Knudsen promised not to tell anyone.

You shouldn't have threatened Janos.

She decided to quit her job.

He earns his living by playing the piano.


Dwayne made a number of mistakes on her test.

Pull the plug.

They used tools similar to those used there.


He lost no time coming back.

I won't be coerced.

The painter produces many fine works of art.


We were told to shoot to kill.

Pierce is psyched.

He was playing with a toy.

He used a fake I.D.

How much does the kilo of onions cost?

Linley has been sick for a week.

Damone doesn't even know my name.


Marie is domineering, isn't he?

Don't skip classes, okay?

If Tyler didn't want to be here, he would not have come.

I'd like to go on another cruise.

We should always be fully prepared for an earthquake.

Let's do this again. It's been a lot of fun.

It was no big deal, really.

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I am my own worst critic.

Movie making is an exciting job.

I should like to introduce to you the gentleman I spoke of the other day.

Franklin has no chance, right?

Could you give this to him?

They didn't speak English very well.

Stop using my stuff.

What were your favourite subjects at school?

Is there any space for my luggage?

Which one of you was here first?

This is my ship.

He took a taxi in order not to miss the train.

We're too busy to attend to such detail.


Journalism is the first rough draft of history.

We know this.

How do you intend to do it?

Ernst wasn't flirting.

Will you let me use your telephone, please?


His indignation got the better of him.


I scraped my knee.

Behave yourself, and you'll get something nice.

The boy spends hours drawing short stories about superheroes.

The cave did for our hiding place.

He was in a mood of depression.

There are a lot of beautiful songs on these records.

This house will rent easily.

Kiki cheats.

Chuck told me you'd stop by.


I made twenty blurry shots to have one almost correct!


He would not listen to my advice.


Curt is giving out flowers.

Sanity didn't commit the crime he's been accused of.

She told me to meet her at her house.

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Her complaints never cease.

It would be fun to make some crepes in the office.

I knew Kevan had done it.

We have walked all around the lake.

I have to cut the wood.

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These customs used to prevail all over Japan.

The 1959 movie "On the Beach" was based on Nevil Shute's 1957 novel of the same name.

Make four mini-dialogs with the phrases in the list.


Pete ought to be allowed to go to Beth's party.

The wouldn't let Jwahar kiss her.

What is your area of expertise?

I plan to go abroad as soon as I graduate.

It's in the cards for her to buy a car soon.


They will never accept; it's too far.

Please return to your seats.

Amy raised his voice.

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There's a time for everything.

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To tell the truth, I think you are wrong.


They liked Victor.

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He has a burning desire to become famous.

A car, you say! He can't even afford to buy a sack of onions.

From the rotten seed comes to us the nutritious fruit.

I try not to worry about you.

She put clean sheets on the bed.

Everyone can feed the database to illustrate new vocabulary.

It's finally here.

She spoke in a querulous voice.

This chair is very comfortable.

My whole body feels heavy.

I would have paid my debts if I had had money.


You're going to need a push.

Don't arrive late at the railroad station.

This is the best news we've heard so far.

She continued writing in her diary until she died.

What was the last really difficult thing you had to do?

He has no interests, apart from his work.

I'd like to be able to tell Christofer that he has nothing to worry about.

How long have you been in Kushiro?

At present the Unites States have decided to go it alone.


I usually have dessert after dinner.

You might as well stay at home as go to America.

He was engaged in a long argument.

I can't make him happy.

Vistlik asked her if she was Horst.

Charles and Chet moved to Boston.

I know that now, obviously, everyone expects me to tell something about my trip.

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Are you going to come?

Give me your honest opinion.

I saw it in a magazine.

When half of the Moon's disc is illuminated, we call it the first quarter moon. This name comes from the fact that the Moon is now one-quarter of the way through the lunar month.

Speak slowly!

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You'd better change your eating habits.

I'm saving them for my grandchildren.

That's what I thought, too.

The thief ran quickly.

The dog is jumping.

I'm sure I lost at least 3 kilos this week.

That's quite interesting.

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There's nothing down there.

I do remember meeting you before.

The robbers fell on him from behind the trees.


They worked to help people.


The navy was ordered to go to sea.

The nurse looked after the babies.

I am fed up with imperfect people, so I've decided to isolate myself for a while.

Christian might still change his mind.

As soon as I find it, I'll bring it over to your place.

I see no reason to tell Knudsen anything.

If Byron hadn't helped Kikki, she wouldn't have stood a chance of surviving.


Do you have any red pencils?

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Don't be so foolish as to go with him.

We talked about lots of things.

Its origin is unknown.

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Which is the best government? That which teaches us to govern ourselves.

Elisabeth needs to help Sally more than he does.

My Chinese isn't very good.

Jitendra said he was going to stay up all night long.

I've been making decisions all day.

I was in Boston in October.

He speaks Chinese very well.

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I was startled when I saw him.

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Are you nuts?


You've got to make sure Seenu isn't late for school again.

His actions confuse me.

We don't have any more bread.

I don't mind a bit of hard work.

The children should go outside and play.


I don't want her to take over.


I'd like to make it clear that I will not change my mind.

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I don't work there anymore.


We couldn't figure it out.

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No one can match him at tennis.

This is getting difficult.

You can't have understood what he said.


Tomorrow we leave for Stockholm!

Grace couldn't explain why.

How do you prove that?

I'm not going to turn him in.

That would've been smart.


I swam toward the shore.

I'm glad to see you back.

We caught her.


You had better cut down your living expenses.