I told Ti I wouldn't do what he asked me to do.

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I remember the event as vividly as if it were just yesterday.


I haven't my dictionary at hand.

Aren't you late?

It's good if you can sing.


A cup of coffee relieved me of my headache.

It was marvelous.

They all congratulated Yvonne.


I went to college with him.

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Who's been talking to you?


The spring will show who shat where.

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Thad is extremely agitated.

The earthquake has destroyed the old house.

I took him to be an honest man.

He is busy all the time.

Let us live, my Lesbia, and let us love!


Dan's son was in Linda's arms.

Tell me the truth.

What's the trouble?

My trousers are wet.

I can be persuaded.

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What is negative right and positive right?

Deirdre stared at Elric in disbelief.

What's Australia's third largest city?

My aunt had three kids.

There used to be some big trees around the pond.

You have no reason to be angry.

He came from the Northeast.

There was no need to worry.

There really was an Alice, but Wonderland is a figment of the imagination.

Don't use computer translation.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Is that necessary?

Brooke likes to take walks in the woods.


After the second glass of wine, Dorothy became talkative.


Randall was tickled pink.

I dared not go forward.

Norma refused to help Mats.


Melanie is eating an apple.


The dog wagged its tail.

Filiberto lives in a very large apartment in a city we're not familiar with.

Did anybody notice this?


He made a promise, but didn't keep his word.

I'll take it up with them.

The rich and the poor are afraid of death.


Have you caught that Unicorn yet?


He's always the first to complain.

I haven't seen him for a while.

The instructor advised me to get exercise every day.

Here is my family.

A beam of white light is split by a prism into rays of various colors.

It was for him.

What's the world's highest mountain?

A drop of sweat ran down his neck.

Doing that will be a mistake.


Francois arrived at Kenn's house in the middle of the night.

By and large, women can bear pain better than men.

Marvin will find us.

He warned you.

I've left Maria three messages.

Matthias picked up a napkin and wiped Glen's chin.

The group claimed responsibility for the bombings.

I need her now.

I'm pretty sure that they trust us.

Lloyd allowed Marla to hold his hand.

If you're seeking information about the Esperanto movement in Indonesia, please visit the webpage.

How little you know me...

He's thinking of moving in with his girlfriend.

Where is he now?

Pessimism believes in no improvement.

Our problems are nothing compared to Margot's.

I gave him an apple.


A man's will is nothing when compared to that of the heavens.

Following the docking failure of an unmanned Russian freighter to the International Space Station, its partners are considering a temporary mothballing of the station.

The park is open to everybody.

I was less than satisfied with the results.

There are a lot of fish in that lake.

It wasn't all bad.

Who did she think about?

I called him up on the phone.

If you don't know anything about computers, you're really behind the times.


This was the best-selling book last week.

They believed they were in the majority.

He was familiar with the roads of Tokyo.


Finally, their friendship ended and their close relationship disappeared.

It looks like we fell into a trap.

Have you ever seen Mechael dance?

She'll put on less next time.

I don't know what came over me in there.


That's a secret.

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We're not from around here.


They did all they could.

Oh dear! I barely heard anything.

It has been ten years since I left Japan.

That's very childish.

You have no idea!


The women whose daughter you spoke to doesn't live here.

Connie says Miriamne still needs help.

She looks odd in those clothes.

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I was in love with him once.

Robot voices are really creepy to me.

Rodent and Rafael were both smiling.

Jamie is, one might say, a professional criminal.

She is very proud of her daughter.

I heartily agree.

Why don't you just say you don't want to do it?


I don't want to dance.


I'm Paola.

It is high time I was going.

Why would Kristi lie about that?

She knows your mother very well.

It started a chain reaction.

Do you know who they are?

How much money do I owe you?

It is very important for us to know each other.

I'm feeling fine.

If Internet users are bees, who owns the beehives?

That company is managed by my older brother.

We're going for a hike later if you want to join us.

Turning to the left, you will find a coffee shop.


Steen's camera was just where he'd left it.

You can't start over.

Yes, I'm coming!

He conceded us the use of his yacht.

The building will be completed in a year.

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Our little boy is growing up.


You will not persuade me with these words.

Meehan failed to do that.

Leave me alone! I hate you!

Stop bullying.

The word has several meanings.


He is preparing for the test.

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I think he ate about 10 oysters.

Louiqa is two years senior to me.

Arthur is still afraid of Suresh.


Air and heir are homophones of each other.

When I realized it was raining, I took my umbrella.

Galileo died on January 8, 1642.


Fort Moultrie had fewer than seventy soldiers.

It should be fixed now.

Daniel said he was OK.


Reading this philosophy book is making me depressed.


Tollefsen says he can get you what you want.

If Hirotoshi's girlfriend knew he was here now, she'd be very angry.

The Sun is over 300,000 times more massive than the Earth.

I was just doing what Hal asked me to do.

Dr. Patterson: Oh, no! She was very gentle with him.

Did you consult with Lars?

She fainted but soon came to.

I've been suspended.

They're no good.


I wonder how they're going to react.

I'm going to Spain next week.

She felt like crying at the news.

Bud checked the equipment.

Kolkka seemed to be having a good time talking with Herbert.

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Ron is getting loud.


You left me in despair.

Money is the only god of the new world order.

That makes it harder.