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At a certain point or project in their career, most L&D practitioners realize that they are being asked to take orders rather than provide recommendations for new training. Instead of being an active partner in helping develop an initiative they are told: “We need a two-hour gated course on this Continue Reading

Technology and Accounting: How Big Data is Changing the Landscape

From the rise of blockchain to the demise of Blockbuster, technology is disrupting every major industry. Accounting is going through a transformation that is shifting traditional roles. Industry professionals will need cutting-edge data analytics skills to thrive in this changing landscape. Traditionally, data analytics have been associated with the technology dichotomous


While some instructional designers are fortunate to work for companies with robust budgets, many are not so blessed. Industry expert Jane Bozarth recently interviewed several L&D practitioners about the challenges they face when working within tight budgetary constraints. “Working on a small budget, at least initially, isn’t always a bad Continue Reading


How does your LMS make you feel? Depending on which report you read, anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of organizations are looking to make significant changes in their learning technology stack. But if the current tool(s) isn’t getting the job done, where should L&D go next? LMS? LXP? LRS? Continue Reading