I've already watched this film on the telly.

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Disturbed away from its burrow, the aardvark can escape its enemies by digging at incredible speed.

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During droughts, farmers are barely able to eke out a living.

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Pravin is still in Australia.

I'm afraid Teriann's not going to recover.

The female-boss of the company seems shameless.

Tell them to wait in the lobby.

Jimmy sold a pint of his blood for thirteen dollars.

You have no reason to doubt Omar.

She stirred the milk into her coffee.

I haven't talked to Gretchen since.

Herman comes from the south.


Why would somebody hit Tyler?

Dimitry knows what we did.

In order to swim, you have to learn to tread water first.

She'll come without delay.

Tommy used to be angry all the time.

Ed sure does like pizza.

It could have been any of us.

Relax. We're on vacation.

I've got to find them.

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He was pleased with my performance.

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All you ever do is nitpick. I wish you could say something more constructive.


It has been a long time since I wrote you last.


All these notions I have long since abandoned.

Nobody else knew about it.

I have never done this before.

Raja wanted to do it this afternoon, but I begged him not to.

Your father seems very friendly.


The question was answered.


She is very much like her mother.

You have to answer all of these questions.

"Whose camels are these?" "They are Musa's."


I'm upstairs.


Spudboy usually wears blue slippers around the house.

I'll help you fight them.

That's what we should be telling them.


Mum's just gone shopping.


We love our customers.

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Jay isn't looking much happier.

Workers in France receive four weeks of paid vacation each year.

I must get my homework finished.

Arthur acts like he knows everything.

How long has Ken lived in Kobe?


Suns can set and rise again; but when at once our brief light falls, one perpetual night must be slept by us.


Tiefenthal saw a tow truck leaving the parking lot.

Seth's in there.

Check the number in the telephone directory.

Translating this text will be very simple.

Are you worried?

Shuvra stood on the sidewalk talking to Toufic.

She just laughed the matter off.

He said it was important.

Kieran moved to Australia.

It was a fascinating story, and he told it well.

He was angry with his son.

He proceeded in the face of danger.

We are on the right road, but let's continue to work hard!


I don't know about you, but I think it's cold.

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He chatters at the rate of two hundred words a minute.

Boyce begged me to let him go home early.

Look out of the window.

I have a friend whose wife is a pianist.

Give her a chance.


Jesper died when he was 97.


I'm little worried about him.


Rees still looks tired.

I want to point out that I am open to ideas for improvement, but first will sleep it off.

What in the world are you doing here?

Can I touch your beard?

Blair started crying again.

Ralph called the office to say that he'd be late.

Mahmoud is very unlucky, isn't he?

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He was denied that pleasure.

Let's give him some privacy.

Damone meant for you to have this.

I don't think you're heartless.

It was not supposed to happen.

You must get rid of the habit of biting your nails.

I wonder what it would take to get Old to help.

She made herself useful about the room.

I'm cooking now.

Vinod doesn't have to be at today's meeting.

Offending you wasn't my intention.


He has never really got over malaria he caught in the East during the war.

Earth is the third closest planet to the Sun.

Kee and Rogue armed themselves with knives.

You love sunsets, don't you?

It's abundantly clear.

Few live to be a hundred years old.

He had limited skills in politics.

I want to discuss this with your manager.

You make everything fun.


Many people fear what they can't understand.

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I know nothing about this project.


Don't let him near my kids.

Adlai is obviously having a good time.

Frank is the only one here who doesn't speak French.


Things aren't easy.

She was giving a speech at the park.

The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic State itself.

Sunday is a holiday in Christian countries.

I was expecting her.

Human beings communicate in many ways.

I'm troubled by this birth-mark.


I only know a few words.


The police found shoe impressions at the crime scene.

Were you really playing chess at 11:30 last night?

We're all OK.

It's like a dream come true.

You are wasting your time.

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Your dog is still barking at me.

Andrew cancelled his party because something came up.

Ultimately, he ended up going to school.


There's something out there.


Lying is shameful.


Cristopher promised to clean the living room.


He once knew her, but they are no longer friends.

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I know what you told him.

You should perform regular maintenance on your car.

Production is carried on for profit, not for use.


This is the boy who played with the toy that scared the frog that splashed the dog that chased the cat that ate the rat that killed the mouse that lived in the house that Jack built.


I have other things I want to do this afternoon.

I meant to have come.

We have witnesses.

You guys go and have a good time.

Mara came home at 2:30.


The crowd watched from a safe distance.

Does this path lead to the train station?

The day of judgment has come.

She's running from home.

Laurie and Siegurd are both Canadians.


Her plan seems to be better than mine.


It took a long, long time.

She has marginalized herself.

I wondered if her story was true.

About today's packed-lunch, the menus prepared by Itsuki and Tanaka are low in beta-carotene-rich vegetables again aren't they?

Oskar couldn't spell very well.

I have a headache and I am suffering from a cough.

Don't go in there.

She disliked him.

She looked around.

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The hawk circled round in the sky.

Just give me the phone.

We write our own songs.

He thought it impossible to pass the exam.

I've been to Boston countless times.


Where's the key? Ah, you have it.

Today is certainly a pleasant day.

Your new dress looks very good on you.

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It's difficult to learn Greek.

I just do what I can do.

The government transported goods to the island by helicopter.

Did you poison Nathaniel?

It is 7 o' clock.