That will not do.

What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.


Don't put your hand out the window.

Antonella likes Ramsey just the way she is.

I was taking a bath when the telephone rang.

We should not place too much emphasis on money.

The hammer and sickle symbolizes communism.

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The car stopped completely immobile.

He was angry that I had insulted him.

Are you going out together?


I played hooky from school today and went skateboarding.

It's one of the greatest taboos of our time.

Game of Thrones has been credited with an increased popularity of fantasy themes and mainstream acceptance of the fantasy fandom.


Clarissa hasn't yet accepted our proposal.

What are you doing buying a house that expensive?

I can't believe what just happened.

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Marshall doesn't want to speak about his private life.


I seldom hear your tune.

Fay liked that idea.

People waited for buses.

I just wasted three hours trying to get this thing fixed.

If only he had been there.


I admired the beauty of all the colorful flowers

Renewable energy is essential for limiting the increase of the global temperature.

I'm not at all hungry.

If you did that it'd make me happy, but there's also the Simon thing.

It is ten years since I came to live in Shizuoka.

Where did you buy all these?

You're the only person I know who can help me.

This is all I know.

The cherry blossoms are at their best this week.

I will go cycling even if it rains.

It is a counterintuitive fact that light objects fall to earth just as quickly as heavy ones.

Oliver answered all the questions that Sho asked him.

Excuse me, I think you've dropped something.

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Scot probably won't even go.

My mother is a crazy woman.

He told everyone that we were married.


She helped her husband with his work.

Values can't be changed overnight.

I want you to give each other a hug.


The gift is expressive of my feelings.

Life is very flat in a small village.

They threatened to kill me so I gave them up my wallet.

I hadn't planned to tell you about what happened last night.

Oleg looks like he's half asleep.

Let's just go find her.

Many a book is published, but of them only a very few are worth reading.

Thank you for the generous invitation but we don't want to wear out our welcome.

Six hundred and forty-four ... and she went to sleep.

Is the rumor that Anne will get married to John true?

Try staying out of the way.

I'm from Australia.

Jack isn't here. He may have missed his usual bus.


Manavendra must've been confused.

We learn from our mistakes.

Jack can't afford a new bicycle.

The secret of success in life is known only to those who have not succeeded.

I really do need your help.

If you leave right now, you'll be in time for the plane for sure.

He found the office without any difficulty.

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Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.


How can you stand this high temperature?

Let's not stay any longer than we have to.

I recommend studying French.

You're under arrest for the murder of Izzy Jackson.

He went to Osaka on important business.

Sal has been informed.

What's the name of the film which you like the most?


Ross left the office at 2:30.

I like studying French.

This railing is not as stable as it could be.

How do you spell your last name?

Are you allowed to do that?

That's what got her killed.

See if the gas is turned off.

I agree.

He is always generous to poor people.

There's a problem with the engine.

She's out there somewhere alone and scared.


I didn't find a thing.


They stumbled upon it by chance.

I respect your opinion.

I'm not a native speaker.


I don't believe in God.

Serdar refuses to buy anything made of leather.

I get emotional.

This law will benefit the poor.

Sanjeev is now thirty years old.

The hen hatched five eggs.

Theo likes all of us.


I can explain it all.

Haven't we seen Nils before?

Thomas was tremendously happy after he heard the news.

Things quickly changed.

You finished all of the exams.

For your information, I've held this position for 20 years.

Mistletoe is commonly used as a Christmas decoration.

None, they are all outside.

It was very amusing.

Beckie arrived just in time for dinner.

The surfer tried to ride the crest of the wave.


I have just written a letter to him.

The conflict began over a simple misunderstanding.

He made do with a bed of grass.

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Lori could have come to my concert, but he didn't.


I stayed in bed one more day just to be on the safe side.

I explained it.

I just knew I had to try.

He is reasonable in his demands.

There is no such thing as true objectivity. We all perceive the world subjectively, through the prism of our experiences and beliefs.


He is in with the boss.

You can't keep Toufic from going to work today.

He is a man of faith.

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Ralf gives me a lot of advice.

It's best not to leave her alone in that frame of mind.

Whose coat is this?

I know I'm going to run out.

She was unable to completely give up her dream of traveling abroad.


How often do you wash your jeans?

Tah dah !

Since he had worked longer than usual, he felt tired.


The differences are important.

A married couple should form a union.

The sun is big.

We have sinned, Lord, forgive us.

You must make your own decisions.


It's too bad, but your character gets killed at the start of the play.

Is that your excuse?

Your income is about twice as large as mine.

How many mosques are there in Istanbul?

The police set a dog on the scent.

Gideon will appreciate that.

It was like something out of a movie.

I'd like to interview Roy.

Can you bring them back?

Caffeine is a purinergic antagonist that competitively inhibits adenosine at the sites of P1 receptors.

Arabic is written from right to left.

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Recently, what with this and that, I haven't been able to sing so today I sang like there's no tomorrow!

I'm done here.

Mention Mexico, and tacos come to mind.

I am older than he by three years.

Can I go to the bathroom?

The toaster-oven's timer rings. The fragrant smell of well toasted bread.

Ampere per meter is the SI unit of magnetic field strength. Its symbol is A/m.


Roxana bought a book about cameras.

Rafael says Robin doesn't like Boston.

That's a great look.

Let's beat it before it gets too late.

I was hoping you'd consider working for us.

I often get up very early.

What if I get caught?

Remarkably it disappeared within the blink of an eye.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed.

Neil thought it would be difficult for Bart to get a ticket to that concert.

We are speaking on behalf of the young people of Australia.

Kristin is a technology addict.

They should have a noble mind.

He can neither read nor write.

The horse broke its neck when it fell.

We just missed the train.


You should take up golf.

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I'll show you to the station.


I want to have this old coat made over.

He needs you.

When is school over?

I was there when Jaume's grandmother died.

Timo is richer than anybody else in town.