I know what Gretchen and Steve are like.

You must stay in your seat.

We took every precaution.

"Could you pass me the sugar?" "Here you go."

I'm contented.

Taurus brought an umbrella.

She sniffed out his true intentions, huh.

The thief stole the jewels last night.

I'm willing to do anything to stop him.


He gave me an account of the machine.

Fastidious tastes will be most charmed with such verses as these.

I work as a consultant.

You've been wonderful.

The prisoner was given his freedom.

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Everything has its limit.

Suu is addicted to heroin.

We do that all the time.


Let's contrast spring with fall.

Please wait an hour.

The road closure was due to a flash flood.

I've been trying to figure out who Skef might have given the money to.

I thought it was a very good book.

Can I see your driver's license?

He has a claim to be called Europe's leading statesman.

Are you sure you want to live like a caveman?

He aspired to the position of Prime Minister.

Everyone here is named Clayton.

Do we have a contingency plan?

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I'm not making any problems for you.

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This is the same dictionary as I lost.

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I'll stay away from you.

Flooding has destroyed six thousand hectares of cropland.

Whomever is not with us is against us.

Vadim looks very sick.

Dan had not been dead long.

On Monday I have to take back the books to the library.

Thank you for the introduction.

We're doing all we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.

My mother gave me a pearl necklace.

The two of us work in the same office.

Julian shouldn't be here today.

Where's my computer?

I'll get back to you once I've got a handle on the situation.

Do you have better quality ones?

He is in trouble.


She adores animals.

Do you really think you can get away with this?

He set the table with cups, saucers, plates and chargers.


We were actually pretty lucky.

You seem to be doing fine.

The best thing would be for you to do the work yourself.

What is the German for 'telephone'?

It's just a fad.

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I didn't want to dismiss it out of hand.


He excelled in music even as a child.

2. Draw a boomerang shape on the card with a pen. Cut out the boomerang you've drawn.

This is where we live.


Take him upstairs.

Syun is a sexy woman.

They went on working for hours.


Ramiro was angry because he hadn't been invited to Brooke's party.

The appointed day is close at hand.

Every sentence in that book is important.

I feel a little responsible.

I'll let you decide.

This dictionary is mine.

We have hope.

Your blood pressure may go up in the winter.

Every mother has affection for her child.

I collapsed from anemia.

She says that she is happy.

Don't forget to write me.

When we married my parents gave me this house.

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I have something to give to you.

It's warm today, isn't it?

I've been thinking over the issue for a long time.


He was unimpressed.

He got sad after reading the letter.

I am going to try to get a good tan.

She'll ruin her clothing.

We're still here.

It scares me that we have frequently had earthquakes lately.

I plan to stay as long as you stay.


Certain religions do not allow this combination.


We went up step by step.

Can I unload the high speed film?

If it were not for his assistance, we could not carry out the project.

Many of our friends have already left.

I'll go talk to them now.

Who do you suspect?

I really want to do better.

I'll see what is possible.

They're going to Boston.

Look! Here they come crossing the water.

I need a word with Johan.

We get paid every Friday.

I'll be with Adam if I'm needed.


I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.

I know exactly what Roderick means.

Vincent tried to break up the fight between Pete and John.

He knows how to fry eggs.

Jan barely touched his breakfast.


My sister's work is teaching English.

Why does he hate you so much?

A person's way of looking at something depends on his situation.

The president is fully aware of the situation.

Whatever happens happens, I'm not changing my mind.

What a wonderful lady!

The story of his brave struggle affected us deeply.

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I don't think I've broken any laws.

Please ask them not to shout.

He explained the rules in detail.

Comments have a mysterious way of getting lost in the vastness of Tatoebastan.

Stop protecting me.

Sorry that I've reduced you to someone to drag my luggage around!

The police found boxes that contained marijuana and other drugs inside the trunk of the car.


Dan needs a massive crane at his worksite.

Everyone wants to hear what everyone wants to hear.

Floria liked Price's new hairstyle.

Jianyun said it didn't matter.

He denies that he did that.

Love of money is common to all men.

He refused our offer to arrange a press conference.

Have any of you ever met them?

The classroom was so noisy I didn't hear my name called.

The damage was minimal.

Laurie hates school.

In China's agricultural and industrial areas, some people are still very poor.

Randal died without leaving a will.


I know about her.


That would be so cool.

Are any seats still available?

I think it's time for me to turn on the radio.

On crowded buses young people should give their seats to old people.

He and his companion asked me to come along with them.

It's making me nervous.

Debi is trying to scare you.


Murat took a nap for thirty minutes.

I finally found out what had been causing the pain in my leg.

I changed my mind about dinner. I'm not really hungry right now.

I'm perfectly satisfied with your answer.

The quickest means of travel is by plane.


You're my enemy.

The accused told the judge that he was innocent.

What film did ye see?

I should not wish to hear it even once.

She acted in a play for the first time.

I've known Rayan since we were children.

I have to finish packing.


Alison had no choice but to give Mott what she wanted.

Give it mouth !

We'll help you rescue them.


Wait here. I'll be back soon.

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Between you and me, the fat ugly man is on a diet.

He read the document aloud.

We're upset.

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All the skill of the sailors fell before the violence of the storm.


When are you going to quit smoking?

I didn't make any adjustments.

I hope you will hear me out.

Her surprise was so great that she could not speak.

When was the last time you went camping?

I have changed.

I live in Australia.


Morton has always been easy to get along with.

He learns Chinese too.

I just lack interest in my job.


I'd prefer a window seat.