We have other plans for them.

That's just fine.


Try getting a dog, a cat or a chicken.

I hear you've been hanging around with Blaine.

Sometimes you can't sleep at all.

I believe I fell in love!

This isn't like you.

I'm not wearing that.

Pat doesn't know how to have a good time.

You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

I don't want to be married to you anymore.

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The poor man was stretched out on the ground, unconscious.

We took the fastest train in the world from the airport to the city center.

That's what I was told.

She stood before the mirror.

When will it get better?


He got killed in an automobile accident.

How many Santas are there?

Who's that in the corner over there?


Not everyone can be a KRS-ONE.

Ask me again and I'll tell you the same thing.

Please don't call the cops.


I didn't want him to bother me.


She's intent on going to New York to study fashion.

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I want to sleep.


She plays World of Warcraft.


When will you return?

I should be studying French, but it's more fun hanging out with you guys.

I have given to my son whatever he wants.

I love your beard.

It's too cold in here for me.

Elliot quarreled with Sriram.

I felt really good.


We just have to put the finishing touches to the work, and it will be ready to be delivered.


Generally speaking, Americans are very fond of coffee.


Can you do that again?

This is only known by Obama.

Wait until I sit down.

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Dori began to miss Bobbie half-way, and turned back.


He took the trouble to show me the way to the station.

Finally a horse I picked came first.

Dan began a new friendship with Linda.

We have more work to do.

I'm afraid he will never admit his guilt.

Oh, I got it.

All you have to do is to do your best.


We must begin as we mean to go on.

I'm leaving tonight for Australia.

Skip was at Harvard the same time I was.

Give me a half-kilo of meat.

It's your birthday today, isn't it?

He didn't meet the standards.

His acts of courage brought him glory.

I know how to do it.

I heard you might be moving to Boston.

Tolerant posted a picture of his puppy on Instagram.

I like cartoons.


Herman Melville is one of my favorite writers.

That might not be so bad.

your request has been denied because you have no valid residential address

She hadn't given me her name.

As I was walking, it began to rain.

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Have you ever seen anybody do that before?


Amnesia means "loss of memory".

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I don't have money to buy a new bicycle.

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Everything is in perfect working order.

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Have you ever traveled by air?

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I can't leave them there.

Excuse me, I'm a foreigner and I don't understand Czech all that well.

Why should I lift and finger to help Starbuck?


John asked Johnnie whether she would like to go shopping in the afternoon.

Meehan seemed to like everybody and everybody seemed to like him.

Who took you to the prom?


How many people are infected?

Can I have a moment with him?

It's a calculated risk.

Everything has a purpose.

Stupidity knows no bounds.


He has a sweet voice.

The bomb blew Victor's car to smithereens.

Alcohol is the answer. I can't remember the question.

Linda really likes chocolate.

I just want to get home safe and sound.


Will you accompany me?

I probably shouldn't have eaten that.

They'll probably be able to cope with the difficulties.

It feels really good.

I'm not the only one who's hungry.


I don't have enemies.

According to the "ahl al-haqq" the universe consists of only one substance, and all what we name generations and corruptions, death and life, is a mere combination or dissolution of modes.

I was too surprised to speak.

The sisters hate each other.

I look forward to your comments on the report.

Rand has meetings all day on Mondays.

My father gave me a game.

These books are ours.

I bet you're talking about Barbra.


I really like this book but I guess it is worlds apart from what the real situation is.

Childhood is a period of rapid growth.

What's the reason for this?

I believe that she is honest.

They can add something if they wish.

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I'm glad No did that.

I'm quite sure they don't know what they are singing about.

I think we shouldn't get involved.


I didn't eat anything.

I'm scared of heights.

The cabin attendant is good at flattery.

Even though it's small, it's still my apartment.

I'm sorry, madam. There must be some mistake.

As long as it's not too much of a bother, people like to be nice to other people.

How many apple trees do you have in your orchard?

I'm not one hundred percent convinced that's true.

Stacey has had a fever for the past three days.

That's a lot of help.

Frederick no longer wished to be married.

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The train departs in five minutes.

I didn't recognize Joanne when I passed him on the road today.

Horses are bigger than dogs, but cats are smaller than dogs.

I can't believe what I just saw.

I need to hoover.

I'm at a loss to explain Margaret's absence.

The only one who has a problem is you.

When did the world come into being?

Try samba!

Whether the medicine will work or not is uncertain.

I don't miss home at all.

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This is one of the dictionaries I told you about yesterday.

This is a great way to practice.

Who cared?

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A bridge gives access to the island.

You have to go now.

He handed a note to me.

There are no less than two hundred trees in the park.

The cat jumps off the table.

Just don't say anything.

The result of the game is doubtful.

It is true that he went bankrupt.

Did you know Jussi plays the trombone?


It's disconcerting.


She comes up short.


Kenton couldn't feel a thing.

Turtles don't have teeth.

It has a great many words borrowed from foreign languages.

I feel like I'll be ready.

He is an industrious student to the best of my knowledge.


So you are back again.

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Nici keeps a pair of binoculars in the glove compartment of his car.

Emmett and Al didn't go to the dance together.

Brown is our English teacher.


Only your narrow-minded ideas are interesting.

Juha and Kriton switched places on the bench.

I became Noam's friend.

They walked up the stairs.

Get them out of here!

Naoki was poor and lived in a small cabin.

People of 65 and above get a pension from the government.

His talk bores me to death.

My car is parked across the street.


There's fuck all to do around here.