That's what you said the last time.

I wonder how the sausage is made.

I'm not pessimistic.

You're so stuck up.

It is well known that Miss Manwaring is absolutely on the catch for a husband.

She isn't married.

I'm not coming today.

The reporters started asking Jeannette questions as soon as he left the courtroom.

He warned us not to enter the room.

Then, do you think I should say 'wow' to you?

You said it yourself.

The curves of her lips possess something magic.

The weather is cold now.

Are you going to work here in Rio?


Please change this to dollars.


How would you know about that?

She told a white lie out of necessity.

I have never gone to Florida.


They created a government.

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They must have failed.

My younger brother is still sleeping.

Gregor dealt with the problem.


His suicide came as a result of his disappointment in love.

I expect him to come soon.

I bought it thinking it was cheap, but it was rotten, so I ended up losing out.


So many men, so many minds.

I've seen you around.

He is going like the devil.

That wasn't easy to translate.

Every virtue has its corresponding vice.

You're drunk, Toft.

Is there a panda in this zoo?

African elephants have less hair than Asian elephants.

What was the diagnosis?

Five plus two equals seven.

Hienz said I was going to die.

Amanda said he cried all night.

Brandon has only done half of his homework.

Is it the fault of the red shirt?

Would either of you like coffee?

No one is calling you a thief.

The young girl wanted to be a star of the silver screen.


My brother is evil.


I didn't know Moe had a brother.


How come you know so much about Japanese history?

Nowadays, it seems that teenagers remain immature much longer, which is tragic.

The following verbs only take the to-infinitive as their object.


I'm bad at tennis.

Where's the funding coming from?

Some deny that there is a link between concussions received playing football and brain damage, so maybe if you decide to play football you're already brain damaged.

I should get going now.

Did the meeting go well?

Don't hesitate to ask me for help.

Gale didn't know what Miki's problem was.


Lyndon found the exercise mentally draining.

Tai's personal life is his own.

I only wish I could see you more often.

Julius is prejudiced.

Penny asked Donnie to help him clean his office.


She went against her parent's wishes, and married the foreigner.

You are a guru at this.

He cleaned his room on Sunday.


It was touch-and-go there for a while.


Your watch is similar to mine in shape and color.

I have less than an hour left until I have to tell Natraj my decision.

Bryan does 100 sit-ups every morning before breakfast.

We have to fight back.

I feel seasick.

Who am I? That's really the most important question.

Histories are more full of Examples of the Fidelity of dogs than of Friends.


May I see the timetable?

You missed two assignments; you will have to make them up at once.

It's debatable.

Is he just a one-trick pony?

I wish we could do that.

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Sales fell off in the third quarter.

Kathy, I'm bored. Let's do something fun.

It looks like them.


Go get your helmet.

Could we have a table outside?

Find the radius of the escribed circle of the triangle.

I can't believe Sanity tried deceiving me.

I've seen the error of my ways.

Thanks for staying so late.

She moved a chair.

I never had any reason to offend Frederick.

No one will hurt you.

Compare this genuine jewel with that imitation.

I'm angry because of their impolite attitude.


The newspaper reflects public opinion.

I didn't enjoy every minute of the party.

That suit you bought was a good choice.


Nou landed his helicopter on the roof.

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Recently I found new dictionaries, in other languages.

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After his parents' death he was brought up by his aunt.


The progress of science has brought about great change in our lives.

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Johann is going to be furious.

Did you do that intentionally?

This is one of the fish that Rajiv caught.

I love my father.

I left her in charge.


Too bad you have to leave already.

I'm the one who gave Pablo that scarf.

I wonder when Hank is going to get here.


Students may not enter the faculty lounge.


Who would keep me company?

I'm not the one hurting him.

Do you shower every day?

After playing tennis all summer, I've acquired considerable skill.

I'm not presentable.


There was no way to avoid what happened.

I don't want to see her naked.

I suggest you tell us everything you know about Geoffrey.


What are you here for?

Evan doesn't seem to be himself these days.

The snow is melted.

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That pole is not quite vertical.


Because of its origins, Canadian English has features of both American and British English.

They kissed each other.

Wendi would've loved it.

I don't see anything wrong with this.

I didn't expect you home so soon.

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Nhan took out a loan in order to pay her debts.

The students sat in a circle.

That's not annoying to me.

My girl loved that sparrow more than her own eyes.

I think Luc is objective.

She hasn't talked to me since.

Joachim cared for Tad's daughter while he was in jail.

She asked her students not to forget her homework.

In simplicity there is freedom.

I don't have a house.

He worked for several hours.


Look at me. I'm talking to you.

I think what Susumu did was very stupid.

We'll send Rafik a card.

This is the guide who took us around the castle.

She must be somewhere.

I think I asked for too much.

How many do you have left?

It's absolutely impossible.

You're more beautiful than I remember you.

They put him in this clinic after he said he was hearing voices.

I lent one.

How touching!

What do you think I should buy?


How would you define "happiness"?

An idea is expressed in terms of action.

Harris comes to visit us every now and then.


We usually went to the zoo on Wednesday.

They go to church every Sunday.

Hein died when he was thirty.

Is that milk still good?

"Perhaps we'd better not tell Seenu anything about today." "I agree."

I, too, didn't understand anything.

I had planned to leave for New York the next morning.


Do you really want to wait for Elwood?

Do you feel too cold?

That had never happened to him before.

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The reason for unemployment must be sought elsewhere.

I can't seem to get warm. I've been cold all day.

Turn down the TV, please.

Get out of here, and quickly.

"Where is your home?" "It is over there."