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Bitcoin: The Global Currency
At your Local Retailer Now

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  • What is BitPin?

    BitPin is a virtual pin that you can purchase at your local retailer and redeem for bitcoin using our convenient mobile app. You enter your pin, accept the quote and your bitcoin is deposited into your favorite wallet.

    It's convenient and quick, and your BitPin never expires, so you buy it now and redeem it when you like the price, anytime, anywhere!

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  • Just a few Fast Facts about Bitcoin

    1. Bitcoin transfers take between 30 seconds to 10 minutes and are very cheap or free.
    2. You control your Bitcoin. It's not on deposit with any bank or credit card company. No one can take it away from you or freeze it so you can't use it.
    3. When you make a purchase with Bitcoin no one can use the information you send to steal your money like they can with a credit card.

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  • How does Bitcoin work?

    Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not belong to any country or government. It's now a regulated currency in Canada, which means that anyone dealing with Bitcoin has to follow rules just like a bank. It's used like any other currency accept that it has no physical form. Not all merchants accept Bitcoin yet, but many do, and that number is growing every day. Check out our tips at

    the bottom of the page to learn about using Bitcoin!

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  • Ready to buy Bitcoin?

    You can buy Bitcoin at any retailer displaying the BitPin sign. If you don't see a sign, be sure to check with the merchant anyway just in case.
    Download our app, register and add your wallets.Once you're ready to go:
    1. Buy a BitPiN
    2. Login to the App
    3. Enter your PIN and accept the quote
    4. Enjoy your Bitcoin!


Buy a BitPin at your local retailer, and redeem it when you're ready, anytime, anywhere using our mobile app.Enter your BitPin when prompted and confirm your purchase and voila, you have Bitcoin!

User Friendly

Registration is fast. You can add your favorite wallet, or multiple wallets and use a different one every time. It's just easy.

Fast and Secure

Why buy online using your credit card and risk having your information stolen when you can buy a BitPin at your locat retailer. It's fast, easy and secure!

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Manage Your Bitcoin on the Go

Buy a BitPin and redeem it when the price is right.

Download for Android (404) 555-8395 5089846483

Retailers - Why sell Bitpin?

Increase your revenue without increasing your costs.
Attract new customers to your store

The demand for Bitcoin is increasing daily. Be among the first retailers to offer this great new product and increase your customer base overnight! Just fill out the form below and we'll give you a call and get you started!

  • Quick Tips for New Bitcoin Users

    1)Get a wallet with a password. (Not all make you use one)

    2)Store your wallet info securely.

    3)Secure your BitPin until you're ready to redeem it. Treat it like cash.

    4)If you're just in it for the money, buy low and sell high!

    5) The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is using BitPins. Really. We're not just saying that because we created it :)

  • Information for Retailers

    1)BitPin is in high demand these days and customers would rather buy locally so they don't have to put their credit card information online.

    2)BitPin can be distributed on your existing terminal that distributes cell phone top up cards. If you don't currently sell top up cards, we can help with that too!

    3)Selling BitPin is the same as any other top up card. No special training or equipment required.