None of them have wives.

Axel is extremely dangerous.

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I'm taking French this semester.

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Daniele is a ballerina.

We're a family and we love each other.

Don't forget about me!

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I like that person.

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I shouldn't have asked that.

I want to know where she went.

I'd like to spend a few moments with Jeffrey alone.

Florian is scheduled to be sentenced on October 20th.

The mayor manifested his discontent with the new plan.

Time is the most precious thing of all.

Stan followed us.

He is jealous.

These are the trees on the leaves of which silkworms live.

I'm going to go buy a ticket, so please watch my bags for a minute.

An accident is an inevitable occurrence due to the action of immutable natural laws.

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The difference in their ages is six years.

Jennie is the man on the left.

Is this your phone?

Not every citizen of Russia is Russian.

You need to stop this kind of behavior right away.

Your life may be in danger.

I want to talk to Jeannette privately.

Have you ever met them?

My mother has it in for me.


She held out her hand.

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Albert threw a pillow at me.


Tigger grabbed his umbrella and headed for the elevator.

Roll up your sleeve, please.

Marnix can't work.

I generally don't make mistakes.

It's not even a little bit cheap, it's extremely expensive!

There is no telling how long their quarrel will last.

Len was unscrupulous.


No thinks I'm jealous.

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Boston was a lot colder than I expected.

Vice would forgive you.

I had no school today, so I spent the whole day at home watching TV.

I'm very much in favor of cutting taxes.

No one can have three different birth dates.

"Who baked the cakes?" "Alessandre baked them."

I suppose I'm just being stupid.

The boss had to advance him some money.

I'm afraid something's gone terribly wrong.


We expect much of him.

They sell things very cheap in this store.

I used to work at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

I'm so happy you like Rodent.

I had my fortune told.


I remember a time when we could tell each other anything.

Now hurry up and write your goddamn paper!

Back at their home in the pine tree, Echo's mother told him a story.

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He made many excuses for being late.

The police officer wore a bulletproof vest.

Of the remaining words on the list, five are nouns.

Olof had something to do.

Ravi can both sing and dance.

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Archie seems pretty happy.

Let's not eat at that restaurant.

Are you from a planet solely populated by women?


The anti-smoking law is just, in my opinion.

The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear.

Siping is part of the problem.

She is hard up for money.

A miracle has happened! Harris is completely healthy, and there's no more trace of the disease!

They're locked in.

Cyrus was unfriendly.

I can't bring myself to help him.

Frances seemed busier than usual.

He is just pulling your leg.

Casey didn't suffer from vertigo.

Come on up to my office.

I'm thinking about changing my supplier.


We took an examination in math last week.


Jane was waiting for Lorraine.

There was no point in additionally burdening her with this painful news.

I'm really looking forward to tonight's concert.

I don't know her name, but I do know her by sight.

What exactly does Marilyn have in mind?


I have ears and eyes where nobody has them.

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I won't touch a thing.

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Does it work for anyone else?

I had to think about the problem for quite a while before I saw daylight.

I must find out who is behind this.

I think it sounds good.

Everything is working.

Dan is a brave man. He's not afraid of neighborhood bullies like you.

Denis says he's feeling better today.


He darkened the room.

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Clem's maiden name is Jackson.


This will go down in history as the greatest event that has ever taken place.


Olof asked me if he could see my driver's license.

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Don't take it personal.

The conference will take place in Tokyo.

We dodged a bullet on that one.

He loves him.

Butler had a meteoric rise to fame.

Gail took his key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

Honzo is terrible at math.

You're fired.

Timothy and Anne are arguing about something.

SCOTT Inc.'s stocks are blue chip stocks.

The more you study, the more you know.

Where do you live, exactly?

Brender pretended to be sick, so he wouldn't have to go to school.

There's nothing you can say that'll change my mind.

Baseball is a popular sport in several Latin American countries.

I am neighing like a horse.

That isn't the same thing.

I'm sorry I ruined your party.

He glanced at the noisy child with a sour expression.

Where have we gone wrong?

I went fishing again last weekend.

Winnie set off at four o'clock in the morning.

His monthly salary is no less than 500,000 yen.

"We have a lot of things do to." "Such as?"

It's surprising that she doesn't know anything about it.


This swan is black.

That makes perfect sense.

I have a friend whose father is a famous actor.


"Were you friends with Naresh in high school?" "Not exactly."

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My watch must be slow.


The flower needs watering. The leaves are already wilted.

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I had lunch with him.

There are four seasons in this country.

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.


I am a libertarian.

You're so very serious.

Alex pulled out some ID.

Morton said that's very uncommon.

Lindsay beat me at darts.

I thought that I did not need to give an explanation.

The cows seem happy.


Love does not forgive.

This restaurant can't be matched for good service.

Am I really that overweight?

Did you know that he bought a condominium?

What's it all mean?

How about giving me a promotion from just-a-friend to boyfriend?

I have backstage passes for Suresh's concert!

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Dan wasn't even born when Linda graduated.


They offered me the job.

I can't do this now.

Stop taking pictures. You look like a tourist.

You should've apologized to Isaac for what you did.

You have great potential.


You shouldn't play with knives.

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I'm not sure of it either.


We are used to wearing shoes.

Did Toufic tell you the name of his horse?

She is always right.

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I bought an eight-acre farm for my retirement.

That's a hair-raising thought.

I ate a hamburger at McDonald's.

Come from India.

Leith is as pretty as her sister.

I'm very angry.

Who is he to tell me what to do?

I like walking.

He is always being a nuisance.