Everything militated against his success.


She dirtied a sheet.

I met her here.

Hartmann injured her back playing tennis.

What are Americans overlooking?

It's been a rough week.


I worry about my future.

His face reminded me of one of my friends in my senior high school days.

Despite my related ancestry, I'm not interested in Judaism.

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I know for a fact Tharen had nothing to do with this.

You're exactly right.

I have a good crew.

It's great to be here in Boston.

If you like seafood, you've come to the right place!


Is Rajesh ready to go?

He had a crush on his Chinese teacher; but what with all the hormones, he had a crush on just about everyone.

From childhood I dreamed of being a pastry cook.

We really don't have a choice.

Speak quietly lest she should hear us.

When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.

Rathnakumar has been accused of bribery.

I didn't see a doctor last year.

He put himself to much trouble on my behalf.

I was afraid you were going to say that.

The strength of the firm is attributed to its future-oriented strategy.

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The key combination ctrl-Z reverts your changes.


It's difficult to help people who don't believe they need help.


The higher classes constitute the mind of the single large whole of humanity; the lower classes constitute its limbs; the former are the thinking and designing part, the latter the executive part.

Patrice must've told Barbara about what happened.

I thought Gypsy was just a musician.


My father supplies me with my school expenses every month.


There was a high wall about the garden.

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They are both awful.

Is it the right place to sign up for foreign language courses?

The lighthouse was beaming forth rays of light.

I'd like to know how Dalton got there.

Prior to the Second World War, World War I was referred to as the Great War.

El Carnicero harvests organs and disposes of bodies for a living, working in the shadows, unlike many of his associates.

No further details were available.


Barry looked through the hole in the wall.


It's a little expensive for lunch, but the taste matches the price.

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The wind is howling.

She comes from a bourgeois background.

I did that last year.

The progress of civilization is very rapid.

I really love watching anime and reading manga

You should not think little of this result.

You have only to sit quietly with your hands folded in your lap.

Now don't you feel stupid?

That looks familiar.


Earle asked Daniele to come to Boston.

Between you and me, he's a shallow thinker.

It goes against the grain with me.

The accident was due to the negligence of the caretaker.

You're here where you belong.

I went there out of curiosity.

I was forced to lie.

Where could Sorrel possibly be?

Last night, I listened to radio.

I need to convince people to help us.

You're silly, sometimes!

Merat has never lived anywhere except Boston.

Do you recognize any of those men?

Where's the package?

That would really make Wade happy.

On entering the barn, he found a missing bike.

He is far from poor, in fact he has a lot of money.


John should have paid Eduardo.

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We could do with Mahesh's help. Could you work on him a bit?

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Which is your favourite website?

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The dominance of English kills the European debate.

She was pleased to hear that.

Here is our answer to your fax message dated April 1st.

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Mike always remains calm.

You know who I mean.

We just gave up too soon.


His behavior was anything but polite.

Cole was teleported to another planet.

This book is a result of his enthusiastic research.

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I'm going for oranges to the fruit store.

Kriton asked Damon why she was so scared.

3 times 5 is 15.


Then the prince took Elsa on his horse, and rode with her to the town, where the old king received her graciously.

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Please read my reply carefully.

I know they're both happy.

How did you get Mat to marry you?

You've got to stop, Benjamin.

These colors aren't enough.

Lawrence and Carole didn't like each other.

Mr. Wall put off going to the dentist's.

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Our company makes use of the Internet.

I'm fairly certain Sir doesn't know how to speak French.

How many animals of each species were there on Moses' ark?

Patricio is back with his ex.

Jim will be away for at least a week.

You look exhausted, mate. I think you need to take a break from writing.

That's what she said.

I've met them.

He shouldn't have blown a fuse.

He is on good terms with his classmates.

Revenge is a dish which is best served cold.

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The waves sprayed the rocks with water.


It is not her ability, but her character that is at issue.

I don't understand what all of the fuss is about.

Are you well prepared for today's exam?

Grace put a bunch of letters on Sjouke's desk.

A camel can store a large amount of water in the hump on its back.


The prisoner is in chains.

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Leave the room immediately.

I can't bear to tramp ten miles in this heat.

There is a radio on the table.

He put his eye to a telescope.

It's good if you can sing.

Oliver is very passionate, isn't he?

Of all people, he deserves to be paid better.


I have many Esperanto friends.

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The store is also open at night.


There was a lot of snow last year.

I'll send a letter to my mother.

Our project failed.

I'm tired of eating the same thing every day.

I'll wait until four o'clock.


Most of the consonants are pronounced like those in English.

Do you think you could help?

I regret what I said.

That's your loss.

They were terribly upset.


I need a new pair of shoes.

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I've lived most of my life in the plains where trees and hills are scarce.

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No one can foresee how that result will turn out.

Courtney wished to be left alone.

Sherman understands Pradeep.

You're wasting both of our time.

We all stuck together.

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He was about to achieve great plans.

Wool is warm.

I think Francis can help us.

Look after yourself.

The village is now very different from what it was ten years ago.

Kevin was brought up by his aunt in the country.

Luckily, nobody was killed in the fire.


When he saw my new haircut, he looked at me with eyes as big as an anime character's.

I think otherwise.

The boys have found a coin.

Look after the place while we're out, OK?

Step off the train all alone at dawn.

Why is Barbra blaming us?

I intend to give this to you.

He lives on the floor above mine.

We'll wait until it's dark.

You got here late, didn't you?

As far as I know, there is no such function.

A parasol is used during the summertime to shade the face.

We agree with him.

You didn't listen.

Jean doesn't like girls like Gunter.


I know how to set a trap.

"Have you ever played football?" "Yes, but I haven't played in a while."

I'm relieving you of duty.

It's gotten better.

This is familiar.