book?

Now I agree with you.

This is depressing.

I crashed in that sprayer plane in 2003.

Can I take a rain check?

Shannon said more than Cathrin wanted him to.


Grant didn't check his mailbox.

She belongs to the tennis club.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by his toe, if he hollers let him go, eeny, meeny, miny, moe. My mother told me to catch the very best one and you are not it.

We got stuck in a traffic jam, which made us twenty minutes late.

Carter has a daughter who's married to an Australian.

Prakash has nothing to apologize for.

I knew where to seek.

Bobbie would've loved to be able to play with children her age.

Jarmo knows this place.

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Dustin seemed stunned.