Who's that guy?

He showed us how to ride a horse.

If for some reason that happened, what would you do?

I'm the spokesperson for this organization.

How did you answer him?

I could've met you at the airport.

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Reinhard said he knew you.


There's not much difference.


He wants to talk to you.

Your French is excellent.

Contrary to my expectations, they were actually quite unpatriotic and irreverent.

The battle of Waterloo became famous.

The bus was awfully crowded.


Bernard doesn't like poker at all.

It is broiling hot.

Accommodation is in individual tents.

Nobody can disturb a true friendship.

Oil spills are bad for the environment.

I lived in Boston for many, many years.

Do you like English?

Joel and I swim together three times a week.

You may know that already.

It is OK to redistribute the unregistered trial version.

She needs a little more time.


Nobody likes rats.


I've been through a lot lately.


I'm not yet a millionaire.

You are loved and missed throughout the world, man.

It is great fun skiing on new-fallen snow.

That's a very generous offer.

This is happening too often.

We're just about finished with this job.

His old car is on its last legs.

We can give it one more try.

Winston lied on the witness stand.


It was like a bolt from the blue.

That's just what I need right now.

Roxie is awake.

Sorry, you're calling the wrong number.

The horse is a useful animal.

They know why.

Do you know how to do that?


Suddenly, Jack realized what had happened to him.

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Are your friends Portuguese or Brazilian?

I need to finish my homework.

To strive for maximization of self interest, happiness or security seems very natural for a human being.

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These apartments are designed specifically for young families.

Vilhelm and Hitoshi have always lived in Boston.

The cat was sick last week.


How much fun do you think it'll really be?

Jakob is one of my roommates.

She was so preoccupied that she was oblivious of her surroundings.

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I thought that you said you wanted to go with us.

Is the beam solid or hollow?

That's good enough.

Is your clock keeping accurate time?

I told her to quickly finish the report.

Zaragoza in Aragon, Spain is a sister city of Zamboanga City.

I was talking to Drew about what happened last night.

The rainy season has started.

That was the intent.

A lot of members assisted at the general meeting.

I can't talk to you now.

He hasn't come yet. He will certainly have missed the bus.

My arm really hurts.


I'm sick, so don't talk me about food.


Where shall I wait for you?

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He will be a Washington someday.

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The house is beautiful.

The chair is far away from the door.

Now you have an opportunity to do it.

I'll get used to it.

Can I speak to your manager?

She thanked him for all his help.

Nobody lives in this house.

Please give me a spool of white thread.

The ancients believed the earth was flat.

Everyone behave naturally!

The animals already ate enough.

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It was all our faults.

If you don't want to get married, it would be better if you didn't get married.

That's why I like Ronald.

There are many shrines in Kyoto.

You know what you must do.

We're all very excited.

We were on our way back from the rehearsals.


I'm sure Shannon understands what I mean.

My leg is still asleep.

I've got to go to the hospital.

Frances wondered who Norman had driven to the airport.

Take a walk every day.

Why don't we take them there?

Vickie threw the photos in the fire.

I did it at the last minute.

Put that down.

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She was afraid to cross the road.

Frank Sinatra was an American singer.

It's not my concern.

What do you call this animal in French?

Emma is the only one here who has never lived in Boston.

I got to know her REAL well.

One must always study.

You know you can tell me anything, right?

That doesn't mean a thing.


This morning I went to the airport in order to see my cousin off.

We have no one but ourselves to blame.

Hopefully, everyone will get well soon.


Marlena tried to look like he wasn't scared.

The government would give them food for the winter.

Are you here to negotiate?


This is a girl.


Ralf wanted to stick around for a few more days.


The monsoon season is coming.

Virtues are the vices of the majority.

After years of womanising, Mann finally settled down with Michael.

Are we mortal or immortal?

Adlai isn't available.

Sally tried to hide his surprise.

This hat is too small for me.


I don't know how long it'll take.

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He's learning English.

I don't claim that we're perfect.

I don't think the roses will bloom so soon.

He solved the difficult problem.

How dare you say such a thing to her!

It's too fast.

I don't know where.


I like women.

I wrote to her last month.

I brush my teeth every morning.

Hannibal crossed the Alps with an army.

I was sleeping when Barbara got here.

For one thing I don't have any money; for another, I don't have the time.

We will make up for the loss.

This probably means war.

I didn't even know you knew.

Who do you think will be able to help us?

I couldn't help overhear your conversation.

We agreed not to have children before the age of thirty.

It is said that he resurrected.

Nobody listens.

I'm pretty sure I can do it one way or another.

Worried, the shopkeeper ran over and kneeled beside Dima, who was breathing heavily - his forehead covered in sweat.

I was tired so I went to bed.

Oh! what wonders and splendours unfolded themselves before Elsa's astonished eyes! She thought she really must be in Heaven.

Let's meet at the station.


The works of Jorge Luis Borges were translated into more than twenty-five languages.

Did you find a partner?

Emmett and Anderson started to argue.


Vistlik didn't seem very enthusiastic.

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Would you like something larger?

The shoes match this white skirt.

The country is supported by industry.

I need some time to myself.

They wouldn't allow me to say anything at the meeting.

Look, I said no!

It's a dreary place.


He threw the ball.

We'd better wake them up.

Where do your folks live?

This shouldn't have happened.

They introduced a bill in Congress.


Do fertilizers contain phosphorus?

Our city has one third as many people as Tokyo.

The story takes place during the forties in Minas Gerais.


Gypsy is awfully calm.