I really like your sweater.

I'm in the other ambulance!

Rosa Parks was arrested.

Is the warrior burning the house?

I'm a woman.

Social securities are not something that should be trifled with.

It was planned.

When you swallow a dangerous substance, what you need to do depends on what you swallowed.

Sherman told Jamie to do it immediately.

The boy took the radio apart.

This caused most of the local bath-houses to fall on hard times.

At the outset of the long voyage I was seasick, but I gradually began to get my sea legs.

I told you I locked the door.

I slept with my clothes on.


Never cackle till your egg is laid.

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The job would be difficult.

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You can't really expect Shari to change.

I have plenty of friends.

You sound just like her.

Guido is not very good at keeping secrets.

He caught hold of a rope and saved himself.


He had no chance to visit us.

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I hate sand.


A septic tank should not be confused with a well.

I owe her money.

Is the cat on the chair or under the chair?

Are you sure you want to leave without saying goodbye?

I'll do this, with or without you.

He was nearly killed after being run over by a car.

Jefferson was a happy president in those early days of 1801.


It was a nice surprise.

You might just see Donnie, too.

Allen became obsessed with Pedro.


Nobody ever comes here in the morning.


Let's go see her now.


Just tell me, how much does a ticket cost?

When will you come home?

Leith made a complete fool of himself.

The bandits made a raid on the village.

Why don't we go somewhere together?

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All the old men in our village have long beards.


When the cat's away the mice will play.

Randall told Cyrus to wait a minute.

They hoped to sell the stocks at even higher prices.

She learned English with great eagerness.

This is inauspicious.

Riding in a Ferris wheel is my favorite thing to do.

You heard from him?

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Never have I heard him complaining about his meals.

He gave me a promise to come back soon.

Herve was invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

He looked at historically famous locations.

She looked at her cell phone and noticed that it was already a quarter till two.

When do you plan to do that?

We wanted to go back to Boston.


He comes here almost every day.

Son handed Miek a book.

I don't have money, but I have dreams.


Leonard and Jeff have been dating for three months.

Someone famous said that imagination is more important than intelligence.

We are flexible.


You told Slartibartfast how to do it, right?

Tammy and Tobias raised three children.

Death preferable to shame.

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I knew it was unhealthy.


I think I may have a picture of Dalton I can show you.

The car raced past the farm.

Take as many peaches as you like.

Nhan said that he wanted me to give this to Reinhard.

He showed courage in the face of great danger.

Why don't we go to the mountains this weekend?

No one's suggesting that you should resign.

Can you please pour me some more wine?

I just have a lot on my mind.

Carlos wanted to run faster.

Doesn't it look like a mirror?

It's not a cat. It's a dog.

Without your advice, I would have been at a loss.

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She lives alone in the large house.


Do you want me to take care of it?


Here's your paycheck.

Have I ever asked you to work on a Sunday?

You have to choose between honor and death.

I was supposed to go to school.

She has as many books again as he.

That will suffice for now.

She went out of the room in anger.

It won't be as difficult as you think it's going to be.

I can't understand anything you're saying.

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It is said that the silversmiths of that town ate silver due to extreme poverty.

Anita wasn't feeling well.

I don't know a thing about running a business.

Give her some time.

I've got a feeling that you're going to like this movie.

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Have you read it?


And, to make the matter worse, he has taken to drinking.

Quiet! The baby is trying to sleep.

I'm feeling much better.

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I was feeling the same.

My feet started sticking in the muddy street. I nearly fell down.

There is a fine line between speech that is terse and to the point and speech that is too abrupt.

We usually speak to each other in French.

I wasn't even there that night.

Mike told me that he wasn't scared of snakes.

He shouted to us to come.


I thought you lived on Park Street.

I said I didn't know Jochen.

They are struggling for freedom.

This teenage pop star has been described as androgynous.

Sandeep, are you listening?


Your hat's on backwards.


No one has the right to tell me who I can and can't love.

History develops through the replacement of the old by the new.

What country were you born in?

Mitch lives on the same floor as I do.

Cliff was wearing a sweater.

We don't know anything for sure yet.

At least one of us is a man.

Reading is a great enjoyment to him.

Christopher Columbus demanded that an entire "Columbus Week" be set aside to celebrate his glory, but in the end only got a day, and only in the United States.

Science brought about many changes in our lives.

By the time I arrived, he had already left.

I really do like you a lot.

Six of them are burning.


Jianyun looked as if he was about to burst out crying at any time.


Rise and shine, Johnny.

I take it you've seen the news.

Is Brian your daughter?

Jon had his ear pressed to the door, trying to hear what was going on in the next room.

It's a good time to catch up with old friends.

My guess is that Kristian isn't having much fun.

I wonder why Sunil didn't talk to Nancy.

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Please stop singing!


I'm not very disappointed.

I can't figure out why she didn't come.

Have you had any luck yet?

Let them leave.

Vinod's wife filed for divorce after the incident.

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Saumya is wearing bangles on his wrists.


Roxanne gazed at George in admiration.

We're happy.

All but for he are here.


Rodriguez was one of the revelations of the World Cup.

Few flowers develop into fruit.

I got up at five that morning.

Mt. Fuji is a beautiful sight at sunset.

I make my own rules.

Who wears the pants in your family?

Do you remember what I told you the last time we met?


I love both my daughter and my son.

It's an indisputable matter.

Before I start doing small talk, I'd rather not talk at all.

It is difficult to give up a long love suddenly.

Contraception is cheaper than pregnancy.

Something very similar happened to me!

Don't be such a pessimist.

You look relieved.

Somebody must have seen something.

That's what it's really worth.

Turn on CNN.

Tonight we are going to hear an address by our chairman.

It seemed like a fairy tale.

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I took it for granted that you would attend the meeting.