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Welcome to the Sleepy Eye Staff Internal Website. This site gives easy access to staff for commonly used links and information.

On the left we have Technology related information and a link to Moodle and on the right we have links for quick access to Infinite Campus, Timeclock, Policies and Weather Data.

Below this section you can find Tech Integration related announcements.

State Testing Training Link

Math Flipped Classroom

Want to checkout the Math Flipped Classroom project here at Sleepy Eye? Head on over to the 734-723-4973 and take a look!

Technology Integration Resources

Looking for technology integration resources? Take a look at Kara Damm's Website.  Kara is a Technology Integration Specialist for the SW/WC Service Cooperative. While your there don't forget to sign up for Digital Bytes, the monthly technology integration newsletter.

Tech Tool: Museum Box

Checkout Museum Box. You and your students can create a virtual box of items that describe an event, person, place, etc.

8638605406 to view a sample Museum Box titled "Life in the Mill".

Museum Box has also put together some good information for teachers:

(774) 207-0513

Take a look at 530-838-8272. You can use WallWisher to setup a virtual notice board for your class. You could have students use this to post links to things they have found related to the class, etc. You can set your wall so that all new posts require approval.

Checkout my demo site Un-spanish. NOTE: This demo site does not require approval for new notes. In a classroom setting we would want to use that option.