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Grab a book, grab a beer, grab some wine and grab a blanket, because tonight, the snuggles are for you! is a dating website that emphasizes on the closeness in relationships. We believe that a hug and a cuddle is as important if not more than saying I love you. Actions speak louder than words and embracing the person you love reaffirms that love in ways words cannot. is here to offer you a way to meet like-minded people with the same goal in mind. Finding someone to cuddle up with at the end of a long day and relax!

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Well, you're missing a lot! You are missing an incredible opportunity to find and meet sexy and interesting people! With the internet at your finger tips, all you have to do is sign up to and start sending out messages! It really is that simple! Just fill out the form and you're in! We like to take a hard thing like dating, simplify it, take out all the strings attached and stigma, then turn it into an easy to do process where you can just pick and choose people you like, send a message and see if you match!


Our members have wonderful things to say about us. We like to let the public know just how wonderful it is inside of , however taking our word for it is not exactly the best way to do it. That is why we let you take THEIR word for it. Members who have experienced and are currently experiencing everything that has to offer them and letting us know what they think.

Out of so many members that we interviewed, these are the ones who we chose to share with you! So fill out that form and get started in finding the love of your life right here at !


Every day, I log on to and check my messages. Every day, I meet a new, interesting person who I form a bond with almost immediately and so far, I have been on multiple dates and I look forward to more!


I met Lori on . It only took a few messages to get her phone number and that was it! I had a date and after a couple more, we became official! Thank you so much!


I was so sick of going out on dates with jerks and people who were just not very nice. So far, my experience on has been nothing but positive! I have a date lined up for this week that is very promising!


I had been dating a guy for five years, but after that fell apart, I didin't think I could ever date again. It wasn't until my friend signed me up to that I was able to see that there were nice guys out there for me!