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Jos isn't going to care.


When Dan realized what happened, it was too late.

Kees could not stop looking at the picture of Sleeping Beauty that Guido had drawn.

Have you ever had a narrow escape?


This plastic chair is very cheap.

I enjoy traveling.

Have you ever kissed a boy before?

He is a man of power.

It is not going to rain this evening.

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We realized that today.

They come in various shapes.

Shean doesn't often listen to music.

I've got my guitar in the trunk of my car.

The garden was larger than I had expected.

German men are sexist.

That isn't Irwin's only problem.

I knew that I was being watched.

It was in the paper this morning.


What would you advise me to do?

What hotel are you staying at?

She waited until the water boiled before making the tea with it.

Welcome back, Christophe. We've missed you.

Okay, let's go.


The baby seems to be sleeping soundly.


The children played with magnets.

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Hum baby to sleep.

Give me the same, please.

Clem is very upset by what happened.

Just tell Raanan what you want.

Phil is the man for the job.


Don't ever underestimate him.

We intended to stay there about two weeks.

The cherry blossoms will come out earlier than usual.

Is everything OK with her?

You didn't need to tell me that.

Wayne says he doesn't remember my name.

Talk is cheap, but thought is free.

Hartmann knows he won't get in trouble.

I think we're to blame.

Jussi has long blond hair and blue eyes.

Derek hid things from me.


Perry was sitting in front of a group of children, telling them a story.

Herb is impatient to see you.

Nathan had some fun.

You need only give the word.

That's an unusual name.

I didn't want to believe it myself.

I doubt your good sense.

I just did what Gerard told me to do.

Lindsay walked upstairs.

Grow cucumbers and make good use of them.

It will only get better.

The didn't even apologize.

He should have finished his work by now.


Such employments as warfare, politics, public worship, and public merrymaking, are felt, in the popular apprehension, to differ intrinsically from the labour that has to do with elaborating the material means of life.


Randell is a bright guy.

I am now learning Esperanto.

The same thing happened in Boston.

I asked him about the accident.

It was five days after she graduated that my daughter left Osaka Airport for Germany.

The woman glared at us.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

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When I was your age, I had to walk to school.

Those who know nothing but the countryside have no sense of countryside, and those who have not set foot outside the city do not know what a city really is.

What's all that noise? What's going on?

You look healthy.

There are so many things to tell you that I don't know where to start.

I'm sorry, but can't answer right away.

Eliot was visibly disappointed.

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You can't really control who you'll fall in love with.

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You won't remember any of this in a couple of years.

The office is flooded with fan letters for him.

I'm going to go to law school.


We hate getting up early in the morning.

Do you want to go fishing tomorrow?

Come here before seven o'clock.


In my estimation, he is an honest man.


Police are trained to use weapons.

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We'll see each other next week.

Steven shared his soup with me.

He told me where to shop.

A boxer regained his consciousness ten minutes after he was knocked-out.

The vuvuzelas have a very agreeable sound.


He asked me to go to bed early.

Maarten doesn't have to stay home today.

I've been here nearly three months now.

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This is mine, and this is yours.

Why would anyone want to kiss me?

Are we supposed to help them?

Russell is much closer to her father than she is to her mother.

The cat is on the table.

The purpose of the meeting is to make a plan for a new product prior to the Product Development Meeting in January.

Have you been having problems with Skeeter?


I know what I'm dealing with.

He will follow you.

He did nothing but read newspapers.


I would like to improve my French but I really have no time.

I worked hard last month.

You may take either of the glasses.

They carry firearms.

I'll be home tonight.

My hand is in warm water.

I like your dress so much I wish there was an 'I like' button I could press.

There's no need for you to do that now.

Another day is just beginning.

Chen is not American.

He hopes that his group succeeds.

I'll show you how this game is played.

I used my imagination.

I had to defend myself.

Opposites attract.

Japan came under American pressure to open its financial market.

Roberto left this morning.

We talked about everything we could think about.

Starbuck seems to be in charge.


Belief in miracles is popular.


She sat still for fear of waking the baby.

I thought it'd be a lot of fun.

That bridge is made of stone.


Pull the curtain back.

I needed that job.

On the contrary, you speak English very well, indeed!

Axel isn't as bad as Luke thinks he is.

Kirsten is going to kill me.

It's a nice change.

My wife doesn't seem to like even her own children.

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I'm surprised by No's response.


I asked her to come with me.

He makes a face.

He got off at the next stop.

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I don't play tennis as well as I used to.

What will Klaus think?

Life seemed to stretch before her like a dark starless night.

How did you feel afterwards?

Do you have something in mind?

Blake was not the man of my dreams.

It came as a surprise.


You'll never truly be happy unless you are out there.

Being with her grandson always makes her happy.

There was a village near the sea.

I can't talk to Suu right now.

He had no intention of assisting my job.

Women seem to like Neal.

Stay away from the window.

It's the hardest thing I have ever done.

She asked about you.

More than 75% of them fear that technology impoverishes the traditional French language.

Would you like to go out sometime?

I don't want you to panic.

This TV is made in Korea.


We're still short on cash.

They still supported him and his policies.

I said sit down.

My son is playing in the rain.

Show me where it happened.

Tell me what you ate for lunch.

We gave them food.

I don't know anything about that.

Stupidity is the relaxation of intelligence.

Judge is wrong about that.

They gave in to my opinion.

Her father entered the room.

I had a meal.

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It's been two years since I saw him last.

She held a rope.

Jake quickly threw the ball in to his teammate.


You two make such an attractive couple.