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No more letters of credit.


Digital Escrow eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming and nerve-racking expensive bank letters of credit.

Asia Most UTB

Asia Most KgZ The Universal Trade Exchange gives new meaning to the conclusion of international trade transactions and the settlement of goods and services purchased in them.

International Trade Portal

International offices, experienced personnel and partners of Asia Most KGZ will provide competent support to your business needs 24/7.

BlockChain Technology

Asia Most KgZ Transacts transaction data via BlockChain. Thus, we optimize the level of security transactions of our customers. The use of digital solutions will allow counterparties to conduct trades using the extended spectrum of payment systems. Thus, with a high degree of security, the cost of maintenance and risks are minimal.

Efficiency and safety

We are your strategic partner in international trade. Customers of the Asia Most KgZ Exchange are interested in the same thing - in a mutually beneficial business! We focus on reducing risks, reducing delays in the shipment of goods and eliminating other inefficiencies, providing all the necessary tools for building business relationships.

Escrow Services

Online services Escrow Asia Most KgZ allow you to maximally secure transactions concluded on our trading floor. Trading platform Asia Most KgZ is focused on creating unique conditions for comfortable trading. Leave all the details and complexities of calculations to our customer service team.

Comparison of the buyer / seller interaction process through the traditional Letter of Credit with the Escrow service from Asia Most KgZ.

In a typical transaction, a request to the bank to issue a letter of credit as a form of payment is customary for the buyer.                         In such cases, the bank assumes the responsibility to act both on behalf of the buyer and on behalf of the seller as the person transferring funds and the person receiving the funds, respectively. At first glance, this process does not seem complicated, expensive or time-consuming.                         Indeed, so it was in the 90's. The current reality is significantly different from the experience of the 90's.                         Today we are faced with doing business in the industry, overly regulated by banking institutions, which for most counterparties experiences costly disappointments. Very often the process of obtaining a letter of credit takes a lot of time and ends with the refusal of the bank.

Experience the difference with the Escrow service from Asia Most KgZ

While the main parameters remain unchanged: legitimacy, security, authenticity, reliability of quality and quantity, solvency and transparency - fulfillment of fiduciary obligations by AMK will provide you with a completely new positive experience in all aspects of the activity, by an individual approach to the specifics of each transaction.


  • All parties to the contract must be registered members of the AMK.
  • Relations of all parties are fixed by the contract.
  • All parties provided the customer's questionnaire directly to the AMK legal department (basic information about the client).
  • A prerequisite for all authorized representatives of the parties to the transaction is to provide a brief overview of all specific or specific requests not regulated by the contract that may require legal clearance, which may create the need for AMK lawyers to develop additional conditions that meet the requirements of participants / customers.


Example of providing an escrow service AMK

1An application for Escrow service is accepted.

2AMK provides a contract for the provision of an escrow service.

3The seller of goods or services submits to the legal department all information and copies of documents related to the contract governing this transaction.

4The buyer and / or recipient of such goods or services submits to the legal department an acknowledgment of solvency together with information on the details of the ability to accept or receive certain goods requiring capacity, quotas, licensing, etc.

5AMK's competent employees on behalf of counterparties conduct legal due diligence and, accordingly, notify the results of its conduct. After receiving from each of the parties the above transaction, the buyer is offered a choice of several payment methods listed in the Escrow service agreement.

6Different methods of payment include starting with a standard SWIFT bank transfer to a bank escrow account managed by AMK, and up to crypto from purse to wallet, also managed by AMK.

7In addition, as the method of settlement of the transaction, Asia Most KgZ offers the exchange of goods or services for other goods and services. Thus, there is no need to use fiat money, except for the commission due AMK.

8AMK specialists are ready for any difficulties and will prepare a solution for each specific transaction.

Innovative service structure Asia Most KgZ

Asia Most KgZ BlockChain provides a decentralized system, safe and reliable basis for trade, escrow and settlements. The technology of Asia Most KgZ uses all the possibilities BlockChain: specially created or provided on the basis of a special permit, the BlockChain network provides reliability that has no analogues. On the platform Asia Most KgZ you will find all the advantages of BlockChain technology: reliability, transparency and unsurpassed security combined with privacy and ease of management.

Data binding

Data binding is the process of storing a print of information about each transaction in BlockChain. The introduction of this technology will eliminate the need to disclose personal information to one controlled source. Data binding to BlockChain guarantees the confidentiality of information in maximum security.

Data Security

Binding to Blockchain equates the attack on the data we have stored to the attack simultaneously on the entire blockchain network. The system Asia Most KgZ instantly identifies any fraud with data. Our technologies allow us to eliminate the threat and restore the level of security by making changes in real time.

Personal safety

In order to achieve the maximum level of security and performance, Asia Most KgZ uses the programming language Rust, which is, to date, the most reliable. Rust is a system programming language designed to provide security and practicality.

We are a leader in the industry of innovative, secure and reliable digital escrow services.


Asia Most was created by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and specialists in the field of international financial technologies. Thanks to innovative transactions based on BlockChain technology, the Asia Most KgZ service launched the online Escrow. The founders have been at the forefront of this industry since 2001, having established themselves as reliable providers of secure management of consumer transactions on the Internet.

Head office

We are on the new Silk Road from China to Europe and Russia. The head office is located in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Our subsidiaries also provide online escrow services that facilitate and accelerate electronic commerce by ensuring that they meet the optimum safety criteria.

Asia Most KgZ ensures the security of your orders on a turn-key basis.

  • Online Escrow is simple and safe for both buyers and sellers.
  • A huge open market for expanding your trade horizons at the international level. The Internet has no boundaries.
  • A licensed Escrow company that complies with the requirements of international law governing activities in the field of escrow services.
  • The company's activities are regularly checked by authorized state bodies.
  • The platform is built on the basis of the latest IT technologies, and the company's specialists rely on the deep knowledge of the Escrow process.
  • The most secure service that can be entrusted to your trading transaction.