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Can you tell me why you hired Leslie?

We are coating the wall with clay.

Animals lives are no less valuable than our lives are.

He will have spent all his money by the end of the month.

There are fifty stars on the American flag.

Can you help me figure it out?

Fletcher earns thirty dollars an hour.

Don't speak out of line.

Mother is getting breakfast ready.

Doing that is a waste of time.

I interpreted their silence as consent.

One can even learn at an old age.

A new teacher's going to take charge of this class.


My pen has run out of ink! Can I borrow your pen?

Maybe Devon said something he shouldn't have.

Let it be survival of the fittest, but it's fastened and carefully directed.

So you ate at your house?

No one has the right to tell you otherwise.

Adlai should be notified as soon as possible.

"Do you know what today is?" -"No". - "My birthday!"

I also work at the weekend.

The spy made contact with the enemy.

Sanjib wanted Shyam to sign a prenuptial agreement.

I think what you just told me isn't true.


They rarely spoke of the labour problem at their workplace.

Mike is looking for a place to park his car.

I was brought up under rigid discipline.

We must learn to accept the people around us.

I went out by bicycle.

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These diagrams demonstrate different possible approaches to job seeking.


Did you do that of your own free will?

I think that would be fun.

Will you sell your car to me?

I have not heard from Dory in two weeks.

On Friday we will have a press conference.

I'll call if I hear anything.

I've really missed you.


This lucky streak won't last forever.

That was big.

She doesn't have any enemies.


Help us.

I know someone who has never seen the ocean.

The small fork is for your salad, and the large one is for the main course.

I asked for Bob's help.

I've been paging you.

Let's not worry about that till it happens.

Aren't you the doorman?


I am praying the time passes quickly.


How much does he spend per month?

Forvo is an international project which has set itself an unattainable goal and therefore always achieves opposite results.

Japan is trying to cope with the aging of its population.

Shut it down.

Slartibartfast will be arriving any moment.

There was no delay.

How much did you bet Hienz?

It's more trouble than it's worth.

This is the third time you trip on that today.

I'm not taking advantage of your orchard.

Whether to translate is a moral choice of the translator. Sometimes things are better to be left alone in the language which produced them.

The child was asleep in bed.

Children get upset when things are not fair.


Charles is going to be really tired when he gets home, isn't he?


Marco died yesterday.

The boy threw a paper airplane at the teacher.

Barbra doesn't have to go to school anymore.

She was mocking the superficiality of fashion slaves.

The best before date is 3 days past, but it's probably good, right?

I compromised with her on the point.

I wrote a love letter last night.

Dani is being reckless, isn't he?

Oil is of great use to us.

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I'll eat something once I've finished.


Englishmen rarely talk to strangers in the train.


I've seen your resume and am very impressed.

I want to see them again.

Devon didn't want to eat and Farouk couldn't persuade him to.

I translated one.

Ruth doesn't plan to do that.

I want to have a little look.

I've always played with my brother.

Whomsoever she invites, she is quite hospitable.

Well, yes, but I don't want anyone to know.

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Why don't we sit down?

He went on singing.

They may need some money.


Just dismiss those thoughts from your mind - they're crazy and not worth thinking about.

I'd like to live in China.

Thuan left about an hour ago with Caroline.

How many times have you seen "Matrix"?

You are bound to fail unless you study harder.

Jeanette is capable of doing such a thing.

It would have been better if you had left it unsaid.

Quantities are limited.

Your fly is open!

Bread with butter tastes very good.

When will human greed end?

When did he leave for Mongolia?

Nate and Sabrina were both arrested in 2013.

Kirsten arrived in the nick of time.

I sat down in the shade of a tree and read the book.

By the way, Pamela is in town.

My grandfather still endeavors to absorb new ideas.

Our plans fell through at the last minute.

Do you like your teachers?

Don't listen to the man.

Bruce didn't play well.


So, you do admit that you've lied, right?


Go see her.

I don't think you can ignore this problem anymore.

I build houses out of stone.


Is there a big rush?

It's advisable to check whether there'll be any adverse affects if you drink alcohol while taking the medication you've been prescribed.

I bought new clothes after my diet.

Piercarlo didn't recognize the person sitting next to him.

I'm very fond of you.

I have a few things I need to buy.

I've never lied to them.

We'll help Cliff, but not now.

With her heart pounding, she opened the door.


I would like to speak English fluently.

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This is an easy sentence.


I haven't heard this in a while!


How much do I owe you? - Four euros, please.

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Panzer bought an ACME anvil.

I might need that.

Last night, I heard dogs howling.

I'll call Renu up in a few minutes.

I want to spend time with Donal.

Lievaart always tries to set a good example for his children.

He often looks back on his high school days.

The frame of the building is now complete.

Gasoline became so expensive that we had to let our car go.

Is that it?

I never meant to say anything.

Let's keep in touch by e-mail.

What's the minimum salary in Luxembourg?


Hello, I am Bashir.


Boyd hesitated for a second.

In comparison with his brother, he was shy.

Are you going help me?

We're sold out.

Material wealth often goes hand in hand with social deprivation.

The doctor performed the operation.

He was killed by a single bullet.


She spent over half an hour plucking her eyebrows!

I can see the target.

It's time you stopped watching television.


The storm blew and howled as if it were singing old songs.

She has taught music for thirty years.

Lum has been singing that same song all morning.

I lied to both of you.

Just don't tell her I sent you.


I'm afraid we're not in Kansas anymore, said Paul.

If you could go back in time, what would you change?

Do you still think it won't happen?


You're poor.

The file was stolen.

You're always disagreeing with your boss.


That's how I see it.


What are they going to find?


"Oh. You're alive?" "Yes. Where is everyone?" "Dunno."

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You should get a picture of that.

"I am sorry," sighed the boy.

Frank can barely read.

I cannot watch this film. I don't like it.

Happiness is a delicate flower.