I have to see him at 2:30.

Would you like to talk about what just happened?

The blossoms expand under the influence of the weather.


I enjoy being with Petr.


Can I use the bathroom?

There was blood on the floor.

I know what people want.


Let me tell you what I see.

Only two of my great-grandparents lived long enough for me to meet them.

Over the years my mother lied to me about so many things.


He affirmed that he saw the crash.

Barbara is Martyn's real estate agent.

I'll take care of it immediately.

I apologise for arriving late.

We are very close friends.

However hard you may study, you can't master English in a year or so.

None of the children are sitting.


He picked up a mirror and examined his tongue.

Carter dropped his cup and broke it.

Why are these teenagers laughing?


It has to be an inside job.


Let it be done at once.


This sofa takes too much room.

It's all a terrible misunderstanding.

Eyes front, please.

Hirofumi doesn't know anything about it.

Can you play that chord on the keyboard?

The dam burst owing to the heavy rain.

It is important to eliminate the social unrest.

That's not the kind of thing Mahesh would do.

Let them stay.

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Jacob wants to live in the country after he retires.

Can't we just ask Allen to leave?

I came into the room to find her watching TV.

My anus does burn.

Do you really want to go there?


Forensics officers and criminal investigations detectives continued to work at the cordoned-off unit and its surrounds.

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The sisters hate each other.

The doctor told you to stay in bed until your fever goes down, didn't he?

He was the last person I had expected to see during my stay in America.

Auctions are annoying, so I bought it instantly with a buyout.

It's a shame Ernie couldn't make it to your party.

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Are you sure you don't use machine translations?

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The vending machine had an out of order sign on it.

I love reading books that inspire us to become more than who we are.

I'm concerned about it.

How is your family name written?

What do you think Sanand would have said?

Usually I drink two cups of coffee with lunch.

Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

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We know guns.


We'll see each other tomorrow in the library.

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You cannot be too careful of traffic when you cross the road.

New Age ideas are a refreshing alternative to the staid orthodoxy of traditional Christianity.

I have to dress up.

I didn't want to upset Laurel.

Bud needed to feel safe.

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It's a difficult matter.

"Why does Urumqi have such cold weather?" "Naturally, because it's north of the Tian Shan."

The economy is getting better.

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You can't imagine it, can you?

Why did Ray leave so suddenly?

The compromise which permits a smoker to smoke in the smoking corner was born after heated discussion.

The car raised a cloud of dust.

I thought you used to live in a trailer.


The girl is eating bread.

Her help was just what the doctor ordered.

Have you already brought the cartons up to the attic?

The odds are two to one.

This is our only hope.


I had to let her win.

My sister asked me to teach her how to ski.

I've been working too much.

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Yumi plays tennis on Sunday.

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The colloquial sentences added to Tatoeba seem to be of great help to immigrants who are trying to understand why language lessons teach an entirely different language than the one that people actually speak.

You remember vividly the arrogance of that waitress. It scares you.

They flunked him in geometry.


There must be a way we can convince Pam to work for us.

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It doesn't have to end like that.


Where's the secret hiding place?

If you need some more practice, our study needs a good clean out!

I'll have none of it.


I believe he said his name was Guy.

The trees are budding early this year.

From then on, he made it a rule to put T-shirts only on mammals.

I have to be up at six.

I'll never get used to this.

The Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949.

This will be fun.

Most of us don't eat a balanced diet.

We'd better do something about this leak.

It is a notebook.

You can let go now.

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I lost track of time.

Let him have fun.

My wife is hiding something from me.


It seems that you don't like Vinod either.

I'll be more careful from now on.

He worked hard, year in, year out.


I'm pretty sure that Knudsen doesn't like me.

I don't even like Susan.

Shadow was healthy.

Liisa and Markku were panic-stricken and took to their heels.

I can't believe you've done this.

What's your favorite ethnic food?

Peek-a-boo, I can see you!

I have several silver coins.

Please, don't kill me.

I didn't have a key.

Line up the desks in the classroom.

Father had his wallet picked in the bus.

I'm not sure when he'll turn up.

There's a beautiful bridge over the pond.

Boston must be cold now.

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We don't really feel safe.


I said it was all right.

I had everything under control.

I told them to do it.


The train went through a tunnel.

Where did you finish them off?

If you want to lose weight, spend a day without meals.

In the next four years, 15 billion euros must be saved.

What's your favorite Anime?

Who's your favorite country artist?

I am unable to agree on that point.

We're trying to restrain them.

Why would she say no?

Nancy is always exaggerating.

From our point of view, his proposal is reasonable.

They work five days a week in Italy.

I advertised my car for sale.

I've never heard of that.

What does that mean for Sal?


You wanted proof, didn't you?


This movie is rated R.

YouTube videos are very meaningless.

He brushes his teeth.

Eli asked Vishal a question, but didn't bother waiting for an answer.

She cherishes the precious memories of her childhood.

Dewey made no attempt to answer the question.

Do you want some ice cream?


Women's rights are human rights.

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Let's try once more.

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She told him her age.

I prefer to work on my own.

My granddaughter has a lot of skill at taking pictures.

Ritchey was at Louis's baptism.

I need your passport and three photographs of you.

The enemy had triple our numbers.

I completely walked ten miles.


My father serves in the Foreign Ministry.

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She ignores the fact that she is at fault.


I get up at 6 o'clock every morning.

Linda will be here.

Clare didn't notice how Kiki was dressed.

I've changed it.

It was a full moon that was seen that day.

I think we should follow him.

Planets move around a fixed star.