I'm still not used to it yet.

Pratt unbuckled his seatbelt.

I don't understand your point.

There would be no New China without the communist party.


Donna has had an incredible run of luck.


I put a brick on top of the rubbish bin so the wind wouldn't tear it open.

Why did you tell Tomas to do it?

Dani is sitting by the window.

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Irving did a great job tonight.

Juliet had a concussion.

She crossed my name off the list but not yours.

I'm sure Ronni told you Oliver wanted to come to the party, too.

I don't know the reason for this.

They like stories.

I'm almost finished.


We're just finishing up.

I don't know when the prices will change.

Blotting paper absorbs ink.

I'm only interested in finding out the truth.

She wasn't looking for love.

My head is swimming, so I'll try writing any-old stuff without any deep thought.

Today, I have a good appetite.

Sedovic couldn't rest.

Where did you cook them?

Where did you wear them?

Don't go to extremes.

He received more than six million votes.

This is my problem and I'll deal with it.


You really are quite a skillful investigator.


The situation has become hopeless.

I wanted to run away with Ninja.

I'm going to Berlin to visit my friend.


The police are going to eventually catch you.

They relaxed on the beach.

I didn't realize Mott lives here.

Pedro is a conservative.

Won't you change your mind?

I as well as you am to blame.

Jose has only had one girlfriend.

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Is Hohn related to Clarence?

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I'd like to have her teeth straightened.

Doyle said he didn't feel pain right away.

Your opinion matters to me.


One learns by experience.


Something terrible has happened.

Jiri was kind enough to help me.

It's dangerous to go outside right now.

The men, the women, the boys, and the girls are people.

A new means of communication was developed ???the railway.

Jennie crouched down behind a tree.

You're very funny.

Ning is going to take care of it.

We often hear French being spoken here.

I'm convinced he's innocent.

Josh's proposal was denied.

Grant and Sid were there, too.

I had a fancy that I could see him approaching.

The other one refuses to hide.

Herbert brought Petr a drink.

There's nothing left to eat.

His views were too conservative for people to accept.

There's another way out.

Maybe that wouldn't be appropriate. You see, I don't work here.

I've already spoken to him.

Estonia is called "Eesti" in Estonian.

She pointed out the mistakes I had made.

I think that's where Kiki is now.

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I don't even know if Stanly has a girlfriend or not.

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The United States of America has several divisions. It is first separated into the fifty states. Each state is then broken up into counties or parishes. Each county or parish is divided into towns or townships. These towns or townships contain the villages and cities.

Every time I see you, I think of your father.

Everyone was satisfied.

This problem is too difficult for me to solve.

He isn't a man to take a bribe.

He gave up his attempt once and for all.

I doubt very seriously that Darin would ever do that.


Shouldn't we ask Blaine?

Japan has produced more cars than ever this year.

Wow, that's a big clock! Yes, it's a grandfather clock.

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Antony is pretty dependable, isn't he?

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Do you serve any sugar-free beverages?

Can I see a copy of the rules?

You may not like it.


They could not help shuddering when they found a dead body in the wood.

Don't let them get you down.

I was in Kyoto twice.

That probably wouldn't be too hard to do.

I'd heard she was too far out for most people.


Did you take the clothes out of the washing machine?

Here's a list of the people who'll be here today.

Frogs turn into princes only in fairy tales.


It wasn't that different.


He sat reading a book.


If the thunder isn't roaring, the peasant won't cross himself.

The man began to take off his hat, glasses and mask.

Hang on a sec.

Do you want to talk about the affair?

Knudsen needs to learn more about that problem.


I figured Surya wouldn't know the answer.


I fucked your mother.

I needed your help on something, but I couldn't find you.

After every big snowfall, the students trudge through deep snow to school.

Jeffery suggests to Marie that he goes shopping while she watches the children.

They each have half a dozen grandchildren, but Paula has more granddaughters, as Mikael has only grandsons.


Her health has been declining these past few months.

Was that an insult?

What time do you usually eat lunch?

She's been shot!

How is livelihood in America these day?

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For anybody coming to see us in Dublin, here is the Facebook event page!

They were very hungry.

Come and give me a kiss.


Jesus doesn't want to be late.


That's a very good question. I'm glad you asked it.


My father left me a large fortune.

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Albert Einstein once said: "Esperanto is the best solution to the idea of an international language".


I appreciate your interest.

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Howard is engaged to Bradley's younger sister.

Was Joe working yesterday?

Sedovic fractured his wrist.

The last time I called him, he was out.

How do you like your coffee?

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It seemed to me best to try to attain safety in this way.

Says the legend that there are diamonds in the region.

Which is more common?


When I woke up, no-one was at home, and I was abandoned all day.

Tatoeba Day starts now!

She was a girl with golden hair.

Gene and I had a very interesting conversation this morning.

Marguerite was elated.

Why are they laughing?

She is grieved at her husband's death.

Life will already be over before you know it.

Who is this lady?


You really hit the jackpot with this guy!

If you buy me an ice cream, I'll give you a kiss.

There are sparks flying out of the electric socket.

It has been too long.

Have you been a bad boy?


They were agog to hear the latest news.

My soul is in the sky.

I think Amy's grandmother is too old to wear a miniskirt.

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Is there something you're hiding?

The laundry room is in the basement.

He looked miserable.

I still respect them.

All the old men in our village have long beards.

I won't answer any more questions right now.

He made speeches to many groups.

I'm dying to learn more about you.

I want to be with you.

I still don't feel safe.

He likes to travel abroad.

I think I'm going to break up with Ellen.

There's nowhere you can hide.

I'd be almost there by now if I'd left right after breakfast.

Jesus Christ converted to Buddhism.


Does your school have a baseball team?

Several people have been accused of breaking the law.

The bar-mitzvah party was cancelled due to illness.

I hate the guy who lives next door.

When yelling doesn't work, yell louder!

This study grant was given to me by the departmental council.

Please just get here.