the alternative decentralized cryptocurrency

About TrueGalaxyCash

TrueGalaxyCash is a decentralized cryptocurrency with energy-saving mining and fast transactions, secure blockchain with long-term goals.

This is the best choice platform for investment and use as a payment system!

1) Low transaction fee.

2) Low coin emission.

3) Fast transactions - 60s avg block time

4) Energy-efficient mining with Proof Of Stake and Masternode technologies!

5) Secure blockchain with long-term goals.

6) Green planet!

OUR Wallets


Blockchain technologies

Based on blockchain technology for secure, decentralized and distributed network


Encrypted and quality for security


Growing community, project future depends on the community!


Send and receive payment worldwide


Save energy and get a great ROI helping the net to be faster

Proof Of Stake

Energy-efficient minning!