Pascal loves you.

It was extraordinary.


We got into an accident shortly before the play.

Randall came into my office after lunch.

I still have time.

Let me do it.

I wear short-sleeve shirts in the summer.

Farmers often moonlight to supplement their incomes.

Victor said you were good at chess.

A lot of car accidents occurred last year.

Are you feeling all right?

The debate will continue.

He gets tired easily.


I'm sorry, but I can't.

It's a quotation from Don Quixote.

What would Jesus do?

I am tired from playing.

Werner heard Lucifer go upstairs.

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We will play soccer after school.


He was fired against his will.

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I'm not sure that Vilhelm knows yet.

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I'll leave it in your hands.

You'll get well soon.

I'm from Austria.

Surya doesn't think it'll snow tomorrow.

We waited.


Don't be annoying.

I didn't do what I was told to do.

I want to know more about Novo.

I have to get home.

Martin is as tall as Francesca.

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

What should I name it?

You should eat something before you go.

I don't want you to give me any money.

I saw the pictures.

In this hospital each nurse attends five patients.

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There is a yard of cloth.

I injured one.

We don't need bread to eat this dish.


Linder trusts you.

He is a plain, modest person.

I couldn't keep up with him.

Why is it called "loon"?

There are a lot of tall buildings in New York.

Did you know that Hubert couldn't speak French?

If he is tired, let him go to sleep.

Play that song again.

Sally has left us forever.

Saqib had a near death experience last summer.

You must work hard to succeed.

The child is afraid of the dark.

I admire your courage.


She is used to cooking.


I don't want you to go back to Boston.

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Andreas was shot through the heart.

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Will you drive me to the hospital?

We cannot put up with their rudeness any longer.

What's your second choice?

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Where is my Mezuzah?

The highest degree of happiness is the absence of all pain.

I must find Tao.

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Please get the clothes in before it rains.


Not only does he speak French, he can also speak English.

That makes me sick.

I thought you didn't want to come.


They breed cattle and horses.

Sanche was more skilled in Russian than English.

I haven't yet gotten used to the food here.

That was why I was late.

The time has come for goodbyes.

He was lying on the bed.

The gossip is true!

Yona Wallach had been a postmodernist two decades before the term "Postmodernism" was even conceived.

Miltos drove Leslie to the hospital.

There is no God and no Buddha.

I think I've found something.


I'm sure that Toft appreciates everything you do for him.

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Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

I was waiting for them.

I can do it right now if you want me to.

The president was elected for four years.

Cary is the only one I know that can speak French.

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The President is to make a statement tomorrow.


Kevan has just graduated from college.

Thank you very much! It's beautiful.

One swallow does not a summer make.

Syed prefers to drink dry red wine.

The scenery carried me back to my younger days.

I'll pay double the price.

Production improves by becoming more automatic.

I used to go to the baker's.

Remember me to your father.

Emmett and Jinchao never moved.

Alf kept quiet.


It'll take at least another hour to finish writing this report.

I'll handle them.

You must observe the rules of the club.

We're never going to make it.

Pat gave me this game.

Albert poured cold water over his head.

Where do you think the safest place in your house would be during a tornado?


Earnie is not well-spoken.


Until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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Let's do it for her.


Jean-Pierre is eating fondue.


I was really confused.

Do you think things would've gone differently if I'd been here?

Hurry up, the summer is almost over...


We praise the good old times, but live today.

I don't need to write it down.

Can we interview her?

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Did she say that?

Scott and Spock used to talk to each other all the time.

Dan waited on the platform.

His nephew lives in America.

If I'm late, I'll catch it.

Clem married John's widow.

Does this sound stupid?

I couldn't be happier about that.

I love this cup.

What you're doing right now is impolite.

Don't bring food inside the tent.

We have known each other since childhood.

He attributed the accident to the bad weather.

I need to go pee.

It's very pleasant to live in a beautiful city at the foot of a mountain ridge.

Please let me go and see them.

Give him the keys.


What did Valerie find?

She told her mother how he had attacked her.

Our guests are arriving.

He traded on her kindness.

You were supposed to be my friend!

Curt is a psychopath.

Panacea doesn't even try to help Terrence.

The vase that he broke is my aunt's.

Please take me home tonight.


I see him quite often.


She would often come late for school.

I slept on the couch last night.

Did you pass your examination?


The cards are stacked against us.

Does Andrea enjoy watching horror movies?

Having been written in haste, his letter was hard to read.

Taken by surprise, I could not speak a word.

"She likes music." "So do I."

What about the other one?

Morris and Dwight live in a backwater part of the country.


Change is never easy.

That was really good.

This desk is good.


Jaime has been helping me.

To my surprise, she could not answer the question.

Roger and Lorenzo have the same opinion.

Suggestions are welcome.

Everybody has to pitch in.

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What a genius he is!


I like to comb my hair with this comb.

The water came up to the bridge girder in a second.

Bungee jumping isn't as much fun as it looks.


If it's too heavy, add lightness.